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1. Saana Mountain


2. Saana's Theme


3. The End

Sitting on the rock I'm staring at the lake
Thought a hundred times could this be a mistake?
Cannot take this anymore so I'm closing my door
I'm ready to go home

All my life I've felt completely alone
Walked this lonely road my pain is all I've known
It is in the tears I've cried it is in the hope that died for me so long ago

And as the hour grows near
I'm not feeling any fear
I will leave this cruel world
Farewell farewell goodbye

4. Sadness Of The World

"Isn't it beautiful here"?

I often come here to watch the sunsets
It is so beautiful and silent here always
It almost makes me think there must be something more
'Cause the beauty sometimes almost makes me cry

But I noticed you've already cried, my dear
It ain't easy the road that you've been travelling
But that bottle you try to hide is not the answer either
You can run but you can't hide from your fate

I have bathed in Autumn rain entwining winter snow
I have kissed Spring blossoms in the Summer rain
But the tears of the ocean echo shadows in my soul
Cradled in my heart

You will understand the things I say one day
I know that you have suffered much in your life
I know about your father and mother too
There are many things I've come to tell you

Do you know you have a heart of gold
And I can see the light shine in your eyes
You know the meaning of the pain
You have the sadness of the world in your eyes
In your eyes

"Would you like to come over for a cup of coffee?
How's tomorrow for you? It's cabin number 3 at 7"

5. 3 At 7

So you came right on time
You know that number seven is divine?

I am confused, I am afraid
I don't know what I should be thinking

Gently my dear, there's no reason to be scared
Look into my eyes and you will see the truth

Your eyes are strange, deep ocean blue
Yet full of wisdom, peace and confidence

I have come to lead you to a place where you will meet your destiny

You read my thoughts, you know my name and all my life
I don't understand what is happening to me

You must come, we'll take a trip to crystal island where she is awaiting
She'll tell you why
She'll tell you how
She has the answers to your questions
The reason why you're here
The reason you were born
The reason for your pain, soon you will understand
Take my hand

6. Silence Of The Night

Here I am listening to the silence of the night I know
My life will never be the same again
Still I am strangely calm
Lying here in the silence of the night

All these years I've had this strange feeling that I'm waiting for
Something I just can't explain and maybe now my time has come
Lying here in the silence of the night

All my fears, my hopes, my pain
All these years, these tears, my shame
Could there be something good for me
Lying here in the silence of the night

7. Sunrise At Saana Mountain


8. Journey To The Crystal Island


9. Crystal Island


10. Freya's Theme


11. You've Come A Long Way

You don't remember me, I remember you
I know you're scared like once I was
Sitting here by the shore, like I did before
And thinking 'bout the winding road
But that road is so long
You must be strong
Learn from each day
Never giving up

Though the ocean is deep
You must carry one
Towards the reason why you're here

Keep the love in your heart
We'll never be apart
We'll meet again one day you'll see
We all have a destiny chosen by ourselves
But later you will understand

You were born with a gift
A secret to hold
Your heart is gold you got to carry on
Soon your pain turns to peace
There's no more fear
And my child we'll meet again

12. The Letter

Welcome my dear, my name is Freya, I'm your guide
Many mountains you have climbed, now your path has led you here
You have walked the winding road to the sea of loneliness
There's a reason to all these things my dear

I have watched the seasons go
I have wondered 'bout this all
Still it's hard to comprehend
Is there meaning there at all

I don't know why I am here
But I know that I feel fear
Can you tell me? Answer me please
Why am I here?

Go to sleep tomorrow is... a long day

13. Who Am I?


14. Freya's Teachings

There are things that you don't understand
Your mother, you and me
We are the same, defenders of truth
We've always been here
We are a miracle of creation
We are warriors of the light
Angels in human form
Born to serve

And love is the key
Love is the answer
Open your heart, you'll realize
Love is the key

And love is the door
Love is the glue that keeps
Whole universe together as one
If we'd just learn
That love is the key

Before we are born we choose our mission here together with universe
At all times we have a complete free will to choose what's best for us
Universe has no religion but love and compassion

Evil exists and its only goal is to destroy love
There is no God, there is Universal Intelligence that flows through all things
There is no Devil, there is no Hell, there is no punishment, there is only love
There is heaven from where we come from and where we will return
We can come back to Earth if we choose to do so

15. Warrior Of Light

Warrior of light
Warrior of light - look into your heart tell me what do you see
Warrior of light
Warrior of light - righteousness, compassion and heart of gold

Warrior of light
Warrior of light - purity of soul Universe on your side
Warrior of light
Warrior of light - you were born to serve and protect and to help

Now you know what you've been waiting for
All your life and not it's in your hands my dear
You must choose which path you will take from now
Don't get lost to the desert of mind
Times are changing so fast these days
End of time, some say, but I will tell you know
There is hope if we let light guide our paths
This may be our chance to change

You have fear, you have guilt, you have hatred
This can lead you to the darkness
So you must be careful now

16. Journey To The Azores

Everything that I have heart in the last few days has changed me completely
I don't want to go back to my old life
I believe this is the life I have chosen for myself, I feel it inside
I want to become a warrior of light like my mother

I'm very happy to hear that there is however one more trip you must take
Your training will be completed by someone who completed mine
For this, you will have to travel to the Azores
Thousands have walked the same road before you
There are many of us, I wish you luck on your journey
Don't forget though what I have taught you about love
It's the only way to defeat darkness
Don't let it manipulate you and don't listen to it
Remember, this is your journey

What do you think?
Will she manage the upcoming confrontation with evil?
I know they have been watching her for a long time
Because she is so powerful and they are scared

I don't know, but it will be difficult
Only by fighting evil face to face she can become a warrior of light
And if she surrenders to love

It's best if you follow her from a distance
Change your appearance and only make yourself known if she is in mortal danger
What will happen, will happen

Timo Tolkki : Guitars / Bass / Keyboards
Mirka Rantanen : Drums

Guest Vocalists:
Jennifer Sowle
Heikki "h.m.i" Pöyhiä
Aino Laos
Janette Sainio

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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