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1. Unholy Sermons


2. Soldiers Of Immortality

Beneath the surface lies a legion of the darkest era
Buried in masses, burnt and left as ashes
The graves are filled with maggots eating, rotting flesh decay
Their lives eradicated by the blade, the dead are cursed
Slayed, their lives raped from them, they swarm like locust
In the form of spectral hate, ghosts in the fog, reapers of the night
They remain trapped between dimensions
Disembodied souls, tormented in the afterlife.
Haunting the living, possessing the weak
The spirits hunt to avenge their death
Haunting the living, possessing the weak
Controlled by the army of torment
Seizing their mind, infiltration of insanity
Turning the prey on each other, tearing organs from their allies
A mist that plagues this world, the poison fumes of these burning souls
Now spread this flame, tearing themselves apart from the inside
Ripping sanity to pieces, sanity to pieces
Unsuspected slaughter from an icon of trust
Once a protector now an executioner
The dead will rise, soldiers of immortality
The dead will rise; the depths of hell await thee

3. Laceration Penetration

Darkness will soon cover this once righteous life
Nothing but an effigy daunting the annihilation
What was immaculate, now stained with impurity
Watching this torso turn corpse
Blood dripping from intestines as they are ripped from inside out
Now lay a carcass, what's left will be devoured
The struggle for exhalation
A need to fulfill my obsession as pale turns blue
Let the insertion begin, lifeless twitching
The desire to penetrate the dead become overwhelming
Now a trophy to remember my first, a sense of completion
As this moist cavity is filled, the lust for the deceased here to stay
The stench of her rotting organs now linger for eternity
My seed is growing slowly in this lifeless carcass
Life as a dirty fucking whore has brought you here to decay
This is what I have become, the abomination
Now, take this blade, thrust it deep inside the torso
Relentless stabbing, mutilating her remains
Sifting through entrails,the feast will soon begin
The time has come I must consume the mess I've made.
Devour her insides cold, the taste of dead empowers me
Limb by limb feasting till there is no more.
This feeling uncontrolling, darkness building deep within
Once a lady of the night rots inside of me.
I now control the victim, I've tasted the meat of the dead
Torn flesh ripped from the carcass now becomes a part of me.
One with the dead, become one with the dead.

4. Furnace Of Hate

Fuck what you've built my hate is stronger than your faith.
No gates no walls will stop my dying thirst for blood for rape.
A plague of weakness created by slaves
Infection spreads, these peasants must be slain.
I've chosen not to follow your ways
Your disciples will burn and fucking rot.
Fear not my thoughts but my actions.
I plan to spill their blood; their worthless lives will not be spared.
I feel the beast inside me, a darkness has consumed me
The helpless look into the sky, praying for salvation
Screams of agony are proof of a god that's failed them
I will not let them live, they stand against me
It's time they face defeat eternal sin into damnation
My unrelenting urge to kill begins to take control of me
A victim in my hands, a fate worse than death
Skin them alive,Torch their insides.
They can't escape, their life I must take.
Their soul is mine to torture to rape.
They are the plague, they are the slaves
Prepare to bleed

5. Flesh Oracle

Incisions made, tearing flesh ripping organs
Strung up to bleed, gravity showers you in your own filth
Still squirming eyes open as I gaze at my masterpiece
These gaping wounds tell a story
Your life is worth nothing, you're a worthless cunt
Believing if you have a choice to live or die
As I nail your torso to the floor they pierce vital organs
What do you have left to offer?
Eyes rolling back bloodshot eyes, bleeding from all orifices
Blood marking time like an hour glass
You cannot scream with your mouth sewn shut.
Violently hacking into your throat, I finish decapitation
Another lifeless carcass left to rot.
I've conquered man.
I am the birth, I am death
Upon the table lies a corpse a chunk of rotting flesh
A work of art, a perfect kill, I'm basking in the stench
I'll keep your ears as fucking trophies, hanging round my neck
To hear the sounds of screams echo till the very end.
I am the death creator, I am the fucking end

6. The Adversary

Among the masses crawl the weak watch them cluster together
Like maggots feeding on the dead
They stand against something far superior
Attempting to create fear and chaos
Infect you with false ideals but they are designed to fail
No matter the consequences we will not fall to these pitiful fucks
They alone are insects sucking life from the world
United they stand, divided they shall be slaughtered
Strike them down with unrelenting hatred
Let bloodlust fuel your aggression, inflicting brutality
They will embrace death to escape from merciless torture
Crushing skulls to make an example to all those that oppose me
The time has come for you to defend your existence.
We must deface and mutilate the enemy
The false obsession the isolation of their fate
They fall to their fucking knees
We must show them that their attempts to conquer us
Will lead to their own demise.
We march to the sound of slaughter
Death destruction chaos and rape

7. Decrepit Purification

There is no hope you are helpless
To the chaos that has raped your world
Genocide to all that is innocent
We have waited for this day and now it is time to feast
We must find them and end their existence
The wise will end their own lives
To spare themselves from unimaginable torture
Execution of their own families, now the dead slaves of god
It has started tearing limbs from torsos to disable our prey
Feasting on their flesh to satisfy our hunger
The blood of the innocent deep within my veins
My strength growing with every drop
Separate the heads from the bodies.
These pests are not worthy of a name.
The bodies pile up, headless cadavers
Limbs intertwining each appendage lifeless as the last
This kingdom of decomposing peasants
The putrid stench of dead cunts boils my blood
The thought of victims that are yet to be devoured
Is what motivates this holocaust
I need to stop the birth of the deceased
We kill in packs, a force of evil they could never conquer
Surrendering will not bring them mercy
Only divide the cowards from the brave
They will be butchered, erased from this land, humanity is obsolete.
Carving in the faces of women and children
Their fathers forced to watch as they are bludgeoned
Ten thousand victims blood, flowing inside of me
Tenacious murdering, extorting breath from the naive
The death squad hunts you

8. The False Prophet

Behold the beast arises from the depths of hell
Sent forth to harvest the Christians
And lead them to a kingdom of evil away from their god.
Before you stands a man but beneath the flesh
Stands a worthless creation.
Mortal slaves, forced to serve they pray to god
Hoping he will forgive their sins, and save them from damnation
The art of deception serves the prophet well.
Gathering gods, servants like lambs to the slaughter
Turning them against their lord, they will march against their creator
Fuck your god; I stand before you calling out your god
Before you stands a figure, but beneath its shell
Stands a false prophet disguised by shadows
A servant to the dark lord, brought upon this earth to destroy humanity
Driven by hate and vengeance betraying their messiah
They follow Satan's chariot to Babylon
The time has come for the armies of god to defend the holy one
Satan's army's on the other horizon, waiting for the horn
Unholy crusade against their creator
Leaving god no choice but to eradicate his own

9. Engineering The Anti-Christ

Darkened clouds approach the grounds
Where the innocent victims
Await the outcome that could never be foreseen
They come from beneath earth, they come to block out the sun
There will be no redemption, their blood spilled for Satan
A trail of corpses lay behind them
Stench of rotting flesh, they slay all women/children
Leaving them without their heads
I share the same addiction to the beast
That I can taste, cannibals they've become
Infect the population with a plague that
Will last for a thousand years
Apocalyptic massacre piles of burning bodies
Lie at the side of the streets
As your bowels give way your final breath
Will beg for forgiveness
I see the end is near the streets awash with blood.
They're all dead in the end, no one to be spared, evil
And faith will be your weakness
Slit their throats, drain their blood,
Nothings left, Look what I've done
The gates have opened, my reigns begun
This is my church, my kingdom

10. Requiem


11. Cowards Throne

We are the plague of rotting flesh the dead that roam this earth
Servants to the shadows left to feed on carcasses
Soul tormentors, leaching life from the clean
Diseases spreading, chaos, fear, hate for all to feel
Together we rise, to take down this god of yours
And darkness will reign overall
Stand forth, where is this one you call god?
An adversary in a coward's throne
A message from my master, the time is now
Feel the fire from within, the blood is boiling
Watch their soul destruct; I tear it from their fucking corpses
We are the demons, hunting, killing, slaying
Raping god's slaves, their blood will fill the rivers
An epic tide of Satan's rage
Stand forth you coward, a so called saviour
Save your world or watch it burn
Through the darkness, arise the servants of Christ
Pray this is the end of their days, their lives bound by a book of lies
How can you judge what does not die?
The fires of holocaust fueled by the souls of the Christians
The fires of holocaust will burn for eternity
Upon them is the hour of slaughter
Hear the screams, the sound of triumph
A message from my master, life must not go on.
A message from your master, save yourself
A message from my master, obliterate mankind.
A message from your master, I've failed you all.
This is the end of days, now watch it burn.

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