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1. I'll Show You God

Turn your face away from your god.
Nothing can save you from this.
Suck it up bitch, I'm going to fucking own you.
You're fucked.
Say your prayers, fall to your knees.
Look at this face.

There's no such thing as a god.
Motherfucker, open your eyes.
There's no such thing as a god.

I'm inflicting bloodshed upon bitches,
Just because I hate the female race.
There's no remorse.
There's no remorse in me.

I keep wanting to burn my name onto the gospel.
Or burn the Bible to hell.
Religion is a futile attempt to abstain from loosing your mind.
There's no remorse in my eyes.
Women were born to be fucked.

For some men,
The power to destroy a life
Becomes a quest for dominance.
I need to own this world.
I need to own this world!

Murder begins
Where your self-defense ends.

Look in my bloodshot eyes
And feel the presence of hell.

Your life amounts to nothing.
Lifeless slut, in love with God.
Do you believe there's a god in this lifetime?
Do you believe in God?

2. Whore To A Chainsaw

You maggots
Swarm my earth
Infect me with putrid disease
Your vermin
Your genocide
Extermination, extermination of whores

I take a chainsaw to my ultimate despise
Whore to a chainsaw is my purist form of pride

I cannot live with them amongst this mess
Amongst this mess
I need to end this
Insult to the human population of this world

Die you fucking whores
You putrid waste of space
Stop breeding fucking rats
You bitches gonna get it

Bitch your dead
Bitch your dead, there's no life in you

You are the creation of something so obscene
It makes me sick to see your lungs still fill with air
And never die
Why do they never die?

I am the only one who'll live

Just because I can't be seen
Doesn't mean I can't be felt

Amongst this mess
You disgust me

Eradication of them all
Whore to a chainsaw

3. Parasitic Autopsy

The leaches on your face
Fucking pathetic waste
Destroying every ounce of flesh
The earth will rot your bones
In hell your soul will decompose
I torch the soil where you lay

I walk the earth
Defining death to potential prey
I've injected myself with your blood
My insides eating out

Bury my conscience deep within
My life feels half complete
By fucking bitches to their death
By feeding maggots to my gut

I am the torturous one
Bitches bow to me
Wash my feet with the dirtiest blood

Wash my feet with the moldiest blood from the dirtiest one

I curse the world with evil
Devour pretty whores
Rape and bury them six feet under
You want fucking lust?

I am the winner
Of this charade
Where bitches bow to me
And curse my name

I am fucking pathetic
To this pathetic world

You are the only one I want between my legs
You are the only bitch I love with severed heads

You are the ugliest motherfucker I every did see
You are the only bitch who'll bow to me

I watched you waste away from between my hands
You will not escape from me
You suffer merciless torture at the hands of death

Beware for evil has taken
The dirty whores away
Batten down the latches on your forsaken society
Yeah he sees with bloodshot eyes

4. Breeding Bacteria

Swallow these pills and resign, you're living in your fucking reflection.
How can you live in this place so obscene, surrounded by humanity.

Humans shouldn't fucking breathe, they steal my oxygen, humans shouldn't fucking breathe, they steal my oxygen.

Why do they fucking breathe?
Why do they fucking breathe?

This world has been raped by drugs, a place fueled by ignorance, this world is on it's final legs, humans destroy everything.

Why do they breathe, why do they fucking breathe? Why do they breathe, why do they fucking breathe?

I'm disgraced by the shit circling around, like waves of despair they pull each other down.

Humans shouldn't fucking breathe, humans shouldn't fucking breathe.

Why do they fucking breed, why do they fucking breed?

I've circum to despising them all, I'm frothing on my non existence, and I won't be pulled under by shit.

No I will not live amongst you fucking cunts, people are like parasites, worms, infested with disease.

I'm feeding on fuck after fuck. Night after night of incessant displays.

Fuck this place.

5. Infinite Death

I fuck your daughters
Hack them up
Kill them one by one
The taste of pure slut is all that keeps me here
Lock up your doors
Lock up the sluts
Lock up their cunts

Everything I want I fucking own
My life revolves around fucking possession
Everything that I own I just posses to dismember
They love to watch themselves hacked apart

All their limbs will be removed

Enter the mind of a psychopath
Where girls remain possessions

Do you love what I have done?
Raping just for the fun

Have I lost my mind?
For becoming who I am
It's all your fucking fault
Dumb bitches fuck they don't understand
This world does not revolve around them

All your limbs will be removed with tedious precision
What's left is fucking useless but still breathing

Each breath feeds them as they chew flesh

My conscience escapes me when I feel the warm insides of sluts

All your limbs will be removed

I live two separate lives
I'm hiding in disguise
Seek and you'll fucking find
I live two separate lives
Hidden from their fucking eyes

I hunt in secret
I hunt in silence

I stalk my prey in secret
Watch them waste away

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