Dark Lyrics


1. Thunder Lord

Feel the force of the storm
In the land destroying
Our homes is the end
Of all mankind, is the nature's attack
All mankind will die
With the fist of storm
The power of light, the thunder sound
In our heads the fear
Control our mind and we know is
The final sign of time

The power of wind control the land
His blow raze all we have
Is the end of our lives a hurricane
Take us and rise to the sky to
Find the death with the Thunder Lord
Came with his sound rumbling all
Killing us with his force destroying all
With his fist raze all

Thunder Lord
With his force destroy all
With his sound raze the ground
Thunder Lord
With his force destroy all
With his sound raze the ground


2. Screams In The Night

Shadows running in the dark
Listen the screams in the night
Killing victims with the knife
Assassin do his crimes

He can't stop his thirst
Killing is his dreams
Another victim he look
Searching someone like you

Assassin in the night
Killing with pleasure
Satisfying his evil mind
Another victim will die
In his hand
Screams in the night
Assassin in the night
Killing with pleasure
Satisfying his evil mind
Another victim will die
In his hand
Screams in the night

The night is his kingdom
The knife is his tool
His mind is full of hate
Destroy lives (is) his work

The cold in his veins
The blood in his hands
The screams is the music
With pleasure he wrote


Screams in the night
The blood, the fear
Is he look


3. Hellrazers

Demons lives in this world
Fighting to destroy all
Throwing fire from his eyes
His claws cold as ice

Running for save your life
Fighting to survive
Killing in ignorance
Acting like hellrazers


We are demons in this world
Hellrazers we are
Destroying all who cross our way
Living for kill again


In hell we'll see again
Dancing fast around the flames
Possessed by evil powers
Singing about our chaos


4. Your Own Truth

I never gonna die
I never gonna stop to fight
Cause I'm immortal
In my soul and heart

All what I do
Is try to make you see the truth
Cause with your eyes
This life will fool you

Nothing is what it seems
Be careful don't believe
No one is right when they
Tell "I have the truth you're wrong"

All can be different
Depends on the point of view
Fight for what you believe
In this life get your own truth

I leave behind
All the things useless for me
Find your own truth
And fight for it

Find your own voice
And think for yourself
See what is right
Go on in your way


Fight for yourself
In this hell
Open your eyes
In this world you're blind
For your life
You have to fight
All the lies
Will be gone
The truth will rise

In all my life
All I want is to see
The light
Fight is not
Violence against all

How many things
In this world
Are for live
Discover it and find it
It's the real fight


5. Vengeance

Look the sky, there is no light
In earth we will die
The human power will fall
Is this the fury of God?

Try to hide, but you can't
Is too late to change
A earthquake rumble all the earth
With the thunder sound

Destruction, madness, fear we see
We fight for salvation, is this the end?
I tell you before and I repeat (it)
The power of the humans bring us the end

We destroy all who cross
Our way, no matter what
Thousands of species are gone
With our iron fist

The air, the sea everyday
Are damaged by pollution
This is his revenge
Destroy the man is the only solution

[Chorus x2]

6. Speed Of Sound

Fast the thunder strike
The fire burn the land
Is the force of sky
The rage of thunder storm

Fast across the sky the thunder sound
(is) Breaking the silence of the night
This is the sound of lightning
Is the sky attack

Hear the thunder sound
The storm will coming soon
Lightning will attack
This land will be destroyed

At the speed of sound
The thunder rage will attack
The Storm is here with his force
Destruction it will give to us

At the speed of sound
Thunder strike the sky
At the speed of sound
Lightning attack the land
At the speed of sound
Thunder and lightning
Destroy this land


7. The Road

You run in the dark
You can't see the light
You are lost

Where you go?
Where you are?
Are you know?

If you can't see
Don't move again
You'll lost again

In the dark
The road is lost
Don't search a sign

Don't move in the dark
Is useless to search
Your road

Wait till' the sun
Cover the land
With his light

The road will appear
On front of your eyes
Just have to watch

Think were you are
Where you want go
Can you see now?

The light is the sign
To find your way
Don't stop to search
Search your light
Don't stand in the dark
Your travel await

Follow your road
If you are lost again
Wait till' the sun

Clear your mind
With his light
Don't walk in the dark

Search the sun
Is not a star
Can be in the night

Search your light
To clear your mind
And find your way


8. This Land My Home

Is time to feel
The smell of the ground
The fresh of water,
the colours of sky
This land my home,
the sky my roof
The mountains are walls
protection give us

I never will be
alone in this world
Trees are here
my friends they are
Cover with light
by sun in have
The earth give me food
for all my time

I can feel
the power of light
The force of fire,
the cold of ice
The rage of winter,
the snow cover all
His white blind me
the ground turns cold

The fury of wind
rise the seas
Thunder and lightnings
the storm live
A terrible power
the nature have
Is easy to him
kill all mankind

This land my home
the earth give me all
That I need to
survive in this world
The seas, the air,
the ground and rain
The trees, the mountains,
the sun light my way

9. Trust

Feel the power in your hands
Live your life with no fear
You can do anything

Don't trust anyone
Cause the people can sell you
Just trust in your friends

But your friends are not
Who expect something
They will betray you

Be careful with the evil ones
Cause they want destroy all
They will lie to you

Try to live free in peace
But when you fight do (it) till die

Fight against the evil ones
They want destroy you
Life is just a piece
Of our road in this world
Fight against the evil ones
They want destroy you
Death is not the end
Is just a travel to the other side

There's no limit in your life
You can do anything
But remember my warning

Always look to the eyes
And you'll find the truth
Don't trust in the words

Look what they do
In his acts is the truth
His lies will fall

Trust in what you feel
There is no other way to be
You can discover the lies


10. Nature's Force

Force of nature!!!!

Look the power of mankind
They think that control all
The rivers, the sky, the people
But the nature will do they fall

Just a finger of God
Is a big hurricane
And can raise it all
For nature is just a game

Rage of the winds
Force of the storms
Power of the seas
Nature's force

We built a lot
We conquer more land
But a earthquake
Can make that all die

All we use the water
The countries fight for sea
They forget that it's alive
A tsunami can destroy his dreams


The force of the nature
Can be our extinction
Respect it and be ready
Can be our salvation

The force of the storm
The power of wind
Can make us fly
Is the only think that is free


11. Fall In The Dark

You look to me
Faster I go
Inside my head
I'm losing control

All passing by
I don't wanna stop
My life is going fast
Someday I'll fall

Fall, fall
Fall, fall
Fall in the dark
Fall in the dark

All I can do
Is enjoy this life
'cause anyway
I'm gonna die

When I think in the future
That never comes
Is better live this life
Before I had gone


On the speed I go
At last I fall
I lost my head
And I lost all control

I thought that the freedom
Was lived day by day
But control my life
Is the freedom that I gain


12. Metal Storm

Fast we play tonight
Feel the music possessing
Your brain when you
Push play

Hear this chords
Is the sound of the storm
With a touch of metal
From below

Speed metal running
In your veins
Is the power of
Metal sound

No one can stop us
No one can stop you
When you listen
Our sound

We, bring the storm
Now, will fall the world
With, our sound
Is, destruction

Now I can see
That I told you was right
And really
The world is fall

With our screaming guitars
And this thunder bass
The walls
Will breakdown

A powerful voice
And a speed
Drums can
Destroy all

Metal is power
Metal is force
We will
Raze all


Feel, in your blood
Metal, is controlling you
Look, to yourself
Black, is what you wear
Feel, in your blood
Metal, is controlling you
Look, to yourself
Black, is what you wear


13. Vagabond Souls

Maybe you don't believe
Because your eyes don't see
But I now they are here
Watching you watching me

I don't know what they want
Or where they will go
Something they are looking for
They are lock in this world

Something in his lives never closed
It's too late to change this curse
They will wander eternally
Hunting souls, spreading terror and fear

Hell or heaven never found
When they died lost their souls
The peace and the tranquillity
Is the only things that they needs

For a reason they are here
A violent death change his being
Tortured souls are now
Without found the other side path

When you enter to a room
And feel that you are not alone
Can you hear it in the dark
Now they are behind your back

Like the shadows they go
They can possess your soul
If you call them in the night
They will bring your death in life


14. Battle Song

I came to this land
To join this fight
I have my sword
And all my pride

The battle start
I see running blood
I feel the death behind
My king is lost
My armies are gone
I'm blinded by the dark
My sword is broke
I have no chance
To leave this war with life

My heart want to fight
But my body is hurt
I feel the cold in my heart
And I see my wasted life

Where is the king?
How many death I see
Where is the king?
Women and children are praying for live
Where is the king?
A river of blood grown here
Where is the king?
I wasted my life for this

The battle is over
Where is the king?
Is better stay without him
He is a betrayer
Is full of fear
Nobody wants a king
The glory, the pride
Where are this now?
Now I'm my king

The king who leave and left
His people alone in pain
Is just a mortal man
A coward with a crown in his head


15. Conquerors

This is the time our hour has come
To take this land conquerors we are
We are the chosen to kill those men
The steel on our hands, the greed in our heads

Feeling the power that the weapons give us
Swords, axes are the battle gods
Killing those men to take his land
We have the force to win this fight

This is just another fight
(The) bodies cover all the ground
The battle field red is now
With the blood of those men

Follow our gods the war our church
Sword our cross our mission destroy
Killing with pleasure cutting his heads
Without prisoners they have no escape

The terrible nightmare of the village we are
Killing the children burning his homes
There no way to stop our thirst
Of blood, kill and conquer more land


Conqueror we are, is time to kill
Conqueror we are, is time to kill
Conqueror we are, is time to kill
Conqueror we are, we will kill!!!


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