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1. Crusaders

Fight to take the sacred lands
They fight for God
To regain the city that they belong

They came from
Far beyond lands
From Europe they came to fight

The pope is your guide
The faith your force
They raise their swords, believe or die!!

The holy land
Killing muslins they will conquer it

Ten ninety six
The travel start
Christian warriors marching to fight

From France and
South Italy
To recover their holy land

In Dorilea
They kill the Turks
Finally the Antioquia city falls

Ten ninety nine
Victory is yours
Slaughtering Egyptians Jerusalem falls

The blind faith
An ambitious pope
Killing for power
Using his cross

A reign of blood
Crusaders did
They don’t care God
They like to kill.

2. Dark Rider

Flying in the dark of night
Crossing the skies spiting fire
Black flakes, red eyes
Burning mouth with evil inside

Dark Rider burning the land
Dark Rider you are the chosen one
Dark Rider to carry the fire
Dark Rider!!!

Burning hundreds miles
Peasant run, children cry
Demon winged, killing claws
Spreading fear to your pass


Dark Rider in the sky
Faster than wind
Crossing the night
Dark Rider coming from hell
Carrying the flames
Spiting fire, Dark Rider


3. My Bloody Final

My bloody final will remain
In the memory of this age
In this castle I’ll await
To my enemies for fight till death

In this fortress I will fight till my end
Hundreds of men wait with swords in his hands
Only few proud warriors will fight with me
The battle for survive will begin

With no hope of survive
The proud warriors, will fight
Only ten, the chosen ones
The proud warriors will resist the attack

Hundreds of my enemies surround me
His screams for blood repeat my name and call me
We don’t feel fear we laugh before kill
This battle will start the gate is open is time to fight


The clash of swords, the warriors fight
The blood fills all the ground
Our bloody final will remain
In the memory of this age
Dozens of my enemies I kill with my fist
And my swords cut his heads
They feel my warriors rage


4. Tyranny

Searching for power to reign
Killing thousand people in your way
Ambition and cruelty fill you
Imposing with weapons your truth

A reign of terror you made
You think that you control our fate
An army of assassins you command
Disguised of soldiers of their homeland

It’s tyranny

Controlling all the information
Hiding to the world your intentions
Imposing the fear you rule
Killing those who dare to opposed you

The power of oppressed grows strong
Waiting for the moment to explode
And in the end you will pay
For all you did everywhere


It’s time to fight for our freedom again
Against the dictator, and their evil force
We have the power, we have the right
The victory is our, we are free again

At the end you will try to escape
Telling to all the world that you are insane
You lie when you say that you didn’t know
What happened with people when you rule

But you negotiated your exit
So that nobody can judge you
But of the death you cannot escape
I know you will burn in hell

5. A New Beginning

From ancestral times
When the god of Olympus
Reigned the earth
The king of the gods
The powerful one
Zeus was his name

One day he proposed
To destroy all the men
He sends a torrential rain
Destroying all the earth

Everything was flooded
Except the summit of Parnassus
But Decaulion and their wife
Pirra survived in their boat

They would be sacrificed
To appease the Zeus rage
And Zeus when saw it’s value
Forgives them and said:

“When Decaulion throw a stone to the sea
A man will born from this…..
When Pirra throw a stone to the sea
A woman will born from this”

6. Pirate Attack

Sailing through seas chasing new lands
Looking new coast to conquer those lands
Land on the horizon I can see now
Soon my sword, will make blood fall

All my comrades excited are now
For new victims to steal and rape
Soon will arrive, his worst nightmare
They will feel the pirate attack

The ship is near gunshot I hear
Is the resist of the villager’s guns
Trying to stop his tragic end
But no one can stop our force
We will kill all, with no one alive
We will burn is homes
Reaping, killing, stealing and burning
This is the pirate attack

Hundreds of arrows cover all
Is the attack of the archers
Hidden behind the hills
Waiting for us to kill (us)
All my comrades run, it’s time to escape
Only some ones board the ship
We will go to another land
To make the pirate attack

7. Mithrandir

You have the power in your veins and in your hands
With your force you can go everywhere
No one can stop you, you are the white mighty man
With the spells to control to all men

Running in the valleys, mountains and the hills
In your white horse that is a king
Is the fast horse of all the land
Shadowgrey his name, the sacred Mearas one

The light in your eyes is so powerful
With your cane you can rule all
The force of your soul is so strong
The power of your spells can raise it all

You are the leader of fellowship of the ring
You kill the Balrog in the Moria’s mines
With your light the Nazguls can’t fight
You are Mithrandir or Gandalf the white

All the power in a being
Mithrandir, you are the true king
Fighting against Sauron
To destroy the ring

8. The Steel In Battle

Calling to the night, the dark is rising
Our power begins to grow
The armies are near
Soon they will fight
Death will appear for hunt

Sword of steel, axes and bows
The army carries it all
Thousand of men calling for blood
The battle will start

Fell the steel is blade cut all
My hands are strong to destroy all
Killing with pleasure my enemies dies
His mutilate body his agony cries

Like thunders of metal is battle’s sound
Clash of the axes the metal bite
The arrows whistle when pass through the air
In the head of my enemy penetrate

Thousand of death in the ground
His blood covers all, also my axe
The enemy hurt, call for help
I throw my axe in his face

Hear in the night, the cries in the dark
Death in this black night
Watch in his eyes, the fear inside

9. Heavy Metal Rage

The fury is rising, the fire inside
Burning my veins, I feel the call
I hear the thunders, the metal strike
This night will coming, heavy metal attack

The armies are meeting, in his horses ride
The metal, the steel, the swords and the axe
I feel the power, my voice is calling
Brothers of metal heavy metal attack

The thunder, the steel, heavy metal rage
The fire I feel heavy metal rage

The sound of metal, a lightning strike
I hear a thunder, a voice in the sky
The god of the thunder, call us tonight
To ride to horizon, heavy metal attack

The rage of the axes, the blade of the swords
Waiting for fight, an army confronts
Legions of warriors, together till the end
Stronger like metal, heavy metal rage

I hear the call, thousands of men
The armies await, heavy metal rage
The sword and axe, the thunder strike
Warriors of steel, heavy metal rage

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