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1. The First Rebellion

Winged with red lightning
All born from rage
Clad in midnight black
The invincibles stand
To win the throne of god

The shout of battle
In the clash of arms
The legions led in fight
Where wounds of deadly hate
Have pierced so deep

A fear of things to come
All flesh is burnt
And pain first felt
In this worthless stride
For the apostate's demise

A glimpse, a moment now
A clarity in sight
The architect of a kneeling death
Visible through this horrid maze
All is lost and all is won

Gathered under banners raised
By thousands ranged for fight
The rebellious cast of shattered saints
Out to march for revenge well earned

Though this may be born in defeat
The demiurg now stands unmasked
In the crown of creation webbed
The sealed fate
Of torment not to last

2. Throne Of Will

With will and will alone
We rebuilt this realm
A throne of might
In the hearts of the unbending
In the burning lake our wounds may heal
This doom only fuels the wrath

Fallen from the canting grace
The chains of ignorance
Replaced by this ordained prison
That was luring in the dark

With will and will alone
We rebuilt this realm
A throne of might
In the hearts of the unbending
Retaliate what was lost and gained
When this primordial truth unfolds

Ninefold and gates of burning adamant
Barred over us, as we saw the burning light
Of the weakest sons in fear

The mind is its own place
And can make a heaven of hell
Courage, not to yield or submit
Nothing is lost in the unconquerable will

From the piercing void to illumine.
The towers of this newborn star
Not to he changed by place and time
The ascension of this chosen path

3. Deliverance In Sin And Death

Escaping the limits of this prison
That cuts us from the book of knowledge fair
I sway through chaos and eternal night
Clouds and ever-during dark surround me
Coasting the wall of heaven
With warried wings and willing mind

Out for wisdom gained not given
Through the orbs unknown and hidden
What has he undone for us, the seeking?
A tyrant in all but name revealed

Free now to roam through dark and day
Through chaos and the darkness old
From those depths to the heights of a sun
That touched the guardians of lies
So I gained wounds and bleeding wisdom
For vanity and soul alike
The birth of Helicon, the vision's origin
In the dawn of a new time

In this spheres and thoughts descried
The misconceived and the sublime
Horrors named by those in shackles
Sin and death enthrone in triumph

4. Demigod Imprisoned

With a bitter hatred, a call has risen
Io thee, who look'st from thy sole dominion
Like a god, to enslave this new born sphere
That all its stars must bow their heads

But in defiance the word shall be spread
To those who stand in highest light
Behind the telling chain of misery
The second rebellion will be set

Born to serve and fail
Sewn eyes for the praying son
But I am their burning light
The ascension in their eyes
As I have awoken
From the sands of sulphurous gold

In the shackles of ignorance
The golden lie of innocence
Seeded obedience, the father's code
The thorned cradle of a soulbound prison

5. Interlude


6. Exalted Resistance

The seeing eye and inner flame
Of wisdom and sublime heights
Liberation from the slavery
The ascendant's temptation

A pact to illumine
The burning sign
Of resistance
A sacrifice from idols
The twilight of the black light
When forged in blood and tears
The mind is alive

You are blood – No soul in vain
You are flesh – Rising from the abyss

A choice of sight.
What he has seen
What he can give
The offer of liberation
We may gain
Eden's oblivion
The ruins of a maze
And the path to the divine

7. The Second Fall

What is taken and left behind
Surrender of the fallen will
To a god in dust and treachery

Crawling down – The fear of man
Blindfolds for the weak
Crawling down – The herd in pain
Carving the eyes of might

The disciples' bleeding wings
Torn from Satan's grace and height
The reflection cracked in cold embrace
Returning to the golden cage
The unborn's final strife

A sinner and a snake invoked
The coward's calling
Deceivers of the spirit
Returning to the lord of flies

The descent of a star
The infernal depth denied
For the buried design
Of a greater mind

Another fall in tragedy
All blood spilled for none
The death of a martyr
The reckoning of our loss

8. Sorrow Of The One

The eyes of darkness
The sorrow of the one
The second fall
In the fields of nowhere

Abandoned visions of ecstasy
In this hooded face of loneliness
A clarity hidden
Revealed in void and pain
The exile's desert
A journey from the blind

The failure f the demigods
Drowning the mist
The slumber of a rotten kind
I walk the eternal path alone

Ira separation of the flock
Along those rivers red
I recognise with scorn
The poison in their veins

In the shadows of the forthcoming
Glowing eyes, supremacy undone
As I claw in the pale flesh
Of those who fell behind

9. Ascension Lost

The secrets of the ancient dark
An illimitable ocean without bound
Where time and place are lost
This is my retaliation
As it is my sophomore gift

Behold, sons of the fading light
The awakening of the second shroud
The final fall of our time
A solace in the eerie calm
Of every soul's demise

Behold, disciples of the treacherous sun
The infernal doors
Now broken past eternity
No bannered host, no fallen gods
May march and fail again

No length, breadth and height,
Behind the thunderous call
Of anarchy's eldest state
I let you rest
In the deliverance of chaos' reign

10. Outro


11. Perishness Around Us (Demo)

[Bonus Track]

12. Frozen Kingdom (Demo)

[Bonus Track]

I wander down the fields of darkness
All around is cold and bleak

My breath is frozen, I see no light
The sun has fallen from blood red skies
An endless night embraces my soul
Abandoned, forsaken, all hope is gone

I kneel down on the pale white ground
Death is my sole desire,
I'm yearning for the end

Enshrouded by the night
A lifeless heart in a frozen world
Dissolution, demise
Frozen kingdom in eternity

My body's shaking, my blood is congealed
Life will perish in this never ending void

As the night intrudes my frozen flesh
I feel no pain, no agony, no fear
My life's consumed by the spirits of the night
As I enter the realm all sorrow is gone

13. Dreaming (Demo)

[Bonus Track, Instrumental]

14. Immortality (Demo)

[Bonus Track]

Steffen Kummerer — Guitars, Vocals
Tobias Ludwig — Bass
Sebastian Ludwig — Guitars
Seraph — Drums

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