Dark Lyrics


1. Unite


2. Trust

If I look you in the eyes and they blink and look away, then maybe you and I got some other shit to say. Don't speak, don't think, just shut your fucking mouth and another thing, can you trust me? Don't speak, don't think, my image of you just fades away, GO! CAN YOU TRUST ME? CAN I TRUST YOU? No. So much trust, I must have, in you. Paint that picture and watch it fade so far away pick that pocket, strip it clean, now you're nothing to me. Fuck. Move that shit.

3. Family

This is a family, I count on you, you count on me. Help each other put your arms around your brother. Help your sister trying hard as any other. Go! GO, GO THE DISTANCE! TRUE, GO THE DISTANCE! This brotherhood can't live without you. It takes a strong heart to go the distance true. True, go the distance true. This hardcore scene can't live without you. It takes a strong heart to go the distance true. THIS IS A FAMILY. I COUNT ON YOU. YOU COUNT ON ME.

4. Accept The Change

spin, spin a year it's been a fucking year and you're not here. i spin around (and the faces change everyday). Another down, another day, RIGHT? So spin, spin that shit, spin it quick, where the fuck you at? Accept the change? No! From your reality - TO MY OWN. So keep your head in the game, don't wanna be another one year name. This one goes out to the kids, the kids that still remain. Another dawn, another day. I WON'T - (try to make it fit) I WON'T - (try to change your mind) I WON'T (if I thought I could) I WON'T - (I would have tried) Every day to the next. Day to day. Try and try... you can't stop the change. Move that floor and don't stop mothafucka. GO!

5. The Perfect Story

You can't hear me you've never even tried. You can't see me unless you open your mind. Fuck, the media, the gossip, the lies. You fuel the fire, wipe that shit FROM OUR EYES. We don't need them, they don't need you. We got strong minds and strong hearts too. I want the world to be a better place. With my ideas, I'm going all the way. You don't know me, you don't know shit. If you twist my words, I'll twist your fucking neck. WE DON'T NEED YOU motherfuckers WE DON'T NEED YOU.

6. Together Rising

Moving on the past distorts away. Remember the times. Forget those days. Take with you what you learned and trust it serves you well, cause your confidence is power in this hell. Take my hand, trust my heart. Have faith in us. what's left of me without you? What you see is what you get. Take my hand TOGETHER RISING. So take my hand and trust your heart. What is left of me without you. Take my hand trust my heart. Trust it serves you well, cause your confidence is power in this hell. These are the bonds that never break - AND WE RISE. What you see is what you get. Forget the past. The best of times will last, forget about the pain cause you can't take it back.

7. Program

HEY HEY - who programmed - HEY HEY HEY - your fuckin life. I AM MY OWN, MY OWN CONTROL. Military machine inside my head. Step by step, count the brain dead. Step by step, day by day, like a fuckin death wish train. Into my head... into my brain. Brain dead. Brain dead. What is this silence? Who programmed your life? Now use your-god damn voice.

8. Lost In Time

Sometimes so many things get lost in the fractions of time. Sometimes so many things we just forget til they're gone. GONE! Staring so hard, you can't see, right fucking in front of you. I think I'm holoding on too fight. Lost in the fractions of time, lost in the fractions of time, and I'm-GONE. Losing my nerve yet again. Patience of mind wearing thin. Lost in the fractions time, losing my fucking mind. Don't regret what you said. Forget about the take backs it was hell worth it. HEY HEY. I give my love to the end. Love to the end.

9. No More Hate

If you ate my shit then you'd probably talk twice as good as you do now and it makes me sick when you knock them down. You have NO RIGHT, to judge WHAT'S RIGHT... TO JUDGE AT ALL. NO MORE HATE. Our differences they make us so unique we gotta speak our minds in this day and time we must stand, STAN WIT ME. NO MORE HATE - you gotta open your mind. NO MORE HATE - no one is the same. NO MORE HATE - open your mind. You have no right to judge what's right, whats love is love. Try to step outside yourself, don't close the door not just yet. I've got one more thing, one more thing to say. NO - no more hatred. MORE - let's see some nity. HATE - it's such a shitty excuse to hate. Everybodys got their own thing, you've got your shit and I got mine doesn't matter where you come from, so show some fuckin respect, open your mind.

10. Too Little Too Late

I pulled the knife from your back. Back stabbed through my chest. My hands are in the air... The tears you cried die. Quick with selfishness. Too little, too late. Learn from and grow. I'm sorry I let you go, but now you're gone, learn from and grow. We've seen so much, you and I. We've erased the darkest time. I'm sorry... learn from and grow.

11. The Edge Is Strong

Spread the lies? I spread the truth that you don't want to hear... and from the very start, every word, and I was there. I fucking loved you and I fucking cared, so just remember, who turned their back. And where? I'm still right here. The same convictions. I'm still here. Sick of all this bullshit. I wanna know who's for real. Luck me for calling you out. This is the way I feel. The edge is strong. WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE. The edge is strong. WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE. I could, I would, never lie to my roots. Never.

STRAIGHT EDGE - I won't compromise.
STRAIGHT EDGE - We won't compromise.
STRAIGHT EDGE - Represent.

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