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1. Cadaveric Cult

Acknowledgement of all evil prayers. The eldest black goat dwells beyond all darkness.
Madness delivers towards the earth. Charmed angels want to profane the old god.
Cadaveric cult
the return of the only lord
Cadaveric cult
rotting flesh rises from the tombs
Unburied sacred human flesh rots. Sacrificed in pentagram made of victims guts.
Malevolent retribution of death and decay. For glory of the Black One and it s thousand horned ones.
Varf-Shub-Niggurath Gabrots Membrot

2. The Way Through Dungeon Tombs

The way leading down without end. None can see it and the soul is captured and raped.
In dungeon tombs created before all angels. Dark signs covered the stones like morbid snakes.
Among strange stars blackened forms are moving there
Like a groan of wind, terrible voice of tormenting souls mutilates ears

3. Evil Worship

Infernal stakes burn in my mind. Long forgotten now awaken to kill again.
Tormenting journey through the lands of past. In pain despair and sadomasochism.
Evil worship still alive. Malign phantasy and fever.
I can t live through this, burn me now.

4. Creatures Of Darkness And Sadness

In space between spaces. Unborn children feed the moldy carrion of souls.
Terrible progeny of the Goat. They don t afraid sword and fire.
They re forefathers of pain and destruction.
Creatures of Darkness And Sadness
In the temple of waste. Moonlight change into the flood.

5. Queen Goat Whore

A sacred gathering of phalluses kneel beside her rotting corpse.
An enormous fire of sperm flows through her crushed body.
Whore of the whores died as she wished.
Life is lifelessness to serve and to be humiliated under her hoofs.
The whore is the only mistress who creates and destroys.
Queen Goat Whore

6. Cruel Flesh Devourement

Cruel celebration.
Cruel Flesh Devourement
All worms creep to devour my rotting flesh.
Cruel streams of damnation penetrate my soul.
Cruel Flesh Devourement

7. Their Altar

The beyond stands open wide before me. Ill-omened and villainous.
The gates were damaged. Wild beasts demand my blood.
Life like a flowing stream. Changed in a stone becomes an altar.
The worst curse was engraved in me. The temple of abomination.
Their Altar

8. We Summon Thee

Thou who false every image. Thou who spell and incantate.
Bastard of infamous demon. Vile genius and oldest evil.
Demon of desert, mountains, pits and winds.
Demon, who possessed and tear all corpses apart.
Perfect wizard with evil eye. See this lawless place.
We summon thee. We summon thee.

9. I Invoke You Gods Of The Night

Bound and with a halter about my neck. I invoke you gods of the night.
I am standing at the gates, face to face with enemies. Spellbound with your power.
They fed my sulphur, they plucked out my eyes and cut off my hands.
My pain and their disappointment makes my joy. I am standing in front of you as I am.
I am the witch and I am the wizard.
I am dead according to their belief but still alive and defiant, their strength melts like wax in my fire.

10. Pestilent Death

Human s life is like a moon covered by clouds, but also the abyss, where oblivion is impossible.
I unleashed the plague, thousands of cruel deaths. I opened the gates of damnation and thrown them out.
Dogface demons appeared around my temple. All walls start to burst.
She is here and want for me. Pestilent death.
Groan of wrath came from the stars. Awake this what was sleeping.
I will suffer forever without any form. Pestilent death.

11. Damnation

Poison of the forgotten rituals. Unholy resurrection from contaminated pit.
Old witch of black blood and serpent tongue sucks all life and dance on the corpses.
Damnation of fire that burns eternally
Damnation of cold that freezes every soul
Damnation of all evil connected in one
Damnation of her antihuman lust

12. Black Pharaoh Of Oncoming Era Of Horus

A black center of antimatter that fears the light
Through no brightness might hurt it. A black pharaoh of oncoming era of Horus.
An enormous skeleton with a human fetus like head
A mass of black writhing tentacles and screaming mouths
The devourers of the faces have no image of their own, they may penetrate all matter.

13. Forbidden Words

The wind called. The seas were moved.
The sun was connected with the moon and the seal was broken.
Darkness has come. Far away on the west, where cave is protected by brass scorpion.
Forbidden words resounded again.
La Shadduya la Barra Barra
La Kanpa la Kanpa Ishnigarrab
La Nngr la la

14. Primordial Conception

Black aura around me. Without smell and taste.
Beyond of being and emptiness pierce. This image is not to describe.
It s naked, but nothing to do with beauty. Awful and missing this what is not to touch.
Alien, evil and villainous for world. Mutilated atavism narcotized on the bottom.

15. Mass Of Black Locusts

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