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1. The Great Executor

Beheaded corpses cover the altar
Big stone bathed in dirty blood
Axe's blade, broken bones
To sacrifice darkness and the only beast

The final massacre
Cry of waiting victims
Shouts and panic
Chained fools wait FOR their doom

The Great Executor
He makes his will
The Great Executor
Crushes, kills, destroys

2. Freedom With Fires Of Hell

Gods speak in my name
Entities of Uranus shall reap this fucking earth
Prophecies that enrapture me
Ones who fell with make you bleed

Scorched lands are dying
Liquid sandstorms they flagellate the earth
Master - purify the sin of living
Father Orion turned to be radiant

Flames torture the promised Land
Centuries ago I've celebrated them
Minutemen are screaming and spreading spell
They bring you freedom with fires of hell

3. Pure Total Death

Death, darkness and no emotions
Winds of war that bring hate
Hermetic evil spreads its realms
Total annihilation, pure total death

Shades of last bestial warfare
Toxic, nuclear and biological contamination
No light under black clouds
Burial death's masturbation

Life reduced to bacteria of Anthrax
And tones of cocaine
Execution of every independent form
Only storms, plagues & destruction

4. Goat Archangels Of Lust

Phallus - the source of hell
Burning sperm, sulphur taste
On throne of highest beast
Feast in sacrificial menstrual blood

Unleashed Ones from beyond
Descending into nothingness
Conversion of flesh - from fire to ashes
Nothing or desire, pleasure of death

Goat Archangels of Lust
Goat Archangels of Creation
Ancient carnal worship
Blasphemous spiritual denial

Ritual of Gehenna's goats
Naked whores dance
Blood, more blood has to be shed
And drunk by goats

5. From Belial

Fall to the pit of hell
Heretic and masochistic field
Denial of the holy spirit
Black blood rules this world

Message from Belial
Living horror comes from darkness
Possessed legions spread
This might breath of sulphur

Monsters move from the crypts
Rotting air full of flying worms
Dig your heart of be too late
Belial has just talked

Hell manifests power
Worshiping its only Lord
Dark angels summon in fire ring
Their mouldy wings spread the disease

6. Worship From Chaos

The archaic curse
Cold and antihuman
Breath of evil centuries
Death, destruction and mayhem
In the time before the time
The most terrible creatures wait
Gods of all gods
Their terror reign comes

Worship From Chaos - no fucking priests
Worship From Chaos - death, terror & hell

Worship From Chaos

7. Hell-Leprous-Slaughter-Reign

War drums bit in deep black abyss
They call to battle, to destruction
Satan's regiments unhinge the gates
And run towards the light

Darkness comes in dense clouds of war
Nuclear bombs, toxic rains, contaminated winds
Worms cover everything, water is a black pitch
No air, no sun, no sky

Pandemonic warriors spread slaughter religion
Through ways of ancient bloody cults
Attack - from Baphomet's throne to fall of heaven

8. New Nightmare Plague Has Born

No light hordes have arisen
Skinless devils born the spit and fight
From Hell, lead by unholy lords
Death metal armour protects them

Speed boiling Metal in their heads
Toxic quicksilver in veins
They run through skullfiled graves
And more fucking destruction remains

Hail {link Imperator (Pol)} - we are your servants
Hail {link Magnus} - we follow your path
Hail {link Slaughter (Can)} - we do your will
Hail {link Kat} - we are obey

Blasphemous Death Metal Supremacy
We are heirs of ancient irons and might
Now, New Nightmare Plague Has Born
New fucking Nightmare Plague Has Born!!!

9. Gravedancer

10. Black Souls' Crucifixion

Black Souls' Crucifixion
In maze of torment
Devil's existence
No way to leave this closed circle

Creeping in lies and fire
The final breathe
Last chapter begins
But it will never be finished

Unholy procession
Thrashed, crucified and mad
Forever in the Underground
Death, Terror & Hell

11. Streams Of Ancient Wisdom

[originally by Asphyx]

Streams of ancient life flowing down below visions of the past
enter your mind the past goes by as you sleep at night
Journey of forgotten souls through the ancient night walking through
as you scream temfied those who once were cry out to you
the past goes by as you sleep at night

12. Funeral

[originally by Cianide]

Earth to earth ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
You hear these words from me.
Trapped down in fire, rest your soul in flames.
Eternal torment, rot for eternity.

Take your souls,
flames get higher,
Rebirth below,
Hand in hand we die.

See the earth burn on Judgment Day.
Death of sinners, flesh and mind decays.
Burning bones, stench of melting flesh,
Eternal torment, marching into hell.

Take your souls,
flames get higher,
Rebirth below,
Watching your own death.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes dust to dust.
You hear these words from me.

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