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1. Abyss Of The Underground

church of judas and kain
serpent's crown
insurrection of medusa
damnation of the forever damned ones
immortal dungeon chapel
build by the hands of the dead
mutilated poets and heroes
vanity of the underworlds

gods - the fallen ones
gods - he forgotten ones
legions of forgotten beings
gathered and bewitched in stone abyss
abyss of the underground - be glorified
abyss of the underground - streams of lava and evil
eruptions, explosions and fire
lords of death and liquid metal
sculptors of souls, conjurer of flames
detestable legions of the underworlds

2. Fatal Resurrection

decapitated holy priests
with crosses drone in hearts
stokes of grotesque heads
with cut dicks in mouths
the holy church
piss is a blood
shit is a body
fatal resurrection
temple of sickness and false
built of rotting corpses
raped dead bodies of holy ruins
adore the only truth
bestial howling of the beast
infernal pits are bowling
pungent tench of sulfur
black files feat on putrefaction

3. Bloody Sacifice For The Morning Star

there, where blood is still running
older force is hidden in underworlds
slaves, sacrificed to the morning star
resurrection of rocks isn't any mystery
bloody sacrifice for the morning star
bloody sacrifice for the morning star
stone circle, astronomical altars
perfect refraction of each any
cruel goddess desires more blood
priests of morning star are obey

4. Rituals Of Fire And Sulphur

symphony of hell's dungeons
screams of tortured souls
black mass prayers of fallen angels
ritual of fire and sulfur
false divinity buried alive
anthems of slaughtered usurpers
these ltongiless and eyeless creatures
morbidly scream and moon

5. The Devil's Oath

crucified, impaled and beheaded corpses
tortured and devoured souls
legions of pentagram come from the east
and ride on the wings of darkness
their sperm burns all women
their venom poison all water
their swords annihilate all life
their hate is the devil's oath

6. His Shadow

never seen morning
in ceremonial darkness and abhorrence
we consecrate him in our hollow dreams
dual discipline, to pray and seek
archaic might
pressure from the interior of earth
blackness and darkness
witnesses of this what passed away
here where sun never rises
where clouds are made of dust
in the kingdom of rats
in the temple of stench
let his shadow fill our souls
with signs of the might and absoluteness
to crawl in cave of boiling sulfur and his glory
to devour essence and all hope of beings

7. Wizzard's Testimony

my whore is my witch and my altar
her womb is my cup
her body is my food
this is my testimony
i am the flesh wizard
to slave and torture
i am the sex wizard
to worship the witch
i am the devil's wizard
to possess her soul
i am the death's wizard
to rule her life
hordes of mutilated lambs
groan psalms and rot
but here i am the witch and the wizard
and we are the only church

8. Necroworld Storms

the last angel falls
archgoat strategy supremes
triumphant of evil hails
monster of thousand heads arises
infernally devoted to him
legions of morning star strike
seas of black blood are boiling
necroworld storms eternally

9. Stone Faces Of Ungods

stone faces of ungods
archaic hierarchy
older human bastard lies in ambush
in shade of monster old-toad
cities carved in the rock
monument of the ancient ones
those who were before
in harmony of cosmos and magic
twelve archaic faces
effect of corrosion and touch of the unknown and
this what is real has no meaning
denial of all natural laws

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