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1. Monument

Those dim swamps I crossed,
in desperate search for some hope.
But the only ray I found
was of those bright ghost lights.

Just give me substance,
something permanent,
a place to be myself,
a place just like your monument.

2. Just Another Way Of Expressing Defeat


3. The King Is Dead

I need to get out of this house,
this whole city is haunting me.
I can not breath within walls like these,
making me the weakling I am.

What I remember is rain, always rain;
always grey clouds in the morning sky.
And this old shitty record player,
repeating the only record we had.

You can't imagine how loud we had to turn it,
to drown out the fathers yelling;
not to hear the mothers weeping;
to be save from the noise.

A home, which was never our home.
A king, who yelled and hurt and drank.
A queen, who loved and wept and fell.
Children, who cried and dreamed and sank.

Your blood circling in my black veins.
I am your flesh, you are my chain.
I am the fruit of your sear tree.
Just left to rot, never set free.

4. My Transparent Heart

I'm not, what I believed to be.
My face is the grimace of a drowning ghost,
submerged by memories.
My orbits look hollow and blank.
My chest is reigned by autumn's breath.
Hosting nothing but the shards of barkless ebonies.
All these embodied shapes seem like strangers to me now.
Thieves that stole my youth...won't hurt me again.
Ranked like mute sentinels, set in naive reveries.
Your chants are the cries of a thousand dying birds.
Your rigid javelins in my side I wear
and on my back a grove of willows appears;
withered and parched, each with a hollow trunk.
For as long as I am able to save my transparent heart,
I won't let you ruin the most precious part of me.

The pattering of the rain,
is the soundtrack of my life.
I am a lone wolf, survivor or beast?
But I have never been companionless.
When I cried there was someone who cried with me.
When I lost, there was someone who lost with me.
We were comrades in misfortune.
Hurt companions for a lifetime.
Late at night we're driving through this town.
Together ... but both alone.
I looked into her eyes and saw
nothing but dying dreams.
Suddenly she grabbed my hand
and I could feel her cold fingers around mine.
We drove right through the middle of the storm.
Me and my best friend, named solitude.

The eyes saw an empty street.
Our shivering bodies felt two silent hearts.
The wind sent us some yellow leaves
and what we got was a blue story.
A story about rain.
A story about the whirling sky.
A story about dreams and struggle
and this neverending longing for freedom.

5. Today, The Sea (Anja's Song)

You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
yet if hope has flown away
in a night, or in a day,
in a vision, or in none,
is it therefore the less gone?
All I ever had just fades away,
the only memory left, is of our special day.

I stand amid the roar
of a surf-tormented shore
and I hold within my hand
grains of the golden sand.
How few! Yet how they creep
through my fingers to the deep,
while I weep, while I weep!

My dear! Can I not grasp
them with a tighter clasp?
My dear! Can I not save
one from the pitiless waves?

But the only one I really need to save,
while struggling with the ruthless waves,
from drowning in these endless shores
is this one important grain of yours.

6. Deleting Those Three Words

Passing lights and passing lives.
I am everything but secure.
With the feet of a traveler,
I won’t stay long here anyway.

A giant black snail shell with oppressive weight
I’ve been carrying on my shoulders far too long.
A new age to come.
I feel the pale sun caressing my dark eyes.
But still the icy haze embraces me.
Sepulchral cold, along these serpentine roads.
I wished there was something I could call home.
Swallowing illusions as big as airplanes.
In the endless search for comfort,
there is nothing but conformity.

What if the only way to become finally free is to abandon our own existence?
Will I have lived if I die tonight?
Is the only real friend sitting at my side called "uncertainty", wishing me farewell?
Should I delete those three words and will I still be safe tonight?

7. Eternal Youth

It's so long ago, that I shouted laughing at the rain.
It's so long ago, that I fiercely dreamed of getting lost.

How many senseless years will I waste once again?
How long will I sleepwalk into a life of duty and pain?
Everyone is just sick for something called "fun",
which is in fact just a way to flee our meaningless lives.
Can I demand back what we sold so recklessly and for a rock-bottom price?
I've had my moments - but I would have liked for my life
to have been nothing but moments, one after another.

But I will never loiter in late winter again,
when blooming spring is blossomy in the air.
Forgive me, sweet innocence.

8. Seven Dead Horses


9. Silence Is Everything

Your beauty is as sweeping as the universe.
But I found out that you’re adamant.
When all I wanted was to carve my thoughts into you,
I recognized that this was just a hopeless dream.

When I tried to engrave these humble feelings
into your thick stone wall shaped body,
I realized that my wretched attempt was worth nothing.
Finally I had to learn that silence is everything.

10. Forest Pt 1 (The Veil)

11. Forest Pt 2 (The Grove)


12. This Story Of Permanence

For a hundred years I laid my head on ship wrecks.
I promise every breath I made was filled with embers, filled with bone dust.
In the radiant reflection of my eyes water lilies turned into dead flesh.
I had no future, for only today would ever give me shelter.

Did you ever notice what you did to me?
I now watch the sky in love with its stars that'll be with me forever.
I now embrace my tomorrow, for there is nothing left to fear.
I'm now laying my head on your heart made out of cedar wood,
telling me this story of permanence.

13. The Elk

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