Dark Lyrics


1. The Frankness Of Your Eyes


2. Forever Gone

In my lonely room
My sorrow, your image and my life
My thoughts, they fall
Slowly, crushing whats beyond;
Beyond, my breath
As well as my hopes
And the dreams you gave to me

I can see the stars
They just need to wander
All along the stream
I'm sorry
Nothing will retain
My crying
I feel you far away
I'm hearing
All the sounds that sadly
The night brings

My tears
Cant drown my blame
and clouds in the sky show the face
that casted the spell
For the first time, between my heart
and the love that still remains...

Finally, the sky falls
Let it all turn to black
For the blame, and my pain
the betrayer is forever gone

3. Fear

Across the oceans of darkness
He'll come again
Praying for war and disaster
Will this never end?
As soon as he reaches the point
He'll prepare his army
He'll push down that wall
I've built with my heart
I wait for his coming
for a new chance
to prove to my own heart
that i won't betray
My spirit is flying
To see all the ground
and words are not coming
i need to fight alone

Can somebody help me?
A battle in my back
where my feelings don't see
He'll attack

And fortune and sadness
they share their hands
Confusion in darkness
will not leave me blind

As i stay stronger
and holding my time
my cry will be safe
and my tear will fall down
my tear will fall down

Here he comes my fear
My fear

4. A Few Words

So cold we try to survive
a fire thats freezing my hands and heart
so lonely though you are fighting by my side
Our final hours, two tears in your eyes

Just walking, knowing theres nothing ahead
White, iced scene, we cant find the way

Its closer, the end of the way,
Our days, a few words, on a history tale

Where is my name?
What is this Mind?

Where are you stars?
Where is my heart tonight?

5. My Time

So here i am at the end of all times
awaiting for the sign
now I'm alone no place to hide
Not even inside, me or you

But theres no fear
Though I'm blind
feeling the wind
passing by

Winds have made their call
Before the Storm

I've got to fight against the one
who says he is the real me
i hear its voice
Ive found the light
it is my spirit
over my mind

6. Winds Of Desolation

Inside the circle of fire
Beauty is burnt in flames
sealing her union
with the universe
beneath this cosmic night
United as a violent passion

The silence of the night
Echoes of the wind
Mirrored in arcane skies and guiding he clouds

A Crimson twilight
witness of my loneliness
embraced by the forest
under the nights veil

Essay of the winter
encourages the dark
as always has been done
Through winds of desolation

Autumnal rust, nocturnal birds
Impregnate my soul
With their fragrance
Fragrance of melancholy

Fetid feelings of the soul
like crown of thorns
Bring queer agony
Wisdom of the ancient black hearts
The announcement of the winds

7. Winter Lights

Silver candles burn my fate
An infusion of air twists my flesh
getting dark the dawn
under the unholy wings

Ancient rituals
forgotten gods
a mankind full of hate
like the thunders of a storm
and destined to die
by the darkest eyes' sword

The universe
A part of constellations
a travel beyond
a pleasant dream

All my senses are absorbed
by the light of the moon
on a cold winter night
like a shadow
over the infinity

the sun drowns
and leaves the sky so hollow
daylight turns to gray
above the earth
darkness seems to rain
blessing those who expect hidden, lies the sorrow

With frozen wings
shines in the mirror
hope refuses to appear
their sorrowful voices
are searching for me
Winter light is flying around me

8. The Rose Won't Sing Anymore

Hi, my dear
would you like to talk?
I'm waiting for you
outside this door
this floor reminds me,
we felt in love
the rose I'm carrying
sings the same old song
ill tell you something
that i know for sure
that love is blind
and cant cut you through
come to me my spirit awaits
for you to fill this empty space
I've been so lonely
won't be that way no more
details in lifetime,
we make them grow
the rose I'm carrying
moves the winds below
my words are flying
to our lovely room...
Darling, please don't make me fall
I'm giving you my life, my soul
Forever carried by the tears of love
But the answer i was waiting would never come...
The door will fall not
Through my desperate storm
Fighting the waves of an unknown feeling
I never fought before
The storm doesn't matter anymore
your eyes looked at me from that floor
My life, my soul, were taken
By the embrace of your love

Now the rose won't sing anymore
you are gone, my love

9. I'll Need You Here

Love lies in the brightness of your eyes
just like the sun
shines everyday
and if the rain comes to wet and challenge
this heart of your will still be there

The moon lights the night
just like you do
with my life
across the dark
and the coolest eves
I'll need you here

Your voice
a bless
the special words
you say o me
and if a storm
comes with winds and thunder
the gods above will understand


Let us remain
you are my guide
and steps
across the dark
and the coldest eves
I'll need you here

All songs are by Hernan Conidi.

Thanks to toothpaste_23 for sending these lyrics.

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