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1. Three Weeds From The Same Root

Pigs of Jehovah,
lambs of Christ,
dogs of Allach
your time is up!

The weeds that poison
healthy plants
Shall be destroyed
in our lands...

The place where fell
the seed of lie
Shall be burnt
to the ground.

The false religions,
revolts of slaves
deserving nothing
but disgrace...

The sick idea
of the only God
an opposite
to our blood

Our tree of life
ancient, proud and strong
weeds poison its sap
but it shall never fall...

2. The Law Of The Wave

Abandon all hope
defenders of dying world.
There' s nothing you can save
from the rising wave...

The snake of time
is swallowing his tail
The end of the cycle
is coming without fail

The storm brings fear
to those who trust in god
But I await its coming
with heart full of joy

The relics of life
they know and praise
shall turn into ashes
when waves of doom arise

This is the law
of the wave
and nothing can be done
to stop a fate...

3. J.Ch

4. Egality Hurts Pride

All human beings are born free
and equal in dignity and rights...
These words offend me and hurt my pride
Reading these lies, I wish I were blind

I am not the same as religious men
I don' t shake hands with Jesus' friends
I spit in the face of the whole Adam's race
And no god shall stand, before myself...

What's the point in forbiding the slavery
When millions gladly live in the chains of god
and there will always be the ones lacking in dignity
so do we really need to accept human rights shit?

Slaves of addictions, money and faith
Cowards and morons, creatures without honour
I' ll never agree with the myth of equality
I am not a part of this weak herd.

5. The Blind Searchers

You made the idol of book
became his hopeless slaves
decided to...
Living the rest of your life
feeling abhorrence and fear

Denying the essence of life
searching for absurd truth
believing in...
Something you will never find
What only exists in your mind

It's time to open your eyes
And see real colours of life
Forget that:
There's only black and white
And follow the rainbow path

You have to understand
There is no promised land
Face the truth:
Existence is now and here
And nothing else is real!

6. Via Cruces - 11th Station

7. Serpents Bite Their Allies

Only the serpent can bite
The hated beast with six arms
But you must know that one day
you' ll feel his bite on your throat

Only the madman would place
The serpents nest in his house
Poison is mortal for all
It doesn't know any friends

The nature is hard to cheat
Unbridled, wild and merciless
Strocking the serpent you risk
Being his next victim:

The fullmoon and crescent moon
will never shine the same night
This is eternal state
and it will never change

8. Organized Illusion

They must be proud
of system they made
counting the heads
without regard what they contain

Giving illusions
that power lies in your hands
in fact they made you
dependent on herd

9. The Day Has Come

The clouds of smoke
over the lakes of fire
The holy places burn
as we raise the hell

In the house of god
no matter what' s his name
we spill the blood
for glory of man

Falling from the their thrones
Once reaching the sky
All saints lay down
Under our feet

The day has come
And order returns
We' re taking back
What belongs to us:

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