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1. Intro

2. May the Hammer Smash The Cross

May the hammer smash the cross,
turn to pieces Jesus' corpse...
May the wrath of the folk
drive the foreign prophets out.
What is alien, what is wrong
shall be banished or destroyed...

From the mighty Heathen past
warriors' spirits shall arise
May their power and their pride
bring the courage to our hearts.
May the hatred deep inside
now explode to this world...

3. In Our Hands Alone

Victory or defeat
lies in our hands alone.
If we don' t start the fight,
our race will fucking die...

Don' t look at your friends,
don' t think what you have to lose...
Look into the eyes of death
and face your destiny.

We don' t the fear at all,
face the danger all the time.
Noble blood in our veins
makes us rulers of this world.

4. The(ir) Modern Freedom

They say at last we have a freedom,
the Mother Europe can take deep breath.
No tyrant can disturb the peace,
no nazis will walk the streets...

But if you don' t wish to be free
on the terms of New World Order.
Prepare yourself for bloody war,
they'll force you to enjoy the freedom.

First they isolate your land,
and let your folk slowly die,
Then they prepare final attack,
Saying you that' s for your own good...

The phantom named democracy
must poison every human mind.
They say it' s a key to real freedom,
but is it really the right key?
They count the number of heads
without regard what they contain,
The pawns, ignorants and fools,
their vote decides who rules your land.

This is true face of modern freedom,
if you accept these rules you live
But if you have honor and pride,
they will want you soon to die...

[Dedicated to the brave nation of Serbia)]

5. When The Weak Ones Ask For Help

There was a land of Giants,
proud and noble ones
They lived beyond the rules
created by hopeless pawns
They loved adventure and pleasure
never avoided the fight.
The darker black,
they saw the brighter light.

One day from southern valleys
the family of ugly dwarfs
Has come to Giants' land
and ask the Great ones for help...
The dwarfs had no place to sleep,
no clothes and nothing to eat,
The Giants offered them help,
and let them safely live.

The herd of ugly dwarfs
has grown with every spring,
They asked for more and more
they wanted everything...
To live in peace and love
they made the equal laws
The Giant gets the same
what gets the little dwarf...

Two centuries has passed
there is no Giants' land...
What was noble, great and proud
is replaced by vulgar mass...

[The last living Giant has said:]

"Now I now what the evil we have done,
we didn' t let the hopeless creatures die
And you remember before it' s too late,
the murder is the best when the weak ones ask for help."

6. Might Is Right

7. All We Need Is War

Blessed by the gods of war
we enter the age of fire
We' re barbarian and raw
we will harvest your souls....

Await us soon in your place
we will ruin your peace.
Weak ones! It' s too late...
now you will know your fate...

All we need is war...
war to clean up this world....

Not every form of life
deserves natural death
We' re here to help them die
we purify the earth.

So now we set a fire
and soon explosion will come
Rivers of blood will flow
the ancient order will be reborn!

8. The Gates of Heaven (Exclusive Hooligans Version)

[Absurd cover]

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