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1. Fidelity Shall Triumph

Power of spirit and strength of arms,
Unblemished Honour and Aryan pride,
Unshaken faith in forefathers Gods
Make us the strongest among the men

We keep the ancient flame still burning,
the pagan past is our fame...
Soon we will crush the strange belief
And then fidelity shall triumph!

We have to recreate this world
Destroy each worthless form of life...
We have to purify the ground,
And then fidelity shall triumph!

No man shall stop the march we started.
Nothing can stand on our way...
Faith and fidelity always lead us
To the rebirth of lost values...

New generation of our race
Must take this world in its own hands...
We can't be anymore the slaves
of foreign culture and their faiths!

2. Don't Let Your Folk Forget

Think for a moment and look around...
What they have done with your own land...
You can not let your folk forget
About values they should respect!

You have to understand a fact,
You are the only heir of this land.
Your duty is eternal fight
In selfdefense of Aryankind.

Don't let your folk forget about it!
About its duties and destiny.
Throw down the chains and show your pride!
In Darkness find the ancient light!

Prepare your self for final battle
And proudly sacrifice your life.
The spilled blood of pagan warrior
Shall fertilize the Mother Earth...

Your children will never forget
How did their father fight and die.
But if you fake and give up
They shall spit on your nameless grave...

Fame of oblivion - this is your choice!
Fight for your right with no remorse...
It's honour to the tradition...
Purity and heritage

3. Aetheosophia

Alone I spend another night
Surrounded by the shadows
Watching the falling dense snow
I try to understand this world

Feeling the cold and solitude,
Sailing the seas of thoughts,
I plunge in the darkest depths
of my subconscious abyss.

One day humanity will know
Every man always walks alone
He's the source of wisdom and force.
He has created and killed the god...

It's high time to wake up
Forget the false morality.
Face the dawn of man's rebirth
And philosophize with hammer!

I am the lord of the universe
I am the one who kills the Gods
I am the one whose throne is high
I am the wisdom they'll never find

4. Nine Steps To Eternity

Mighty Thor! Raise your hammer!
Crush the skull of Jormundgand.
Stay away from poisoned breath,
But you can't change your fate!

Mighty Thor! Your death is coming
Ancient prediction will be done.
Last nine steps to eternity,
Twilight reaches thundergod!!!

Nothing's eternal
Even god's life.
Certain is death
And fail to black...

Wisest and greatest
Still come and go.
Forthcoming battle
will take them all...

Every idea
Is getting false,
As man goes forward
And his mind grows up...

Life is a cycle
Still the same tone...
Order from chaos
So life goes on...

5. Apothetai

There was a mighty tribe
Praising the power of nature...
Respecting the eternal laws
Spartans created their force!

Mountain reaching the clouds...
The cruel symbol of death...

What was born weak and hopeless
Must fall down from the mountain...

Life loves only the strong
And only they can survive...
Weak child won't live too long.
Its place is Apothetai!

Mountain reaching the clouds...
Symbol of vital glory...

What was born weak and hopeless
Must fall down from the mountain

6. Nothing But Hate

Blood before my eyes...
Fear and dead men's shadows.
Black angels of death
Delight in bloody grapes...

Nothing but my hate
Lets me here survive...
I play a dark part
In the world's falldown...

Now you see the devil.
Human mask is off.
Conscience is forgotten.
No one knows the love...

Weakest want god's help...
Let them slowly die...
Strongest feel the hate
The only key to survive...

In the total war
There aren't equal laws
Instinct is the force,
The rest can be ignored.

Nothing but hate
Rules the human mind.
When end of life is near,
When to survive is to kill!

7. Surtr Ferr Sunnam

God of Fire
Here he comes
Bringing Fire
From the south.

World is burning
all must die
Total chaos
Red is the sky

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