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1. Unleashing The Demons

Unleash the demons

In a war against light
Divine, Hell arises
From depths beyond the sky
Bow down before me
And behold the strength I unleash

Unleashing the demon
Speechless, cast away
Behold the powers I unleash
We will feel the burning winds
Forced to hail, forgive me not

Unleashing the demons

Spawned by disgrace for the holy book
Unleashing my void to destroy Jehova
Fallen angels take my hand

Unleash the demons

2. Nocturnal Prophet Of Destruction

Reconstruct the black poison
That makes our world pure

Reconstruct the formula
To make our world proud again

Nocturnal prophet of destruction
Hail our saviour
Nocturnal prophet of destruction
Hail Satan

Dying like rats
Disease among the unwanted
Now a symmetric cleaning
Dying like rats
Plague amon the unwanted
Now an honourful revelation

3. Mark Of Wrath

Impending domination
Horrific prophecies, mark of wrath
Wrath of diabolical laceration

Euphoric lucidity
Vitality of perversion
Riding towards darkness
Rape the holy feast

Worship 666 - Mark Of Wrath
Torment 666 - Mark Of Wrath
Suffer 666 - Mark Of Wrath
Supreme 666 - Mark Of Wrath

Defile the forbidden visions
Towards the mournful apocalypse
Unpon infinity supermacy
Consume the mark of wrath
Destroy the bastard son
Thy righteousness will fail

4. Hateful Vengeance

Tainted in malignancy
Gruesome recollections
Death now approached
Awaken in remorse
Look deep inside
Prepare your quest
For hateful vengeance

Determination, through the solar realm
Feed the dishonoured stage
And peel the crust of life like rats
Bitter and scorned

Inscription, hatred, gasping
Blade against throats who fear
Blade against throaths ripped
Blade against throats destined to feel
The sentenced retribution
Of hateful vengeance

5. Infestation Of Salvation

Tainted in search of ancient salvation
Beneath the sleepless rain
Awake the dark lord of death
Bless and revocate the reaper

Infestation of salvation
Existence of your god is a lie
Infestation of salvation
Lord jesus christ we condemn
Infestation of salvation
Travel on the seas of blood

Isolation, vomit in your chamber
With no light
Imprison your mind and await the salvation
End of god forever,
Infestation of heaven
Infestation of salvation

6. Throne Of Infernal Fire

Pulling bodies into ashes
Shadows cast from faceless being
Raise the wings of death
As he holds the gleaming knife
Screams thoughout his empire

He possess the throne of night
Time to burn
He possess the throne of death
Burning crosses
He possess the throne of infernal fire
Christian souls in flames

Ashes to ashes, exterminate
Destruction of the profane cities
Enslave the messiah of hypocrisy
Praise the throne of infernal fire

Let God weep and show his agony
As tyranny rules across our land
Let God cry and show his weakness
As blasphemy reings across our land

7. Warlust

The sirens scream in vain
Dismissal of saviour
Welcome terror and torture
Murder, killing - warlust

Mutilated creatures, depraved minds
Now it's time to pay the price
For all your sodomizing sins
Kneel before us - and die

The battle roars with ungodly fury
Trinity of the almighty force
Welcome terror and torture
Murder, killing - warlust

Bodies drained, a state of purity
Collapse and scream in pain
Now it's time to pay the price
Let the drug inject you
Feast upon the fallen

Murder - Killing - Warlust - prevail

8. Altars Of Blood

Voices command
Distorted and sick
Brain goes numb in the poisoned air

Screwed by pigs, stripped and mutilated
Squal like pigs, as blood runs
Knife twisted in the moulding flesh
As the altars turn blood-red

The creatures, the holy trinity
Eternally torn apart
A yellow blood in jected mass
So it's the vision of Gfod?

Cast the blood of the mortals and slice their guts on the holy, stinking

9. Constructor Of Chaos

As the deadly vengeance smells blood
Only strong and dominant infliction
Feel supremacy calling no
As psychotic humans commit - suicied

Constructor Of Chaos
Leave this world in sin
Constructor Of Chaos
Let nocturnal warlust win

Abhorrently extorted on the wings of death
Mutilate - Mutilate - Mutilate
Mutilated in vain

Warpaing rage, teh insisable drug
Isert slavery, inhale the gas
Lock them up in chambers
And start the rain of death

10. Mangled Screams

Mangled screams, moaning agony
Tortured eyes rolling back
Face turs into rotting liquid
Shroud of vomited entrails

Rectum fluid fascination
Open mouth wide and swollen
Choke and the the spasm begin
Bowels, rotten, faceless, gone

Eyeballs pop out
Face kicked, body mutilated
Penetrate the foaming, bleeding cunt
Masturbate in the open, reeking asshole

11. Cancer Fucking Cancer

[Cancer cover]

Gather round all to see, reborn misery
Doctors stand in my way, my path to death

Ready to die, take your last breath
Rotting corpse, cancer fucking cancer

Cancered guts spilled out (with) therapy
Chemical injections, lab poisons, infections

Ready to die, take your last breath
Rotting corpse, cancer fucking cancer

Praying for death as you can see your life fading
Lying there in a terrible state as the cancer is growing

Ready to die, take your last breath
Rotting corpse, cancer fucking cancer
Cancer fucking cancer
Cancer fucking cancer
Cancer fucking cancer

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