Dark Lyrics


1. Depletion

I can see the fire burn, the blinding light.
The death of all truth, this is hope depletion.
Our fading is now, we've buried ourselves too deep.

This is my vendetta to the world, this is my hate.
This is my, my war, I will not cease.

2. Denatured

I present the filth of the land:
Masters of greed, kings of the selfish heart.
Self-loathing tyrant, meet your end.

Your denature is caused by your avarice,
watch the blinding steps that you take.
Your draws in this life failed you.
In this moment, a self-revelation screaming at your ears.

Are you in disgust with yourself?
You waste your time just to spare your mind.
You can't hide away.
Can you confront the fear of your life?
It won't hide away.
You think a prophecy controls how your life will turn out?
But paths are made by hand worked to blood.
Make way here comes the fool.

Bitter I have become, when did this happen?
I have yet to know.
They pollute this air I breathe
with the stain of their words.

Why do I dream of better time this night?

There must be more of this shit walking around,
pollution at its worst

3. Glass Tongues

Look down at me now, see a fool.
Look up at me now, see a god.
Look straight at me you'll see yourself.

Free this honest man from the cage, there was no crime here that was done.
I will not take this, I'm driven mad by this action.

Here in these walls I've been locked up to stay.
No wonder you're all in fear, you're all weak pathetic and mindless
You call yourself worthy? I wouldn't think for a second
You're all in fear.

I've never felt so much hate in my life, your fear grows and grows now.
Don't turn around, you'll see the hate of a man who's been locked away for forty long years, I've come for you.

You call me guilty? Where's your evidence?
Fair trial, is it a joke?
Look at my face, tell me I am the guilty.

4. Penitent

Your father can never call you his daughter, harlot.

He looks but he never looks into her eyes,
"Please daddy can you look at me again?"
This story tells why you never see home anymore.

They will never forget what you've done, you have disgraced your family enough.
And as you walk in the front door alone, you'll see your suitcase is packed on the ground,

"Now it seems I'm so far away from home"

Your mother's prayer, "please come back for your safe return"
Misery, misery, it eats me alive.

What used to be scared to you, it's torn away.
What used to be all that you loved belongs in the dirt.

Belongs in the dirt
In the dirt

You never thought it could be so hard living like this, giving yourself to the greedy.
Let me tell you that this is just the start of your descent.

"Please look at me father, what have I become?"
Please hold on me mother, I know I've done wrong.

5. Faintheart

Feel his fate.
You can't go on living like this.
Your memories burn.

Can't you see the disbelief in his eyes?
As he falls, your heart is fading with his.
Say your goodbye.

Say your goodbye.
Sleepless nights have arrived.

You watched him fall face down in the dirt, you walked away with your life.
You can't lie, can't lie to my face.
I see past my present enemy.
His face is burned, burned in your mind.
Remember, you're not innocent.

I'll make sure you wish.
You've never been born in this world.

How can you live your life like this?
How can you live like this?

6. The Sleeper

Sleeper answer, wake up, this is a warning call.
You're dreaming so far away, leave it be.

And will you say you love this life?
Set sail for shore, set sail for home.

Sleep come visit me

Let's see you live your life as the sleeper.
Narcissistic bitch.

This is for the rest, this shit you call yourself
Fucking love your life, there's no way out of it
No way out of it.

Sleeper open your eyes

7. The Giving Tree

Giver, you've given me everything you had to give.
I promise I won't lose sight.

I took the seeds greed in craving hands.
Still you never lost love for me.
I have taken what's not mine.
Selfish and heartless, perfect words in my cruel mind

I take and take until there's nothing left.
You never lost love for me.
Selfless giver, you've given every single piece of you
I'll never forget anything you gave.

Broke it off, cut it down, left you limbless in the ground
Greedy conscious leaves me misery, I hope I pay.

Giver we've grown so old.
A seed from your branch will live on.

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