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1. Fathership

You’re falling
You’re always falling
Since your birth until your death
All the demons hogging your guts
Force yourself to sin!
Your soul is collapsing
Ones, a good guy,
Has been found dismembered in a street
That’s the consequence of being a right guy:
Being sliced by hate and poverty

Divide up your mind!
Become more cold and blind!
Deny who you are!
They all think we are weak
Cause we walk on the line
They drew.

People are weak
You should be scared
They wait in line for death
But the voice of your father have told you to look

Beyond the rules
To stay strong
In front of a world where the final ending is
To fail
You have to be a man
Take your chance as much as you can
Cause the voice of your father have taught you to stay

Until the hate
To stay strong
Become your faith
And don’t feel wrong

Everybody grows and
Everybody says:
“Fathership failed”

Everybody grows and
Everybody says:
“Fathership failed”

Then you die
Lost and alone knowing why
Your life is a lie
Reading sadness in your daughter’s eye.

Life is empty

2. From The Frontline

Looking from their tower
They laugh
Of our world

Stealing souls, grinding your bones
They teach you to obey

They are named poor
Hunted by those who feel stronger and feel good
Looking for blood
They hunt the few who are still reaching food

One by one
They’re forced to flee for a chance to survive
This is the price they paid
To stay alive

It’s not time for sorrows (but)
Time when hate comes back again
Because of pain

And a common day
A random succeeded to run away
Fleeing from this thing called judgment day
To pray for them and swear

To come back soon and liberate
All the slaves who are full of hate.
A new era is beginning
Built by these poor masses

Human nature will lead us again
When it’s not enough,
When it’s not enough
To fight so hard to change society
Realize human is empty

By these hands, these bones and these brains
They will build their own
They will build their own

From now on your life’s ours
And I just wanna say
Let’em burn
Let’em fucking burn

This is the way I live
This is the way I breathe
I’m rising for feeling free

This is the way we live
This is the way we breathe
This is how we are changing past

First: Put them in line
Extract their eyes to hear their screams until they slowly die
For the second part
You’ve always the choice:
To bury their cold flesh
Or let their corpse rotting the ground

Everybody’s able
To use a chainsaw
You should learn this fable
If you care of natural law

You should look at these poor bastards
When they’re hit again and again
By a crowd which roars its hunger
The judge condemned you to suffer

This time you’ll collapse

Think about these sins you’ve done
Cause now you are alone
And you’ll suffer on your own

So poor
They’ll remember their names
So poor
When they’ll burn in hell’s flames
The white light when you close your eyes
And feel your life ripped by a knife.

3. A Martyr's Reward

This is worst than a crime
The blood flowing the ground
Looks like the perfect rhyme
Madness and art
Killing shows us we are weak
In front of

God’s punishing
The time has come
For suffering
To feel frenzyness
Living in a world without
Pride and happiness
If you feel safe inside
Just look straight into my eyes
Thanks to my sick mind
I will show you

The Madness of this crazy world
A child grew up and became worse than a man
A child grew and became worse than a man

He comes face to face
When you think you are safe
Slowly comes near you
To smell your corpse and watch you fall
Asleep and deeply
Planting a knife
From ear to ear slicing your neck, stealing your life.

Suffer for all
You’re trapped
Between these walls
Suffer for all
You pay the price
For these jokes you’ve thought banal

The next day
Your neighborhood will find you lay
While the beast’s still free
Stronger and still gutsy.

Late at night
The murderer is gonna write
A new age of blood and crime
There is no chance to flee this time
Close your eyes until death comes

Whenever it looks like a game

Standing on broken knees
Just waiting ‘til you’ll get free
Realize you’re nothing more than a rat
Being stuck, while thinking it’s too late
When you’re grabbed by two rough hands
Guided by the hate.

We all have our reasons
To commit a crime
Bullying the weakest
You’re only creating your own demise

4. Ocean Grave

This is not easy to turn off the lights
When you’re alone
It’s time for you to wake and fall in love
With flesh and bones

This is all
You’ve been made to do
Removing her life
And never mind of beggings and cries

If you see my axe
Just put down your trembling knees and relax
Close your eyes
And start to pray until you die

In one brutal stab
I’ll steal your life
You’ll never be able to see the sun shining (in) the sky

This is what I’ve been made to do
Robbing lives and drinking her blood

Now, you’re fucking mine
I’ll coolly tear your trunk
To break your heart
And feel its beat
Seeing your corpse falling on my feet

It was the dream I’ve made

The day you betrayed me
I have become fucking insane

That’s for all, that’s for them
That I am still hunting and ripping
These sluts who are used to cheat guys

In one brutal stab

Never fall, never cry out
You’ll never fault, never change your mind

Never fall, never cry out
I’ll finally forgive your sins
When you’ll lay dead into the sea

I won’t stand your voice

Oceans will be your grave

5. I, The Tormentor

[feat. Charley From Mindwake]

Every day is a torture
To not commit a crime
It’s time for me to return
On the battleground
To break my sleep
And put myself a tie
It’s time for me to begin
Another fucking round

(to) Wake
A rainy day
And starting to obey
To a guy who asks you
To be on time

(to) Sit on a chair
By pretending to care

Fuck you!

Your name
Doesn’t matter cause you look
The same
Than these poor slaves you followed

(Do) you think you are the one
Cause there’s more light on your own desk?
And seeking a promotion is the best way
To be ashamed?


You’ve thought it would be
(A) Better choice than being free

But there is another choice that your own boss
Will not forget:
Grab an axe and behead him!
It’ll be too late for some regrets

You look for some silence
You’ll take a life
And never bring it back

Breaking hope in one sentence
Just plant your knife
Until everything become all black
I’ll celebrate your death with
Your own fucking wife
Nobody relapse and pray for a coward

I will be
A god for your family
No one will remember
The bitch you were

These bleeding eyes lying
And this mouth smiling

You’d better be sure of what you do
Ripping a life is the best thing you knew

And I can’t stop thinking
It was the best for me

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