Dark Lyrics


1. Reckless

The believers are naive
Faith will only lead you astray
Standing on the brink of total destruction
With failure at our side and disappointment in our looks
The coffin nailed shut
Now you must think of all you've taken for granted
And what you'll miss when your heart stops
Now you're the victim
Writing your own obituary
Scarred for your trespass
The bullets that you've dodged all these years
Are turning and coming your way
In this the age of the weak and vulnerable
We stand for the always reckless
Cursed by fate
Guided by misfortune
And well act without hesitation
To black the eyes of faith
Driven by disgust and resentment
Because we're always
Cursed by fate
Guided by misfortune

2. Infected

And when they said this wasn't worth its weight in gold
We chose to clench our fists and spit in their eyes
Turn a deaf ear, a blind eye
To all the vultures looking for their chance to pick at our bones
A plague, disease
Breaking us down
Cancer, Red Death
It's in our bloodstream eating us alive
The poison pours down on us from high above
And seeps in through our skin
Ravaging our insides
With every antidote we try and each disaster we avert
We only add to the price we pay
We only add to the price we put on our heads
Scratch us, scratch us till we bleed
Inject the venom straight into our open wounds
A plague, disease, cancer, Red Death
Infected one by one

3. Disciples

I'll say this once
Theres not a soul that hasn't been left behind
There are no answers to the burning questions
Spend your whole life standing in the dark
And when its through theres nothing but the memory of what this
Used to be
And not a shot to make up for lost time
But still we sit and wait
Were not the ones who try and save you
From all the torment that exists inside us all
Take a good look at whats around you
Because today could be the day your whole life flashes
So follow us while we lead you straight off the highest cliff tonight
Were falling fast, gravity can barely keep up with us
We've sworn the oaths, and laid it on the line for all to see
You chose to follow, now become part of what you used to fear
Theres not a day that I don't think could be my last
And in a moment it would all have gone so fast
But still we sit and wait
This wont be my kiss goodnight, I will not abdicate my chair just yet
I've been beaten down to the depths but I'll walk hand and hand with life
Until theres nothing left, until theres no one left
And when we wake up with burning eyes to see the aftermath
Of what greed, lust and ignorance can do
A broken land which once thrived
Decayed and withered, unrecognizable
We have no choice but to rebuild
From the ground up, turn the carnage to reconstruction
Without a warning before your eyes its all gone

4. In Shambles

This is the final showdown
The last time you'll see my face
Don't turn your back on me now
This grudge ends right here
In a place once known as hallowed ground
Now only remembered as your final resting place
You never thought id have the guts to face you
Your crimes cant go unpunished so I'm casting the first stone
You never stood a chance
There's nothing left to stop me now
From leaving your world in shambles and walking away
With your weight off my shoulders
And now were onto you
I always suspected someone lurking in the shadows
You butchered us all while our blood was still warm
But I wont let it pass, my patience has been drained
If you make one move, I'm forced to strike you down
For better or worse
We cant carry you anymore
Just now exposed
You've been a liar all along
Now even our memories are tainted by your deception
This world is crumbling while you writhe
Searching for someone left to blame
This world is crumbling
And I don't feel pity for you at all
I'll show no restraint
Never before have you shown empathy
Now you'll suffer till your last
And I'm responsible
Suffer till your last ounce of strength leaves your body

5. Realization: Remorse

To bid farewell to an enemy can be oh so bittersweet
This conflict ceases, now you feel calm and safe
As the ragged curtain closes, ending and age-old struggle
You always longed to win, but has left you isolated
And overcome with regret
Perhaps you've lost your better half
Or maybe the struggle kept us both from leaving
Kept us both here

6. Without Closure

You cant keep me here any longer
In spite of all your wishes
I've been imprisoned, but I'm breaking out
Nevermore will I know this guilt I've carried
For trying to find a comforting moment
A reprieve from the somber onslaught
That's always following, following me
While my obsessions held me hostage
Shackled by old habits
Self-doubts grip keeping me from seeing any other way
All the words I left unsaid
I know now are better kept
On a list of things

7. Remnants

While some of us mourn, others fool themselves
Yet I find myself drifting
From honest dedication to vile desecration
Bitterness from an anonymous voice, my back has still not turned
But I'm so sick of fucking facing forward
The air between us will never clear
Because these lungs have nothing left
Each failure hurts more than the last
And although I'm ready to be let down I can't help but live in the past
I'm prepared for the worst, I know this feeling well it wont be the first
But each failure still hurts, it still hurts
I have always kept the truth hidden
Beneath angst ridden anguish
But your presence only brings waves of depression
The only way is to remove myself
I'm stepping out of this picture, my final frame
Each failure hurts more than the last
And although I'm ready to be let down, I can't help but live in the past
I just want to live again, but its way passed the point of hope
I close my eyes but sleep never comes
I just want to get through the night without seeing the rising sun
This feeling will forever haunt me
Despite how late after dark I leave the lights on
I close my eyes but sleep never comes
I just want to get through the night without seeing the rising sun
Faced without closure, its only just begun
I just want to live again
I'm stepping out of this picture, my final frame

8. Resuscitate

Long gone are the days when blood flowed through my frozen veins
Dormant are the thoughts of a complete recovery
And I know its not the time to let it slip away
When all that's in my grasp turns to visions of a world so bleak
Reach inside, pull out what was once the greatest part of me
Resuscitate this life of mine before the angel calls
Shock my system, wake me up, don't let me close my eyes
I'll gasp for breath if you give me the air
Through these years in solitary I haven't felt a thing
Bring an end to a winter trapped in dark clouds
Bring back the strength to get up that's never felt so pointless
I have been drawn and quartered, bound and gagged, left for dead
Watching all I've hoped for pass me by while I fail to survive
This artificial adrenaline will run out before I know it
You are the last chance I have to save whats left of me
If I'm left alone a new day loses its certainty
But I'm not ready to lay down
My time isn't up just yet
I need to find a way out of this hollow coma
And I can't afford to be ignored
Listen, reach out, this is just another plea for aid
Just know that this time all I am hangs in the balance
Resuscitate this life because I've got so much more to say

9. Fearless Vampires

Curse what you once lived for embrace the truant inside you
Forget the better life
Rot in your own backyard
Kill for a future
Dig up whats left
Give my life for one tomorrow
Find a way to make this fleeting rampage last
Another desolate city
Deadly streets, dark destinations
But we have no reflections anyway
Focus upon focus
Keep every ray of sunlight out
Stab every distraction through the heart
Let go, let go
Cut the hands of all who threaten
Let no one drag you under
Refuse to heal

10. You Are The Antithesis

You're nothing more than shallow
With a tongue lodged in your cheek
What is it that you're saying
Shrouded in a cloud of smoke
You're not coming through
The lines are crossed and the static numbs my ears
Your turn of phrase rings hollow
I cant trust a word you say
What are we to do when the last great poet
Has thrown down his pen?
If you cant move me now then I swear you never will
Just going through the motions while the audience is still
I can hardly feel the passion that you've stolen from this room
You're nothing but a mockery of all I hold so true
You've nothing invested, you've got no soul at all
I see you for what you really are, you're not fooling anyone
A coward in a flashy disguise
What are we to do when the last great poet throws down his pen?
Who can we turn to for the words we scream right back?
Where do we find solace if were never shown the way?
What happened to the authors who have something left to say?
Look inside yourself, and if you find theres nothing there
Be cast into eternal exile miles from here
Never to be seen again
And don't find your way back
Proclaim your pain
Bring them to their knees
Were making room for those with a clearer vision
Let the inspired voice be heard
Give us your life
Show us something more

11. End Of An Era

Basking in the raging flames of failed expectation
Is where I'll be found
My epiphany comes while the clock ticks down
I try to brace myself but I'm still fucked
Take it out on me ill take the fall
But always remember that no one is as disappointed as I am
But I'm unwilling to take that step
So brace yourself for the impact
Soon hindsight will give you way to a clearer present
And a moment of truth will at last be at our door
So brace yourself for the impact
Come face to face with what tears us down clawed our way back, back to the surface
Only to find that we cant have
Its too late, its over
We leave empty handed
All we've seen
Whats come before
Were still not ready
Our new found extinction

12. Memoirs

Frustrated by failure, failure to communicate
I just want to give up throw in the towel, let it all slip away
Every things become a filthy version of what it once was
I'm disgusted by my waning passion and my embrace for guilt
Retrospect brings regret
But for now I'm shutting it all out
Just expect nothing less
To be filled with self loathing and doubt
This potent sting of remorse is killing me because
Retrospect brings regret
From now on I'm shutting it all out
I guess I lied when I said id die trying
So it would seem that I'm better off lying
In a pool of misery in the nearest reaches
Of despair because I've reached rock bottom
Clutching memories making sure I've got them
And if nothing more ill take them to my fucking grave
I've given all I can and I cant give anymore
Been screaming "fuck!" for so long my throat is blood and raw
And letting it slip away is something that I thought id never do
Looking back at the photographs to see
The difference was in my eyes
I must have lost something along the way,
Used to turn anger to drive
But my eyes are open to reality
I'm through asking questions like "why me?"
I'm fucking done and I'm admitting defeat
And I wouldn't have it any other way
I wouldn't have it any other way, no one else can control me
And when I looked back I realized the difference was in my eyes
And now that I've come to terms with the relentlessness of misery
And recaptured the urgent feelings of despair
I feel whole again, whole again in the emptiness
And that is something I will both despise and cherish.
With every fiber of my being
Coming to terms with the misery
Coming to terms with the relentlessness
And that's something I will despise
With every fiber of my being
Coming to terms with the misery
Coming to terms with the relentlessness
And that's something I will cherish
And I'll do it with the greatest sincerity

13. Last Days Campaign

Can't stop the rain
Don't cry my name
Feel no more more shame
Last days campaign
If ever I'm given the chance to walk toward the light
You can rest assured ill take it
Even with the fear of what I may become
At least ill know where I belong
Caught in the midst of a constant battle
That rages on and on and on
With the only certainty being my final desertion
Stranded in a forgotten shelter
No cries for help no distress calls just a haunting silence

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