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1. My Unbroken Reflection

dead air and red lips control my staggered speech another breath and my eyes no longer reach choking on the glass that you once
saw me through shattered hearts shattered glass as i feel myself dying, closing, ending, slowly fading away i turn to face an
unwanted distance no glances back, don't return the stare as i feel myself dying i am reminded of a once glossy existence i turn
to face an unwanted distance no glances back, don't return the stare shattered hearts shattered glass broken promises broken
words you've broken everything but . . . i will not break

2. Cupid's Diary

pelt and chime the beauty of synchronicity stand still for not a single second shimmer and wave destroy your home stand still
for not a single second in beauty lies compensation sharpening his bundle of sticks into arrows laced with impulse a skim over
cupid's diary sickened by each entry ink to blood paper to flesh and i am drop suspended in mid air frozen by intuition pelt and
chime well rehearsed chaos gives me something to hum to

3. Kissing Reflection's Cheek

disgust. . . the only thing to feel gazing upon the ones i once called real to wake, live, and sleep in envy you love the ones
who put on the show they give something for you to pose as so carefully you mold your flesh to fit the cast i miss your skin the
kind that bled all the misconceptions led into a snake pit i feel no sympathy you got what you wished for just one more sheep
kissing perfection's cheek i feel no sympathy

4. If I Wore A Mask

(within my veins) when i think of you i can't help but think of blood blood spilled blood shared with one another you are my
most distinguished fragment of an untold story born by shunning the opportunity the ashes of charred intentions are my lone
remnants of yesterdays if i wore a mask i could fool the world and mold with the masses for now i choose to shun this world and
its inhabitants until i crack the code, break the seal, shun the world until i break the seal once broken i will not waste one
second of my time to begin to shred apart this shell of confinement

5. Writing In Cursive

eyes glazed over another daylight dream cutting kisses from invisible lips a ghost coexistent to the touch of fingertips i have
lost the my faith in first impressions i've lost my faith in you i can't remember when i stopped writing in cursive but i knew it
had something to do with consequence, a crush of esteem i taste your name in a stale complexion a burden lost in my world i taste
your name in the sky, in the sun, in the stars no more resurrections

6. End Of August

turn the page another chapter not much different from the others variety is not an issue boredom is what you hate i am what you
hate . . . i am everything you hate rust attacks the edges first then works its way into the interior oxidation death i die
everyday for you so you can live so you can leave it all behind for you i die everyday turn the page another chapter not much
different from the others turn the page

7. The Effects Of Departure From Ideal Proportions

no compassion as i pass my eyes over this wasteland in disbelief disappointment slaps me in the face i lose my ability to speak
this thoughtless acceptance this absolute horror and now i watch i watch it pull you in eyes once filled with passion existing
for the moment never taking in acknowledgement of self respect morals decay i turn and walk the other way in rage but never
forgetting how easily you turned into what i hate

8. Significant Others

inferior to the faces hanging over me you choose to join them i remain unaccepted so what's left for us. . . paper mache
conversations so what is left for us back to the nothingness we started at i've devoted a world and you can't spare me pity your
words have threaded this web of rejection i can only promise that i will unmask the faces hanging over me (the only thing i will
ever be is a memory)

9. Disintegrating Eden

they stand alone listlessly innocent with crimson soaked petals full blossomed and thorned i'm burning all my roses tonight with
intent to purify flames to burdens disintegrate to ashes purification flames to burdens to ashes i rest my mind on the thought of
something not of this world searching for a place where dreams never die a place not of this world searching for something else
such a place exists and resides in the solitude of a heart such a place exists beneath a tangled mesh of thorns so take a flame
to your garden your precious collection that only brings dissatisfaction as it grows without an end i feel the petals burn and
the smoke drifts i feel the petal burns and the grey night clouds carry me away from this place and for one pure moment i am free

Thanks to as_i_lay_dying_x for sending these lyrics.

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