Dark Lyrics


1. Kissing Perfection's Cheek

disgust the only thing to feel gazing upon the ones i once called real to wake live and sleep in envy you love the ones who put on the show they give something for you to pose as so carefully you mold your flesh to fit the cast i miss your skin the kind that bled all the misconceptions led into a snake pit i feel no sympathy you got what you wished for just one more sheep kissing perfection's cheek

2. Dead Acres

dead acres set us apart light years away our self consciousness ties the knot to the rope that keeps the distance my emotions pull me from every direction focusing on dismemberment four walls of confusion closing in smothering me my emotions tear me apart dismember me i don't feel welcome into your forest light years away light years apart cast away into the barren desert by the illusion created by my looking glass self i sent myself into this starvation nowhere to harvest a sense of genuinity in this wasteland left to starve stranded abandoned beneath these dead acres

3. Arise

from this day forward i must strive to begin to see what has caused all of this hatred and suffering liberation is the key to my destiny my mind is set from this day forward have to take control time is running out have to face my fears have to live my life time is running out this day forward i will arise this day forward i will survive it's time for self improvement morality will be restored i stand upon this rock of confidence a pure foundation reach to the sky beyond these walls of hatred reach to the sky beyond

4. Kill The Script

The plan revamped processed to fit the man grasp on to a vague notion that everything will be ok desperate heartless dragged down by a crippled will that hides its face in shame too much pride to swallow in one gulp it was so comical but as it turned out I did not break into laughter I wasn't laughing this vision of success has been undermined by the false pretense on which it has settled I'm so sick of seeing the same role played with each possession gained the smile on your face grows along with the void in your heart "money brings happiness" it was so well written I detest your perfection and I choose to kill the script

5. I Repent

Reconcile yourself for the sake of salvation conjure up the guilt inside and spew it out with your last breath reconcile yourself with these words of sincerity a rain of sin has fallen upon us infatuation with longevity has fabricated a false sense of security washed away flooded out consumed by the rain
Significant Others
Inferior to the faces hanging over me you choose to join them I remain disaccepted so what's left for us paper mache conversations back to the nothingness we started at I've devoted a world and you can't spare me pity your words have threaded this web of rejection I can only promise that I will unmask the faces hanging over me the only thing I will ever be is a memory

6. Avarice

No payoff where is your motivation constructed a false inspiration fallacy of the nature spoonfed the lies you could not digest self absorption predecessor to the part reliant only upon your comfort no regret for a life of greed you'll start to panic when you're covered in blood intolerance is what you portray revitalize the innocence try to realize that you have gone astray you can't deny it anymore anyone can see that you're knee deep in guilt no remorse for bloodshed

7. Lost Eyes

Cold stares that felt so warm with you I know everything has changed you shatter my confidence and now I see the logic break my breath runs dry everything is this this is everything I know you're cold I know you're hollow my breath runs dry lost eyes my realization that none of this was real no more goodbyes right by my side I see you again

8. If I Wore A Mask

When I think of you I can't help but think of blood blood spilled blood shared with one another you are my most distinguished fragment of an untold story born by shunning the opportunity the ashes of charred intentions are my lone remnants of yesterdays if I wore a mask I could easily fool this world and mold with the masses but for now I choose to shun this world and its inhabitants until I crack the code shun the world until I break the seal once broken I will not waste one second of my time to begin to shred apart this shell of confinement

9. Ripple Effect

Lips seal into kisses of deception pouring glass down throats of unconditional love infected with untrustworthy schemes outlined in shadows lips seal into kisses of whispers warn me through violent ties I've worn myself down through years spent reminiscing over dead melodies and solely dreaming impossibilities every crash of ever wave sends me crashing back to point zero intact with self resentment dissolved and slowly boiled in a bowl of sweet lies to drench in attachment only to later drown in abandonment is this real? What I bleed? Staring at the ceiling with eyes dripping crescent shaped tears of self pity I ask myself is this something real I bleed or have my lips gone breathless to selfish desires

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