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1. Hollow World

From out of devils dance I came.
To bless you all with hazy shame.
I bleed for all of you, so nothing saves me here.
For all who ever breathed fear.
I am with angels flying near.
I'm also humanized with a sorrowed heart of ice.

I know I'm running through these weeds.
Tripping in one of my secret dreams.
I think I'm dancing where others danced before,
As I see transparent stinging flies.
Keeping me here in my own mind.
I must be searching for others of my kind.

They spin me round in a rotting womb.
They let me see inside this tomb.
That I am bittered and I'm nothing that they like.
But I have plans yet still untold.
To buy me in a land of old.
A beautiful grave to hide my dreary soul, inside.

Let us pray for better gods.
And let us live in better worlds.
That we may dance tonight in heaven with our dead.
Mother of all that we are longing for.
Bring us on to heavens shore.
And build a cross with us, for all that we have lost.

When your death would bring a newborn star to burn
Day would gloriously dance for night will never return.

2. 18 Carat Dust

I am disposable, I know.
About the way I look, how laughable, I know.
But what I really am you will never ever know,
Who I really am I will never ever show.
What I am my friend that's what I choose to be.

You say I'm stupid, but stupidity is bliss.
That only the things I know are all I'm gonna miss.
The ones I care for are all I want to know.
You can put your jokes on me, that's all you ever see.
I'm glad that I'm the one for your self-confidence to grow.

Anyway we are heading for the same.
You will end in a grave, like I will too.
You will end in dust my friend, the same dust that I am.
And when you end in time, how laughable I am.
When we end in time how laughable we are.
When we end in time how hilarious we'll be.

3. Running On Empty

Looking at the face of a child who had died so young.
I'll be shooting on the killers that I want to become undone.
That my soul will be the reflection of all that I have done.
Yet I'll be grateful standing in the line with a shotgun.

I'm sorry but I think that my sense is running away.
Looking at the animals brutalised day by day.
I'll be here in my head fleeing from the world again
Cutting in the faces of the ones who have wronged again.

There was a man at the top with the devil that was kissing his face.
With the world at his feet he will be spitting on the graves of peace.
With blood on his hands and a hole in his blackened soul.
I'm afraid that he will be weak enough to handle the gun once
For once more.
I run away.
I'll keep on running.
Away from here.

4. Day Of Joy

What are these dark and wicked things you always show me?
Cutting deep inside the blind part of my overloaded mind.
Spinning on to become a gentle yet a foul and elusive thought.
I create, but I cannot decipher that what's in my head.
I hide...

I see we have a fight once more, how they never pass me by.
It's unbelievable how they always arrive on time.
Tranquillize me with aggressive drugs, yet awake I see they never left my sleeping head.
I'm running out of time, we're running out of time.
I'm running out of time, we're running out of time.

I have lost my sense on a bitter day,
Yet I lay my trust in your bleeding hands.
Hoping that my faith will never die.
We're running out of time.

5. Northern Lights

Sorrow sunrise carve your strength into my veins.
And make me change.
Make me change.
My hands they shake the hope away,
Oh go away, please go away.
My restless consciousness awaken.
It burns my soul away.
The electric storm that kills my brain.
Stay the fuck away.

And all the damn poetry I spoke of.
Well cut the crap, I'm not flying in space.
I'm here on a bench, sitting in my gloom, doing time.
And I will be here again and again.
As I did so many times before.

And free are the souls again, fleeing day by day.
Joining others soul by soul.
Because they know they cannot stay.

Easy to see them dead when you feel nothing.
Easy to bear when they're not yours.
Yet bitter is the hurt that hits you,
When those who died were loved by you.
Heading on towards the madness.
Killing others life by life.
With fright we look at our perspective.
When you loose green you will be blue.

I feel like a child crying for nothing,
Yet my heart is dying for real.
Something has left me once again.
And I cannot hide my tears.
I hide for nothing at all.
But I'm running out of strength.
And though I have not a wish for death.
I will be free when I am removed.

Nothing strange about the fact that rats can die.
Strange dead rats become, who make you cry.
Dead dogs and rats who make you cry.
Little man that died and made us cry.

6. "Prelude"

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit

8. We Are Darker

And in this tragedy play,
You pray with holy names.
You preach that you are dark.
Then again we are darker.
We fly into your lives.
We will come to fight your lies.
To turn your world in flames,
To burn your godless names.

And in your evil heart,
We found a stinging dart.
It must be weakening you.
As I see your hidden you.
We breed inside your fate.
We breed our god of hate.
We came to stop, the games
The games you have played with all the others.

From the tears in our eyes the pain will grow
The children we were, we forgot to grow.
Because you brought us pain when you started the war, with a bitter shame.
You've abused us into us.
I know within my heart,
That your love will be a dart so painful, I could never ease to bear.
And in your dark and hateful eyes, is something so dead as ice.
We're so delighted, we may remove ourselves from you.

We are darker, Darker then you will ever be.
We are darker, Darker then your darkest face.
We are darker, Dark we paint your soulless sea.
We are darker, Darker then you will ever be.
We are darker, Darker then a moonless night.
We are darker, Dark the sound within our mind.
We are darker, To hate we use our liberty
We are darker, Fuck with us and you will see.

"C'mon death I challenge thee for once more."

9. Atlantic

I've walked away,
For another day to join a dance for a better world
To express the anguish for the hate today of a new generation's rise.

I've watched them build a cage around the world
To save the sky for the human mind.
I break down and cry,
And wish for more drugs,
To let me dance through other, safer worlds.

Take this cry from me,
The sense of all the sanity keeps falling from my hands,
I cannot see the sun anymore.
I have to hold my head still.
Dead still.
Real still.
Take this file away.
The burning of the Atlantic sea
And its beautiful cry for death.
I saw angels tear of their own wings,
I have to keep them from falling, falling, falling.
I have to keep them from falling.

2000, The beginning of our end...

One minute silence for the world and for the animals that are so full of pain.
I saw a bear, made mad for a beggars dance. Animals mutilated, abused, murdered. Let us learn.
I saw a child crying her youth away. A war just happened to her. Nothing to do about it?
Brutality, endlessly....Just happened to her. Let us learn.
I hear people play down all that happened in these filthy wars.
To long ago, yet it still happens, Ignorance? Oh we Ignore.
Back then when blood was cheap, what have we learned?

One more minute of silence for a man who dared to stand up.
He left these lands of orange with a bleeding heart. They murdered his freedom of speech.
Shot down, murdered. Let us learn, let us pray.

I saw people die in a flash, burning down. Jumping, burning, dying.
4 planes, millions in shock. And again the bombs are falling.
Children killing each others in schools, on streets. Children.
Fear, confused. Blood red sheets. Let us pray.

So much pain, so much hurt. I think of the world, the next age.
A flash, so much silence, and not for only a last minute. Forever silenced. Forever dead.
How we were, in hell to burn.
Goodbye earth and your humans so full of filth.
Goodbye hatred, goodbye ignorance and war,
Goodbye fire, murder, rape,
Hello god.

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Thanks to jilledeboer for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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