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1. To The Wolves

I gonna wake the fucking dead with these words.
It's about time someone stands up to speak their mind.
I won't keep my mouth shut any longer.
Theirs too many people speaking of nothing important.
Day in and day out reaching for those stars.
It's time to make something of ourselves.
It's time to grow up and become someone today.
I want to change the world with my words.
So who's coming with me?
I wanna change the world with our actions.
So who’s coming with me?
You have no heart anything in this world.
No passion for anything on this earth.
This is my destiny, and you'll never take it away from me.

2. Hellbound

How can one live there life day in and day out poisoning the youth of the world.
Feeding everyone the lies from that book of fairy tales.
I'll never understand why souls from every inch of the world feel the need to bow to the clouds.
Stop giving in to what the public feeds to you.
My plate is full, and it seems like I’m stuffed with nothing but disgust for society.
Not everyone has to get on there knees to live a suitable life.
Please excuse me, but if I'm wrong feel free to strike me down.
Unlike the rest of the world, my mind is clear.
For all you know, I am your god.
And tonight the world will burn.
I'll live my life for no one but myself.
I don't need you or anybody else.
Now I'm gone and I'm not coming back.

3. Newsflash

Betrayed by all
There’s a certain flair not everyone has that burns deep inside.
The will to live on after tragedy, and the will to be known.
I won't give up until everyone hears my plea.
I'll be in the headlines.
I'll be your hero someday.
Do you know what it feels like to have a target placed on you?
My name is always on the tips of their lips.
The words I speak will never be left unheard.
My hearts been screaming out since day one.
And I won't give up until everyone hears my plea.
Feed this ego until it pops.
Feed the fire until it blows.
Each day my patience is wearing thin.
And I'll be counting down the days until I leave you all behind.
I'll be the bigger man.
I'll be your hero someday.

4. King Of The Ring

You're never gonna leave this town.
I could point out every single one of you in a crowded room.
Then individually give you back the knives you threw into my spine.
So what the fuck did I do to deserve all of this hate?
For no reason at all, I've gained all of the island's antipathy.
With all your backs turned now, look who came out on top.
For the first time in years, I've never felt so alive.
I feel so alive.

5. The Write Off

Every breath you take.
Every word you say.
It doesn't mean a thing.
You’re just a fucking waste.
I've got 20 bucks that says
you'll regret every word you've ever said.
You’re just another miserable soul wasting away.
Step right up and sign away your dreams on that dotted line.
Why don't you step right up and throw away the only people who truly cared.
I've got 20 bucks that says you still sit at home and constantly wonder why you ruin everything you've grown to love.
Every breath you take.
Every word you say.
It doesn't mean a thing.
You’re just a fucking waste.
Who do you see when you stare at yourself?
You’re nothing but a fucking joke!
Every breath you take.
Every word you say.
It doesn't mean a thing.
You’re just a fucking waste.

6. Set Your Sights

Since when was it all about being better than one another?
No wonder this cause gets such a bad reputation.
Unlike you, we're forever here for the right reasons.
And thankfully, I'll never fit your mold.
I have my head set straight.
Because I don't mind not being a part of society's norm.
It's time to keep our goals set in sight.
With this passion held so close to my heart.
Nothing but pride runs through these veins.
I will always stand by my convictions.
I will always stand by my pledge.
We will never fit your fucking mold.
I will never be just like you.
I will never fit your fucking mold.
One day I hope you realize the pure life you always could have lead.
Straight fucking edge.

7. Deathroll

I'll be the first to admit that I hide my face
with a mask of hate for the world to see.
9 times out of 10, I see the world as such a pitiful place.
Barely believing in anyone or anything.
Having little faith in all of society.
I have little or no faith in all of society.
I swear I should see a doctor, but he'll just prescribe me pills.
Half of the time, I don't even trust myself for anything.

8. Living A Lie

I wouldn't mind watching you decay from the inside out.
Suck, fuck, smoke, and choke your way through life.
Isn't it such a pretty sight?
Just like a huge game of follow the leader.
I wish you'd all just jump off a bridge like in the stories.
How can you wake up each day feeling pure?
With that grime spreading throughout your body.
You can bow for me anytime you wish.
So I can smack the filth right off your fucking lips.
Just a word of advice,
for all the ladies in the house:
Saying you're slut-free doesn't mean shit to me.
Live that lie until the pigs start to fly.

9. Barbarian

I'll forever scream it loud and clear.
Listen up, This is for the world to hear.
It's going on two years, and I’ve never felt so betrayed.
You’re still sitting by his side wasting away.
Take a long hard look in the mirror, and tell me what you see.
I can't recognize you anymore.
Each day I gaze out the window and wonder,
What could you possibly be thinking?
You’re losing your only son to a fugitive.
You’re quickly running out of chances.
I'll tip my hat to you one last time.
What could you possibly be thinking?
How could you give me up?

10. Ride The Nighthawk

Once upon a time after being a part of the destruction and staring into the eyes of the reaper,
there is such a strong infatuation with the nighthawk.
Traveling for miles and days through riff mountain,
only to eliminate the weak-minded.
So here we are on this path we have chosen.
All the common simplicities of life are now forgotten.
Ride, ride, ride the nighthawk.

11. Vanquish

If you only knew the inspiration I got from your sorry life.
This is the first and last time I'll ever have to say this:
I'm not one to have my head so far in the clouds,
But I know I'm a better man than you'll ever be.
Destroy every goddamn relationship you have.
It's only fueling my fire.
I find my creativity in your sadness.
I've loved reading your half-assed suicide notes for the world to see.
The excitement is overwhelming to see you upset.
No mountain will ever be high enough for you to dive off.
Get a running start and make sure it counts.
No one will stop you now.
No one will ever stop you.
Since thy name is always upon your lips,
I beg you to end it all.

Frank - Vocals
Ryan - Guitar
Shane - Drums
Ed - Bass
Tim - Guitar

Thanks to tot for sending these lyrics.

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