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1. Hopeless Hero

Our time has finally arrived.
The opportunity to prove our dominance.
We are the future of this world.
Rise above all.
This is the life I chose, I'll never let go.
The world needs no hero.
I knew this was my calling from the get go.
The world needs no hero.
Here I am with open hands ready to join a legacy.
You can't control my destiny!
With every ounce of strength I have left.
Every single breath I have inside.
You can't control my destiny!
As a whole, we'll rise as one (together).
For the last time, I am not divine.
No turning back.
You can't stop me.
Moving forward, always keep my head up.
So many obstacles, I'll fight my way to the top.
Never give up, never give in.
Motherfuckers, I'm in it to win.
No turning back.

2. Death Dealer

If God exists, that motherfucker must be a class "A" hoarder.
Scum has been filling these streets for centuries.
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I've committed the world's worst crime.
By murdering the guilty for spilling all of their gutless lies.
I'm sorry.
Oh, so fucking sorry.
For never being sorry.
Our savior is our reaper.
A god damn death dealer.
Our reaper is our savior.
A god damn death dealer.
I am your most beautiful nightmare.
I am your worst beautiful nightmare.

3. The Endless

The future looks so dim from where I'm standing.
Giving up my youth to live a dream that has no happy ending.
Even with the clearest mind, everything seems so cloudy.
Sometimes I wish reality would show some mercy.
Who am I without the words that I speak?
Who am I without the songs that I sing?
Who am I without a mind full of dreams?
Hand in hand, we can do anything!
Believe me when I say...
When it rains, it pours oceans.
I've never been so scared in my entire life.
It's been six years and all I've gained is a history of strife.
I've been flirting with death and she's a solid ten.
We've dated before and I bet we'll meet again.
Believe me when I say...
When it rains, it pours oceans.
It's flooding my lungs.
But I'll breathe forever.

4. Grand Destroyer

Listen up!
Can you hear me?
Does anybody feel me?
My name is "insert here" and I'm writing you this song to ensure you know exactly how I feel.
Here's the impression I'm ready to leave upon the world.
If this is change, then I don't ever want to be a part of it.
If this is what the future holds,
I'd rather the fucking apocalypse.
I hope the whole world burns.
So, let's live like there's no tomorrow.
Today will be forever forgotten but tomorrow will go down in history.
Finally, the end is near.
We'll all be singing.
We'll all be dancing.
All hope is lost.

5. Extermination

We are the most vulnerable with our backs turned.
We are the most vulnerable when we are comfortable.
We must evolve to recapture the true happiness.
It's time for a change!
The extermination of the weak starts right now.
The removal of the flawed begins.
We must eliminate the ones who bring us to our knees.
You are the prey and I am the hunter.
You are the helpless and I am the teacher.
I taught the devil everything that he knows.
But I didn't teach him everything.
I have one confession to make.
Here goes nothing...
When you think things couldn't get any worse.
The worst has yet to come...

6. Against All Odds

I'm screaming from my heart.
Full of pride.
Living with nothing but an open mind.
At least we have something to say this time.
My path was always about the love for what we've created.
Never about the trends and the checks coming in.
With man's greatest fear of failure.
I promised you. It's impossible to fall.
Three cheers for the underdogs.
We'll prove the world wrong!
Three cheers for the underdogs.
These are words of the strong!
We desperately need this change in order to survive.
In such a dark world,
I'll try my hardest to bring us light... Open your eyes!
Allow the beauty to shine so bright.
With man's greatest fear of failure.
I promise you. It's impossible to fall.
I promise you. We can not fall!

7. Ground Zero

Fear is the world's most powerful weapon.

8. Judgment Day

We should strive for equality.
No more passing judgements on the society.
We're quick to judge the innocent strictly based upon their appearances.
Alone in a crowd full of dead souls and dead minds.
Living in a world full of nothing but gimmicks, thieves and masterminds.
Let's raise our glasses to the sky for the good old days.
Out of sight, out of mind.
You're ignorance will make you fucking pay!
How does it feel to wake up each day and turn a blind eye?
Always making enemies that will last a miserable life time.

9. Secrets Don't Make Friends

I think it's time to hang up my halo and wings.
Because I'm certainly no angel anymore.
Something radical has come over my body.
Quietly, I sit here thinking of my sins, but I'll never reveal these secrets.
Prey and hunt.
I'll never reveal my secrets.
So, let's live in this misery together.
Too bad this guilt is always going to burn on so fucking deep.
This double edged sword has stabbed me in the back one too many times.
But the cheap thrill and ecstasy is worth every single second.
Best part is, I know you're exactly the same way.
I don't think that I'll ever come clean.

10. Sacrifice

We are the sacrifice!
In a world where no one cares, I will prevail.
In a world where no one cares, You won't stand in my way.
We've got one chance to achieve greatness.
We've got one chance to make it to the top.
So, here we are again...
Starting from scratch to achieve what's been imprisoned in our dreams for all these years.
It's time to show the whole world what we're truly made of.
This fire will forever burn deep down in my heart.
I'm willing to give up everything for this opportunity.
Are you willing to fight for the life you love?
Are you willing to give up everything?

11. Backlash

I hate what you've become.
Wake up!
There's more to life than what you know.
Wake up!
This is your wake up call.
What you've been searching for.
Where's the courage you speak of?
Think before you believe.
Who are you to tell us that we're wrong?
Since when is it right to look down on the masses.
Who the fuck do you think you are?
I've kept it clean until now, but it's time to turn the tables.
Our superstitions will get the best of us.
The truth will set us free.

Jesse Herman ‒ Bass
Jorge Sosa ‒ Drums
Tim Howley ‒ Guitars
Justin Whang ‒ Guitars
Frank Fanelli ‒ Vocals

Thanks to demonsla_yer for sending these lyrics.

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