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1. Slings And Arrows

Another night goes by and I’m stuck wondering why.
What will tomorrow bring?
Bodies numb and I don’t feel a thing.
As you scream from the side.
You’re wasted youth, you’re wasted life.
How can I help if you don’t try?
Stand aside or get buried alive.
One day I’m just going to snap.
Breaking point.
Can’t turn back.
Talk is cheap.
You bring us down.
When times got tough you just backed down.
You only waste your breath.
I wont give in.
I’ll fight to the death.
It’s over now.
I’ve had enough.
You walked away.
I called your bluff.

2. The Cure

I write, you read.
You dance, I scream.
Retain a lifestyle they can’t reach.
Cowards lurking in my shattered window as deceit and lies knock at my door.
Shackled down I feel the sickness growing when wisdom is seeping through the cracks.
Concept erased.
Pain struck embrace.
Something’s for sure; we are the cure.
I want to know just how long it takes to keep running from something you know you can’t control.
Feel that?
Something’s for sure; we are the cure.

3. Red, Black And Blue

You wage a war that warrants no worries.
A coward’s shrug.
Bank bullets and stories.
Your lies they victimize but I am the lion.
Where I spit a fire starts.
Outspoken hearts.
Restless as sharks.
I smell the fear on your breath.
With salvation your soul I will test.
And now the fury starts to shake me.
Here’s to the black and blue.
You die for me, and I die for you.
No sympathy.
Fury deliver me.

4. Set The Stage

Set the stage.
The ambush begins.
Through the windows, the doors were all breaking in.
Did you think we would let you win?
In fear you froze and slow goes your grin.
Satisfaction of defeat calms the plenty for a while.
The decay of a species cure this worlds will to die.
I live my life by choices.
Never thought to question why.
No more remorse in sight.
You know it’s all I have.
The sky in reach.
My eyes start the trembling.

5. Ripped To Bone

I too refuse that empty dream.
Born in castle with hope in hand.
Locked in cage and told to sing.
I’ll break the bars that break and bind me.
I choke on the words.
I can’t spit them out.
I choke on the words.
I’ll break your words before they suffocate me.
You destination ranks second to none.
Stepping on the weak.
Always watching out for number one.
My flesh is ripped right off the bone to feed the mouths all but my own.
All but my own.
Flesh ripped from the bone.

6. Tight Rope

Walk another day on the tight rope.
Say your prayers and hold on tight.
Did you know that they live on the wire?
Did you know that they waste so much time?
It's time to lose.
You break.
You'll pay for your mistake.
In tears for years.
Endless, sadness is broken?
I think you must be joking.
The sorrow is endless, it's blinding madness.

7. Transistor

The world I see is just not right.
Were going to burn it.
Were going to burn it tonight.
We’ve got these punks locked in our sights.
The ignorance I pledge my life to fight.
Send me a death wave.
They destroy us from the inside out.
Let the virus corrupt us throughout.

8. War Is Hell

Wake up and I wipe the sleep from my eyes.
With a breath of strength.
I’m late; that’s no surprise.
At war with time.
Alarms like land mines.
Your face shows it all with each cut and scar.
It takes strength to remain in these times of war.
You’ll never recover so don’t look back.
Just keep your chin up high and back he next attack.
Enemies drop bombs of fire again.
Full fledge front line with all of my friends.
The size of your heart determines who wins.
Modern day life; let the fury begin.
War is hell.

9. Safety: Off (An Introduction)

10. Scene Celebrity

You “paid your dues.
”Now you think that we owe it to you?
Wake up from your self righteous haze, and realize you mean nothing; a worthless charade.
You’re a scene celebrity.
You have no right to look down on me.
Hardcore; my life and my pride.
How can you sit back and judge my life as a lie?
One more time.
Pushed aside my life and my pride.
Special no thanks that you put on the side.
Taking me than what you put in.
You have to act tough, talk tough, to hide what’s inside.
My life, my pride.

11. Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes again.
To waken life within.
A shock runs through our hearts.
Our veins are torn apart.
And into night we fled, with thoughts of home inside our heads.
We found the latches locked.
In the rain all night we knocked, and knocked and no one came.
Forgotten voices voiced in vein.
Truth did free my mind.
Fear locked the door behind.
And now we’re all alone.
Outside the walls we once called home.

12. More Than Metaphor

This life.
This plan.
This fight.
We found our rhythm in the rage.
That burning light that needs no stage.
Though left with nothing you forget.
Through nothingness we smash.
To build upon what’s real.
Like setting sun the desperate glory fades.
Old lies so sweet can taste3 so true.
But strip away: a death obsession, a gimmick, a clever cloak.
And of your brave now broken world what will remain?
This war means more than metaphor.
This fight is all too real.
The front lines are right here...

13. Vital Eyes

Hugh spun language, but we’re not hearing the words.
It spoke to us at birth, it said “Men, when something starts there’s got to be an end.
”The mind, it suffers more.
Heads up to the sun when the world turned cold.
Blind as a bat to forever unfold the lies that were taught to the young by the old.
There hearts are stone but once gold.
There eyes are wide, their tongues are tied, they’re sold.
Bound and gagged and thrown into the cold.
Living suicidal, trying to understand, this worlds on wheels.
Build it up, watch it break.
Giving up, there’s no way.
Listen up, you’ve got a lot to learn.
Inside lies a purpose driven life.
High spun language, but we’re not hearing the words.
It spoke to us at birth, it said “Men, when something starts there’s got to be an end.
” Cycles die and then begin again.
Pinned by inner demons.
Sing the anthems call: We’re born, we lie, we live, we die.

Living life in denial of death, fearing death in denial of life.

14. Foreign Pain

Looking at a heart once gold, life already lost.
Beginning to the end (a mental holocaust).
And it’s so depressing, worrying.
Truth is hard to find.
Trouble here.
Still seeking, repeating.
Still I gotta strive.
I gotta strive, I gotta try.
Engaged with foreign pain, bombs dropped right though your brain.
Life’s hard you know the game.
I try but still it rains.
Hearts just explode (Awake I try to see).
Lock and reload (Inhale this life I breathe).
Searching, seeking, now exists a problem somewhere deep inside, now I gotta know.
And I cut though snakes with deadly knives of mind.
And the serpents’ fangs again will kill in time.


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