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1. Devastation


2. People Together At Night

I am now a free man and I just don’t know what to do with myself.
Am I really ready to take on this effort.
I can’t take a hint.
Take me from this depression.
You are the one to do it.
I can’t take a hint.

3. I Guess That’s Why They Make Safety Pins

How could a manufactured rose harness a thorn of metal.
You did not let one drop of blood fall onto the ground.
Or transfer onto our expensive and illustrious.
Clothing that we donned for the evening.
You did not know the precious commodity.
You wear that scar as a keepsake to when we weren’t stereotyped.
That one time you did not know the precious commodity.
You make me wish that I didn’t think that dancing was such a stupid ritual.
You make me wish I was young again.
So the small things are worth more.
A piece of you was left in that photo booth.
Black and white can’t describe the details.
People ask you “where’d you get that”

4. Signature Tattered Rags

I hate to break it to you.
But your crisis has come to an end.
Whether you like it or not.
“I’m saving every bullet for your fucking face” Here we go again.
And these things always seem to happen.
I hope you remember me as I remember you as dead.
Fuck the hatchet.
Bury the body.
Fuck the hatchet.
Bury you.

5. Milestones Reduced To Garbage

I never thought that I would want to die alone.
But I have kind of been forced into that sentiment.
I wish that I could remember what set me off so I could justify this overreaction in every sense of the word.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
And desperate measures call selfish acts of stupidity.
Those are the types of things that will lead to the attachment.
Of the one that would like to forget I have done something that I have come to truly regret.

6. Incapable Of Abstract Thought

You play the headstrings as if they were a harp.
Don’t you tell me any different.
So cut the drama.
We’ll shed no tears for you.
You are nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Catch and release.
But I want to take you down to where the greatest beasts get butterflies.
I think you should go back to where you came from.
You’re fucking things up.
You’re not wanted here.
You are losing your appeal just as fast as rumors fly.

7. I’ve Stolen From Posters And Drawings

Lick your lips for me one last time.
So I can see the reflection of horror on your face.
The dying whim and other words deemed poetic.
Everyone has their own path to follow.
But their tracks are on my back.
I’ve been crying sunscreen for so long.
So then when you bring the sunshine you can’t see my tears.
How can you say that you will let this fly forever? When you don’t know how long that is.
Trying to understand what’s incoherent will only bring more pain than it’s worth.
And I don’t know how long to go on like this.
Seeing through an insomniac’s perspective.
Brings a bunch of new points of view.
Today I watched the sun rise on grey and clouded skies.
I’ve been crying these tears for so long.

8. Near Shack Experience

Breath through your mouth as not to asphyxiate.
Require assistance.
Do you require assistance or would you prefer if I demonstrated for you.
Inhale - Exhale.
That’s all there is to this process.
I was unfortunate enough to see you in my rearview mirror.
You made a bad thing worse when I tried to make a worse thing better.
I told you that you would never, ever come and get that from me.
I have never fought for anything in my whole life.
So what makes you think that I’ll go and start with you.

9. The Kid In The Background Of Every Picture

Grinding his fingers off.
Grinding his fingers away.
Turn that hat around so you can shove your face into your pillow and cry out all your worries.
Cry into it.
But tears don’t count if they don’t run red.
So many years have been washed down the drain.
And dreams don’t count if they don’t come true.
This friendship has come to an end.
I’m sick of you talking all your shit.
This friendship has come to an end.
Ideals just don’t matter if they were never there.
What were you thinking? Where was your head at? What will you do with all that ink? What will you do with your name? Friends and family will ask - does he even have a name?

10. Business Finds Pleasure

If you ever want to come in contact again I’ll have my people contact yours.
But it seems that your people have already come in contact with mine.
Your people, my people.
Betrayal (your) Stereotypical - oh so, derivative - over poetic words.
Fail to individualize your work from the others who happen to be in the same mind set.
I could be just like every other band and try to burn my bridges down.
But those bridges are still all connected to me.
I did not know that you looked at them like that.
Bridges aren’t enough.
I’ll burn your fucking house down.

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