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1. Isolation

The law of the material world
It goes like this
Everything is temporary-all life
It comes into being
Stays for some time
Produces some by-products
Dwindles and vanishes

What's the deal?
Why are we here?
Trapped inside this body
This body carries the soul
That's right-it's just a shell
So many think we are this body
But we're not
It's what we are inside that counts
Why are we proud

Now I know why I cannot resist
In tune with nature's way
I walked a crooked path alone
I thought I could get there on my own
What am I to condone
This body I don't even own

People want to know your occupation
Where'd you get your education?
Don't wanna meet the soul within
Good looks and wealth a necessity
You think it's love but it's a smoke screen
When good looks fade
Divorce lawyers bring pain

Help me realize I cannot regret
If I don't fall victim to sense attachment

2. Forever Real

3. Pressure

Is there no hope?
Will I ever cope?
Will I see light ahead?
Or live life, walking dead

When I look at my life I see
A never ending struggle
I can't get out of trouble
When it starts to look like things
Just might change-just might change
Something even more fucked up
Gets in my way again

So much pressure on my brain
How much longer can I take the strain?
Don't know if I can keep my anger tame
God please take away the pain
How much longer can I take the strain?
So much pressure on my brain

Doesn't matter how hard I try
I just can't seem to win
Don't have a clue to what I've done
To deserve this shit
When I get a step ahead I get
Knocked back two, knocked back two
Somebody tell me how I'm supposed to find
Strength to make it through

It's getting harder and harder to keep my chin up
Every day in one way or another
Something's always trying to keep me down
But I know I'm not alone to face it

4. 100%

One hundred percent
I'm giving it my all
This might be my last chance
To show the world what I've got
And prove it to myself
One hundred percent
One hundred percent
Step by step
If I want things to work
I'll make it myself

Some people have to learn to live the hard way
Others know to play the game from day to day
All you have to do is believe in yourself
Step by step, step by step
When I give one hundred percent

One hundred percent
I'm giving it my all
No telling what you can do
When you find the strength
To carry through
What you've started
One hundred percent
One hundred percent
Day by day
If you want things to work
Depend on no one

To stand and stare is giving it all up
You want these things to work
You make it yourself
All you have to do is believe in yourself
Step by step, day by day
I wouldn't want it any other way
Step by step, step by step
When I give one hundred percent

5. Sudden Impact

Scarred inside
No cure in sight
Verbal strife
Cuts like a knife

Before I slip
Please come and arrest me
So many times
I've resorted to hostility
What's with me
When I feel the heat
I look back at a time
Filled with innocence
The memories
And all that it meant
It's been destroyed
Self control's what I need

The mind is restless
To subdue is like
Controlling the wind
So much invested
Thrown away
Now our words pay

My tongue is weak
Speaking up and against me
It's saying things that I know that I should never say
It's made me weak
I need some time to think
Just turn your back and forget me
In all due time it will come to surpass me
Hard like a fist the words are received

Your tongue can be your worst enemy with its own mind
It can run so free without much thought
It can bring you down with foot in mouth
Brought right to the ground
It comes back time and time again
Our words are hostile whirling in the wind
Our composure is what we need as affinity

6. Right Brigade

You can't disappear anymore
I see your face lurking outside the window
You say you're a trife, I'm a bore
You touch yourself, put your face in the pillow

But the funny thing about you is
You remembered to leave it behind
And the funny thing about me is
I'm a member of the Right Brigade

Makes no difference to me
What side you choose, what side will loose
All there is to perceive
Is what I want, and know how to get it

But the funny thing about you is
You remember to leave it behind
And the funny thing about me is
I'm a member of the Right Brigade

7. Let It Go

Looking back, back on the past
The memories of times that we've had
I struggle reliving in thought
The good times and all that was lost
And I know it's all history

But I don't wanna let go of the past
Don't wanna let go
I don't wanna let go
Looking back
Don't wanna let go

Something is telling me to move on
I try and try and try
God knows I try but I'm still drawn
The echoes of the past are telling me
How do you expect to live your life in agony
They tell me

Let it go

I'm sick and tired of watching good things
In life just pass
They are here and over so fast
But I know in order to grow
I must move on and push it beyond

I can't see
Looking back

I know I must let go

8. In Check

Most of us spend the majority of our lives
Worrying about our problems or our aspirations
Going through life with blinders on
Dwelling only on the things
That stress us out all that much more
I do believe that life is about
Working hard to obtain your goals
But at the same time
We must remember to enjoy ourselves
We must learn to laugh at ourselves
And the situations we get in to
Forgetting about who we think we are
Or who we want to be
If for nothing else-to ensure our sanity

I know we all have problems
We all know life is rough
We try desperately
To take control of our lives
Day in-Day out
Pushing, pulling, twisting, turning
The strain gets so intense
Emotions bottle up inside
Endless struggle to survive
We try so hard

But we can't let ourselves forget
To step back and take a look
To see the irony of it all
The irony of it all
And we can't let ourselves forget
To not take our lives so seriously
And see the humor in it all

At times it all seems hopeless
We wonder what's the point
With the weight of the world on our minds
Happiness seems so distant
Day in-Day out
Building, pounding, burning, yearning
Still we keep on forging ahead
Build the walls thicker around us
Remain strong stay in focus
I try so hard

Step back and take
A good look at yourself

9. One Step Back

I can't see why
We don't see eye to eye
The hatred it brews within
The mind of ignorance

What do I see?
One step back
What this brings stone cold facts
Why should we all divide?
Why should we
Why should we go?
One step back
What this brings stone cold facts
Why should we all divide?

I try to drill this in your head, blood's red
You haven't heard a word I've said not yet
What's it gonna, what's it gonna take
To reach the public in this day and age

Without going

Haven't we already
Already been through this shit
Witnessing the rage and all the ignorance
What I see is inferiority
And what this brings is tension to the streets

One step back

10. Searching

11. Prevail

I've come to realize
I am my own worst enemy
Each day I must wage a war, a war on myself
Voices of doubt beckon me
Demons inside won't let me be
The anxiety builds

As I face another day
I know what lies ahead
The uneasiness comes as I
Force myself out of bed
The triumphs of yesterday
Mean nothing to me now
And with each step that I take
The battle rages on

Self doubt is my cause
I search for an easy way
Just to get through the day
Can't think about tomorrow-not yet
I'll take things as they come
I have no one to fail
No one but me-no one

I've come to realize
Inner strength conquers all
And that I can't ever say I give up
I can suppress the demons
I can prevail if I'm strong
No intimidation, hesitation, deprivation

I will prevail if I'm strong

12. Blindside

Pride or anger
A long cold stare
Had no emotions
Inside I didn't care
No objectives
My future bleak
All out aggression
Inside me

What was going through my head?
Innocent lives were tampered with
False ego and false pretense
Was my so-called intelligence

I've learned control
I will sustain
Time to unfold
Stop! Stop this pain

I've burned bridges but now I'm done
I didn't think, I'd hurt anyone
I can now feel this shame
That I've caused from others pain

Since that time I've changed
Try to hold my rage If I don't
I am bound what comes around
Goes around

That was my blindside
Back in the day
That was my blindside

The Spudmonsters are:
Vocals: Don Foose
Guitars: Eric Klinger & Scott Roberts
Bass: Steve Swanson
Drums: Eric Matthews

Backing Vocals: Eric Klinger & Scott Roberts

All songs by The Spudmonsters, except “Right Brigade”, by Bad Brains
Produced by Paul Nieder
Engineered by Tom Soares
Engineer Assistants: Oliver Hammerle & Rob Pemberton
Mastered by Rainer Weber
Mixed by Paul Nieder, Scott Roberts & Tom Soares

Cover Concept by The Spudmonsters
Cover, layout & design by E. Klinger & S. Roberts
Computer Imaging by Matthias "Trash" Herkle
Photography by Heather Stull

Thanks to technotomy for sending these lyrics.

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