Dark Lyrics


1. Sounds from the Vortex

2. Cosmic Fear

Some secrets are fathomless deep
Concealed from those who never seek
Where you come in sight and disappear
There is no loneliness nothing to fear

Why am I here
Our future is drear
I can see it clear
The end is near
Cosmic fear

In the dark is has grown
Soon is the end of all we have known

I have gazed into interminable abyss
Now I know there is no hope or any bliss
Further down the edge I could see
Lurking demons and devouring chaos waiting for me

3. The Clouds of Damnation

A tremble sent deep inside the earth
To ancient power that dwells in the dark
A place beneath the surface where no light exists
Terra's cry, the servants awakening

Unleash the cosmic terror, eternal misery
A rupture in the earth sets the horror free
From the hollow it rises, hear the infernal choir
A terrifying shadow sets the world on fire

Greed and ignorance claimed the worlds throne
A disease originated envenomation of life
Hatred and agony, grief and despair
The clouds of damnation, the endless nightmare

A vortex appears in the black seas of infinity
An ascending bale will swallow the land
Displode of the titans hellish tempest
This is the end

With the horror the clouds of damnation are rising
Darken the sun and lead the world in blackness
When the last soul has taken salvation has come
When the last one burned to ashes the cure has begun

4. Cross the Bridge to Eternity

Towards my destination
Guided by esoteric thoughts
Grew deep in my mind and drag me into isolations
Extinguish the flame

The burden on my shoulders
Degrade my body and soul
Unable to see what could be
Possessed by inner demons, the cancer of humans mind
Erase the traces of the past

I choose another path
Enter the vast burial ground
Faithful are my steps
My journey to the stars

Nauseated by environment
Disgusted and depressed
I choose my way out to find the peace of mind
At dusk I leave this world behind

Swallowed by the abyss
Enter the sinister ambiance
An ancient giant rises to witness the failure of life
Escape from existence

I fulfill the last act
Cross the bridge to eternity
This is my final step
The afterlife awaits me

5. Illuminate the Night Sky

Torn apart by tremendous force
Whose origin is the core of devastation and life
Where storms of liquid iron rage since the creation
Conceited filth behold you are powerless
Rumbling the sound of doom
Harbinger of irresistible mischief

Burning streams are flowing, fatality
Souls screaming out in agony
Curtains of fire rising high
Illuminate the night sky

Gateway to pandemonium
Mesmerizing flow risen from deepest depths
Nurtured by an infinite ocean aflame
Born in fire, sculptures from another world
Screaming, the harmony of despair
Columns of noxious vapor, your final breath

Sacrifice, may infernal flames never return
Denial, rise of inferno thou shall burn

6. The Great Mortality

Pushed by the winds from the sea
It has arrived, human tragedy
Far beyond imagination
Enters the gate of life
Spreading the claws of demise
Your realm will fall
Banished to suffer agonies
Let the death toll rise

Processions past hear their call
Blood is flowing down the wall
Distress and fear turns into hate
Witness the horror and lose your fate
The great mortality

The funeral bell terrifies the living
The sound of doom pierce their mind, insanity

The black horde is marching
No trembling, no screams
Pushed by the thirst for life

Torture, the wish to leave this world behind
Confession, induced by cruelty of man
Fire, the sky is covered in black
A storm of sorrow and death

Sentenced to die in loneliness, in fear and pain
Piled deep in the ground with countless others

7. Fields of the Unknown

Descending the illusive steps of time
Unconscious avoiding from your destiny
Escape from the pit of despair
Your awareness will reach clarity

I deny
Crush my chains and rise higher
Explore the fields of the unknown
My destiny, my desire

A destructive influence
Prevents and restrains your liberty
Destroyer of imagination
Negative ascendancy

A thousand times I entered trance
A thousand times a recurring nightmare

I escaped from the stream of lies
I enter the vortex of eternity
I will never be enslaved again

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