Dark Lyrics


1. Elegy

Swords of anger slit my hope
Blood soaks the ground I will rise
Blessed by silence
Kiss of Death
Blood soaks the ground I will rise

2. The Dagger Thrust

Broken memories are calling
My days are numbered I'm insecure
Shelter there's no place to find you
The falling darkness will cover me
After all these years of sadness I won't give in
Blisters on my hands keep growing

Demise inside I feel my scars will never heal
I'll cherish forever my past

Prepare for devastation embrace humiliation
Fallen angels of abhorrence as their blood is spilling
The sky turns red as their blood is spilling
Arrows that won't miss their targets
A shot in my head the death of me
Fire is burning red vultures are waiting for my death

3. Death From A Lovers Hand

The moon will be my witness
As the shovel hits the ground
Screams that will be unheard
And their bodies never found
Forgive the torture through the darkness of your eyes
I feel the pressure from within my regret cries
Death from a lovers hand
You made me go this far
I reach for your dead cold hands
Please absolute all my sins
The soil will be your cold grave
As the ravens sing their songs
Screams that will be unheard
Your heart is where it belongs
As I sacrifice your life
I will live again
And I worship your dead face
I will live again

4. Knights Of Doom

This time no light will shine through when skies are falling
The age of bloodlust is dawning my soul is seeking solace
No god above us
Our bones are feeding the fire
Knights of doom
Blades cut deep
Knights of doom
At the gates

Through the night
Set our bodies ablaze
Turn the darkness to light
We are feeding the fire
We carry on

This time I stand alone amongst the demons
The battle for hope is calling
My eyes ablazed by fury
I'm armed with despair
I kill for the grace of my loves ones
A battle for honour
A battle for grace

5. [Untitled Track]


6. Numbers Of Failure

I face myself in the mirror and recognize my very dead eyes
You took everything I lived for and left me with your lies
All my memories turned to dust
Fading flowers without a sense of time
I'm still the one who cares
Bleeding and all the efforts made are unseen

Inside unfolds a fire this life could be so beautiful
Why do we fail again
Take away all my sadness take away all my pain
Hear me begging on my knees all my wishes will never be fulfilled
Am I bleeding endless
Endless tears
Am I breathing
Endless fight
Endless tragedy
This life goes on
I won't belong to you

7. Far Beyond The Days Of Grace

I never had intentions to feel the way I feel
But in this days of thunder my nightmare is becoming real
Am I a lifeless silhouette of me
And after midnight oblivion in my ruined fortress
Unleash the snakes of dawn
This is my life
A fading light thorn in my side
I can't define I'm paralyzed
When silence is killing me
In vain my search for light
Goes on
A rising tide of chaos
My life's a endless fall
A trail of devastation
Prepare to kill them all
The stained blood on my hands will tell you the truth about me
The death of desire is the birth of a tragedy

8. From This Life

I feel lifeless while I burst
Time is running no return
Lost forever in my sins now
Or never I can feel that
This is the collapse this is the fire in you
Do you feel secure now
I never got forgiveness from this life
You are the fire before the march of flames
Out of the ashes a phoenix will rise
And spreads it's wings of eternal light
Forever I am abandoned
And I'm buried alive
Hold on you will find freedom
From this life of demise
This is warfare
You are facing my revenge
My broken heart lies on the ground

9. Her Ghost Never Fades

10. Darkest Red

This is love this is sacrifice
This is still what I have
All the words all the confidence
I am buried alive
Faith this world is a dark place
I cannot find a meaning
Pain is all that still remains
Cause you have ripped my heart out
You have broken wings
These days it's hard to breathe
I feel like I'm drowning
This is my last retreat
This love will be my end
I will no longer believe in myself in my life
I hate the pictures of you
I remember again

11. Thirteen Years

Surrender our broken minds
The tears that we have shed
The secret of keeping hope
Our fear will never fade
The chains of fate unbroken
Ablaze the sails of sorrow
The last crusade of mankind
When worlds collide the end is near
In league with the devil
There's no turning back
Your hunger for power
The oppression of life
Behold what have we done
How long will we carry on
Betray the sinner forgive the saviour
The point of no return
We are condemned forever
There is no place for glory
We will be drowned forever
There is no place for glory
We will be drowned soon in seas of doom

12. Saviour Welcome Home

Blood is running cold
Enchantment by the haunted souls
Saviour welcome home
Divided by the stings of conscience
The traitors of integrity have ruined my fate
Be my saviour in times of fear
A burden so hard to bear
Heed my cries the curse
Laid on my heart like a pistol grip
Extinguishing my iron
Will to live feels like a sinking ship
Hatred steals my hope
Impureness is taking it toll
Saviour welcome home
Divided by the stings of conscience

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