Dark Lyrics


1. Riding The Grape Dragon

so if that was a response, then you can call this reaction. so this will
take us right to the point that we've been trying to get to. that we've all
lost our minds and that we are straying from the subject, or at least the
point that i've been trying to get to. so what. i'm just taking a course in
defaning out the constant static thats been plaguing me for so long. yes
this is my response to response. now come ahead with your reaction, and take
us right to the point. that we were wiring our own traps, and then you just
stepped back. so take us right back to the point, the point that we have
lost all of our minds. i mind the thought of topics, that have absaloutly no
answers. so leave me out. breath me in then out.

2. Run It Through The Dog

we enter rooms at midnight. with packages of lusts and stuff that no one
could size up. this is not just a picture fixture encapsulated in your mind,
it's a perfect romantic moment captured in time. no we are no sin. the room
had burn holes with chemicals that only medical tape could prescribe, and
the walls had holes with souls that no one could describe. i'd like to think
that maybe pieces of us are still there, it all went out the window when i
saw you go...no we are no sin. so i took a souveiner, one that i gave to to
you and the other was put in my pocket till a wax judge would appear. "do
you take the oath" to commit and submitt, i do. it sure was a night. placing
ourselves in our own graves.it sure was a night .

3. Diggers Of Ditches Everywhere

the mechanics of the machine are hard to desribe in a word or a sentence, it
takes a life time. trust me i ain't got one left to live or give to explain
the ways of how it works, the gears the jerks, the grinds the lines, the
things that take time. this is one of those things that take time. words
couldn't make up a lie this big. it was a machine. a machine processing
people through like a assembly line crew would do. just pushing us through
the fears and tears and years of our lives. the the pain the fits the things
we miss we miss so so much. time and time again. so would you if you
could....every single lie would you take it back, every ounce of passion
that you lack. all of your lost pride would you want it back, all your lost
loves would you really want them back. just suck it in and get pressed
through this machanic machine thats rusted and cold and old. you machanic
machine. old and cold like the story of all of our lives. you can see the
wave of it coming in and it's full of disrespect, well atleast it comes with
something that we have learned to accept.

4. The Blue Rose

if this is an invatation, well then this is my rsvp. so on your list you can
scratch me off. you aren't the foreground and i am not the ground that you
can just walk on. i've had enough of the taste of your feet. i'm not wasting
away i'm just trying to get through my days, you know like one small leap
for mankind. i'd agrre that at this point scortched earth polocies maybe in
my best intrest. my social respect...i'am willing to lose. come on and drive
it in, i've got pills for the pain. oh i'm so good at escaping that you'd
never known i'd came. i can wash away shadows and with you i can do just the
same. if you are a god sent then the devil's my dame. you see it's me and my
witchdoctor that need slits for our blades. a velvet lining around a throat
is all the rage. a job is a job that won't produce this real change. let's
drive it into a perfect paragraph so we can form a perfect sentence. like
"there are motor vehicle things that we can drive across states". so we can
try to figure out how to control our own lives, these lives that we live for
and how could we forget that we have to die for.there are too many moons in
your eyes and not enough roses for those eyes. i drift in and out of
concious peaks which causes a real bad case of sleep. your moves just slice
through the air that you move through... let us cut to the chase. you blue
rose. (as i drift in and out of these uncouncious peaks of memories) yes
i've played parts in some of the greatest of movies, i'm the best actor that
you could meet. no no this is it, i'am over it, throwing the towel in. last
rites of the greatest thesbian. you'll see me on the moon and you'll be
standing on the ground like porcelin dolls you'll be speechless. i'll be
drifting in another place not out of space, just another place. a dream
finally realized. i'll be flying with an angel dropping at it's feet. living
in a cole mine caressing gods cheek. i'll be standing on the moon while your
standing on the ground i'll be drifting in and out of concious states.

5. Drinking From The Necks Of The Ones You Love

i've drank from the neck of gods most beautiful creation. i've stared in the
darkness of her ever shutting doors. your old scares you open. i'm telling
you to leave them alone. digging around in the opening you still find
nothing new. there isn't anymore feeling running to that part of your arm.
like a composition doll we will glue you. all you felt, everything you felt.
was meant for you. it is all always meant for you. it was meant to hurt you.
chemicals wasted days, chemicals forgotten night, chemicals wasted days. she
wounds hard. i ask why are you opening up your old wounds. you already know
where they came from. she thinks it's all she's got, it's not all she's got.
drinking the necks of your loved ones. living of the life of someone. you
eat the hearts of your loved ones. we drink from the necks of all our loved
ones. tell the future to come in the back door, tell all the stars that
there are stars no more. i'am the cloud that hangs over this cities
towers. i'am the body that becomes your april showers. so i'am this cities
tears that roll into the gutters. i'am the water killing your front lawn. i
watched your tears roll into the cities gutters and i used them to water my
dying front lawn. (it's everything)

Thanks to adamnbass for sending these lyrics.

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