Dark Lyrics


1. Mouth Of Swords

We´re bored and bankrupt
With a lust for tragedy
Headlines read the palm
Of our destroyer

Flags dead at the top of their poles
The lights didn´t come back on

They prayed for the horsemen
That never came
Revelation of silence
Go back to sleep
I´ll wake you

They all looked for him
Twisted hands to the sky
Their minds dead to life
Our own destroyer

Two naked bodies in a twisted embrace
Hand over fist they stare at each other
´Til they blinked no more

We burned all we could
Nothing left to safe
The wasteland a daydream

Your hand the last warmth in the ash
The last specters of love
As we fall

We´re bored and bankrupt
With a lust for tragedy
Headlines read the palm
Of our destroyer

2. Glass Crush

They say torture him
To ensure that he knows nothing
We´re here to help you,
To protect you from yourselves

Like a rambling priest
Fill the gaps with the myths

An atom bomb of energy
In a fistful of sand
An eternal senseless mortal conflict
In a verse of words
"For now we see through the
Glass darkly"

A tired conflict
All ideologies dead

The only utopia
Is the clear light of the void
At the centre of all words
Behind of the maze

3. Yellowism

Put the man on the stand

A sentence to end him
The word became cold flesh on a noose
The gallows his picture frame

I'll talk to god about the souls I've pulled out
Run my fingers through their hair

Tyrants of meaning
Monopolies of beauty
"Even flowers are black at night"

I'll make my morals from the bottom up
Sweet depravity my god
My only power not in a word

He smiled all the way down
The punch line silenced
Read his scars like a psalm

4. Beware The Leopard (Jagwar)

[feat. Tommy Rogers]

The first washed up on the shore
A body unknown
A last scream paused on its face

Caught in the current
Swallowing water
There is no bottom
As it pulls me further

The second washer up
A pair clutching
To consume each in an endless kiss
On a funeral pyre

We now fear not the dead
But their formless hunter
It lies beneath

The holy man says
This rivers bottom I´ve seen
Muddied and decayed

Broken bodies on the shore
Unknowns in the night
Hollow bones of buildings
Beware the Leopard

What to do but swim?

They died twice
When the breath left their bodies
And their name was said
For the last time

A vacant house in darkness
Where our lanterns couldn´t light
It stalks in there
Where memories go to die
The unspoken ghosts

5. Red Hatchet

No matter what you've done
In this life
You're worth while

And if you don't believe in anything
Believe in us

I'm one of the heroes
Last name or age
I can't call it
I'm already dead to everyone I knew

The cynic the saviour

The prison surrounds as a perfect guarantee
Wear curses like roses
Damn yourself to a freedom
If you don't believe in anything
Believe in us

Psychotic with convictions
The zealot proclaims
Our words are dead
'Til they're given life
With our blood

"If I've gained anything
By damning myself
I have nothing to fear"
I didn't even see any breath in him

6. Wise Hands

That face never aged
Escaped the tragedy of time
This once real light caught in time

You were looking into nothing

Ink resolves into a specter
A one way mirror
Cast a dark shadow across
Kiss its formless skin
These old wise hands
Now the picture as dead as he
Pose betrays the mind

Every word said a fiction
Presence the only truth
In a world of chance
We shared the horizon

Between the pages, between the pages...
Place the memory

7. The Ghosts That Wait For Spring

Somewhere in a prison
There´s a muffled cry
From a hooded figure
Please don´t forget me

To redact a human
Black blocks on existence
A ghost in a cell

A shuffled gait
Betrays the mind of a man
Reduced to echoes and rumours
Of where truth lies

Every inch of skin clothed
With head in a bag
Relic of humanity


8. I Am Time, The Destroyer

We live in but the minute between
The end, the beginning
Left in a drifting silence
If all tends to...
It begins with a warm glow
Most wondrous light

"I am becoming death, the destroyer of worlds"

It didn´t end in collapse
Just a growing distance between us
What will be the last light?

9. Old Souls

Bare feet on a stool
Neck attached to the ceiling
By a length of rope
His last words read
A debt too great to pay
I must end myself
A shadow enters
All dressed for business
He whispers a last word
In the noosed man´s ear
The soul flies, the reaper jar

The marksman returns for his bullet back
You´ll sell your body to get this soul back
Value in submission

It ends in the minute when they
Forgot their own name
Living his life caught in a forgotten dream
Standing there mouthing silent pointless...

He walks ill at ease
Through the dregs of the city
Man with a mask made of skull
The reaper´s enemy
To not let them go
He lost his name to the bottom of the oceans
Unpayable debt
Echoes of life
His soul flies, the reaper jar

Where the water meets the sky
With the moon submerged
Here is where we´ll sell them
In dead of night

Echoes of life contained within a jar
The rarest matter in creation
Traded and sold

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