Dark Lyrics


1. Film Critiques And Militia Men

Face it your not a horror actor.
Why not stick to what you do?
the last one is a rotten egg,
But the first twelve get holes in the head.
You can't tell me how to live.
We'll kick ass and roll some heads.
I'd rather hang with my homeboy Bruce and the local Militia group.
Spinning, Spinning.
I'm Getting Nauseous.
Spinning, spun.
I'm just too old.
Live free or die.
Live free.
Die hard.
I don't know and who cares what the devil wears.
Riding around with his head on fire Another national treasure.

2. Dread Prevailed

If you had not committed such acts a curse like me would not be sent upon you.
God cannot be captured in house of brick and stone.
Commanding the thoughts of millions.
Now the day of dread has come.
Disfigured there faces? Nothing will save you.
You have the nerve.
You will be added to the pile of friends behind you.
As we storm the ramparts.
Your flesh will be my earth.
Fell the voice of thunder.
The time of dread ash come.
Feel the weight of millions of crashing down on your kingdom.
armies of million.
I am the law! The bodies fill the void.
You think your sly? You're not.
Mountains and homes crumble.
Your death will be mine.
Bodies lay broken.
Penance fills the air.
The wind will take it all away in time.
All the false icons turned to dust to persecute for the cruelty.
The greed.
Old man speak for yourself.
Not for me.
They satiate.
The indulge.
This is to prove a point.
Armies of millions.
I am the law.
All false icons, Turned to dust.
Don't you dare speak for me.
I can speak on my own.
Dread will prevail.
Dread will prevail.

3. It Runs The Family

Because of you I'll be working till I'm ninety.
Re-think those words.
Re-think your ways.
How can you live with that on your head?
The wind is at our heels and razors at throats
You're running on borrowed time and that time is running out.
Remember the way you started-- That was a loan.
Wind still at our heels and razors at our throats.
I can live with myself it's not so bad.
I can look myself in the mirror.
Did really you expect me to save you all?
Blame the way you were raised and say it was the only way.
The rat race is never ending.
watch your back and watch your spending.
Crash and burn into the ground.
I thought you were suppose to save us all.
Dancing-- You're killing my ambition.
Save it for the judge and jury.
Why can't you understand me.
- Do I stutter? Your taking my heart out of it.
Don't you get it? Fairy tales.
Cosmetic nation.
Big houses and paid vacations.
Gamble it all away and say it was the only way.
Snort civilians.
Hit the sun.
I hope you can keep up.

4. Send The Death Storm

so glad you made it.
This will be better than the last time.
DO you remember that weird kid next door?
Well your never going to believe this one.
We we caught the scent.
Were on the track.
Well feed you to the hounds.
Run for your life as we bring the death storm.
Oh! Good job.
Dig up those bones.
You made it?! Send the death storm!!
We lead the march to the skin beef, it's on!
There'll be a hanging.
Find him! Get him! Lets string him up! So soft and pink inside.
No matter what has happened, Please remember the good times.
And no matter what you've said or done learn to watch your fucking mouth.
Unless your caught on video on video and you're ankle deep in it.
We can make things go away for the right pay check.
Fallow the smell to the man behind the glass.
I don't care about your regret and I'm not asking why.
I'll steal the wind from your sails and I'll make sure you die.
Going to be a witch hunt.

5. Pray For Eyes

I am the mayor.
Don't play games.
I will scoop you.
I was a man back when you were a child.
Don't you dare talk on me I'm on some real shit.
Get back in your cell and pray for eyes.
There is no more room for you left in my mind.
Nothing beats the original.
From grove hill to uphams corner,
Crack a biscuit.
say hello to the sports coat.
Watch what you say and where you throw your shit.
It's a beautiful day for a broken wrist.
When you get to be my age you do what you can.
Another day in the life of the original grown ass man.
You can't top the original because he is the superman.
The devil has my tongue and I'll prove it.
Co-you ain't shit.
It's a beautiful day for a broken wrist.
Who are you? Who are you? You ain't shit.
Pray for eyes.
Get back in there.
Pray for eyes.
You can't beat the original.
Take that down from the wall.
A true warrior of the cell.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
Sir I'm knee striking you.
I'll take you to the hole.
You're dead.
You're dead.
You're dead.
Try to calm yourself.
You're dead.
You're dead You're dead.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
sir, I'm knee striking you.
And don't think I'm afraid.
Because I'm coming back fifteen deep-
That's how the fuck I roll.
Try to calm yourself.
You're dead.
You're dead You're dead.
I'll take you to the hole.
You're dead.
You're dead You're dead.
it's all for nothing.

6. Responsibles

it's amazing what you can get away with saying when you present it right.
Are you here to learn? Or are you here to sell drugs.
I herd you could do both, you just have to wake up.
Think about the things you've learned and how you can give meaning to meaningless.
That can't apply if you're house is a car.
As a parent, You just can't drink a drug.
I've herd you can you just have to wake up.
What we're doing is giving meaning to meaningless.
I'm going back to get my grade ten.
You can't just go crying shit wolf.
This is about the worst thing you've ever done.
Where is the chicken.
it's essential to our operation.
I assure you that it's not.
What's your problem.
Mr.Dick? Why do you still have an erection.
This is about the worst thing you've ever done.
I assure you it's not.
Done eleven times over.
I've got Responsibles.
You know? I'm ashamed.
I admit it to many chefs in the same pot.
Don�t you think that�s funny the way birds of a feather flock?
There aren't enough hours in each day.
And if everyone agrees why not just add more? No one wants to admit when they blow it.
I'm ashamed.
No one ever wants to own up to eating nine cans of ravioli.
it's all about the presentation.
I've wanted ever since to get out of jail
You just can't go taking the blame -- It's already been taken.
Stop shooting.
Someone actually hurt here.
Stop shooting someone's actually hurt here.
Don't make me take off my pants.
Give me a cigarette.
I'm having a heart attack.
Where's my fucking BBQ? I know you have it.

7. Midas Touch

Once it starts it wont stop.
Temper, Temper.
Here that sound? That's reality coming down.
I would have said so already if I could think of worse words.
Prepare for war.
You are over run.
This is our house.
I'll be a kid all that I want.
Grow the fuck up.
That's what were told.
Sinking down to.
Watch it gold man.
Start the reckon collect your teeth.
Go have them bronzed.
Let me tell you something about the way you think.
Your wrong plain and simple.
And I'd break my legs if I tried to sink down to your level.
Be careful you might get what you wish for.
You don't think I know where you came from.
You don't think I know.
you want to live and die by the sword.
Be careful what you wish for.
You don't think I know where you came from.
Go have them bronzed to remember.
I'll try to put it in terms that you can understand.
The way you think is so fucking stupid.
I'll try to comprehend.
Just try it.
Break my legs.
Eat my arms.
This is our house.
On the attack.
You're over run.
It never ends.

8. Tread On The Necks Of Kings

Manipulate vulnerable minds with poison words and unspeakable means.
Hand over your hearts.
This should be a time of celebration.
Clear my throne I've come to cripple.
To paralyze.
I have come to tread on the necks of kings.
Upon my entrance it will be abrupt.
Run for your lives the king has returned.
This wont be a battle this will be a massacre.
You'll find out sooner than later.
We've come for there eyes and arms, but we'll settle for there heads.
There's nothing you can say to save your hide right now.
To make it right.
Don't you forget your roots.
You can just walk away unscratched.
I built the kingdom, now it's time to repay.
Did you for get who owns this joint?
I'll bet you did

9. It Came From Over There


10. Intelligence Has Been Compromised

Erupting turning into scales.
The creature emerges-- the face lost in shed & blood.
But if it bleeds, then it can die and at least we'll both be suffering.
So is this where it ends? Or where it begins? Our hero's fate....
Tune in next week.
Nail biting, creature feature.
You bought the seat but all you need is the edge.
Watch out.
It can swallow you whole.
So is this where it ends or where it begins.
Doc, I've got a fever.
Why wont you tell it to me straight? Every strike deadly.
Tell me how bad it is.
Will you amputate? I will never be what you stand for.
Fighting for what is right.
I wont let it be freed.
Is this where it ends or it begins? You decide.
DO you want to take it on?
If I'm so bad then why don�t you fucking do it?
I will never end it.
You were changing things just for the sake of change.
I wont let it bring me to my knees.
And if it with my dying breath, I will never give in to this.
And that will never change.

11. Open Eyed Beast Attack

Don't forget where you are.
Don't for get who got here first.
One by one we'll take it back.
Inch by inch, Here to take it back.
Here it.
Here they come.
Things fall apart.
Obstruct the rules of nature.
The victims are every where.
And if you here them coming then it's time to move.
I think your mistaken.
Don't you get it?
Around here we just don't play that way.
Ears to the ground.
Ears to the ground.
Ears to the ground.
it's time.
You got me good.
You know I hate that.
When all is said and done, I herd them coming.
I hope your having fun you don't even know what you got yourself into.
I'm only here to protect what's mine and that's mine.
Why'd you have to make the call.
Stop calling.

12. Birdbath

They come to seek cleansing and to ask for the will to change.
Cast away the sins of ages.
I'm just not buying.
Welcome to the birdbath.
Everyone get in line to be hit with purification.
I'm just not buying it.
Slaughter the weak, open ended cleanse doesn't seem to make much sense.
There is no more vacancy retribution is at hand.
Kharma's a bitch and so is her sister, Payback.
They'll clean house.
If they call in cousin apeshit you can write off your teeth, hands and mouth.
As long as I can crush my former self I don't feel so bad.
Like pissing in streams of absolution and the stench is all coming back.
You made your bed now go lie in it.
You made your bed now I can kill you without even a second fucking thought.
Cold meat shackles? The next stop is your door.
But with just your hands I wonder how you think you're gonna break steel?
You made your bed now go cry in it.
You made now go die in it

13. Bone Needle

Your best friend is dying.
Dying at your feet.
You try to wake up but it's not just a dream.
Never trust the tongue of a man.
I've heard the devils are his friends.
so you want to here the stupid dog song? I see.
Do you think this is funny.
we're talking about life and death.
Dose it make you laugh when kidneys fail and the hips displace.
I guess we'll see really what a friend ship is worth.
This is the final stand.
Who's standing with me.
Ah I see how it is.
Never trust a human.
Don't you see.
This is reality the life and death of a canine.
You can't relate because where going seven times the speed.
Who is coming down with me.
And what would have done differently.
This is doggie apocalypse.
Don't do me any favors.
You still want to here it.
It makes me sick.
It's inconsiderate.
it's inhumane.
it's propaganda.
Don't you get it.
If you could relive would you take what you know and go for the throat.
Or would you blindly reserve and go down in flames in humble service to the master/owner.
it's in humane.
don't you get it put me out of misery.
Don't do me any favors.
You just don't want to clean piss off the floor.
All covered with skin tabs.
I guess we'll really see.
After all these years .
How could you.
Your humble servant.
Net the bone needle.
What's it mean.
Where talking euthanasia and no I don't mean How'd you like be spayed.
After all these years covered with skin tabs.
Your humble servant how could you do this.

14. Seminar

You have the brain,
But lack of vision
You aren't blind but you just can't see.
Do you want to see the world.
You think your gonna change the universe.
All aboard the bipolarcoaster.
We are here to learn.
We are here to share.
To believe in something.
It must be nice.
Listen when I ask you.
Your lives depends on it.
That is what brought us all together.
Why els would we be here today.
Are you plugged in.

Thanks to burningman66 for sending these lyrics.

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