Dark Lyrics


1. Deluded Into Delirium

"Feel my blood running thick through your veins.
Taste my wine of delicious temptation":
Pulsating deadly lust!

Couldn't hear the cruelty coming
With its sweat seducing voice
Black ropes around their white necks
Deluded into delirium you watched them die,
with a smile

I have seen them bleed
I have seen them scream
In this predestined black world
Soon to fall apart

Those sweat little lips,
once so smooth and warm
Is now formed into something grotesque
Deluded into delirium you couldn't feel it coming,
from behind

Ooh what a sight,
The destruction that I behold
Walking the oblivion's edge
With your head in your hands

Your body and mind
That you no longer own
Is beginning to fall apart
Deluded into delirium you will die,
empty . .

2. For Whom I Bleed

Naked skin, inside the women gallery
Icebound minds, frozen drama of their life
Wanting out, to break away, leave it all behind
This hoary fever killing all of their kind
Imprisoned flesh, sold open on the streets
Pavement romance screams at me
Open up, spread'em wide,
swallow stiffened pride
Don't ever let them see you blind

All laid bare, on broken glass
The cutting of flesh, the favourable ground,
Cold and wet, calling them, calling me
For all eternity...

Sleeping poetry among the thousand
obscure chambers and their beauty at night
Viscous scenes after dark reflecting fantasies
projected by delusion as a child

That's for whom I bleed, and that's for whom I weep
It's for all of those who need be saned
from childhood pain
Are you willing to see, all the blackness in me?
Pointed like a spear of rage against
their pavement game

Pass it on; let them taste the fears
Do unto them as they have done to you
Sweet revenge on those bitter faces
You'd best enjoy it while it lasts

3. Shut Down

A mental pyroclastic flow of burning fragments
A stream of chaos intertwining,
melting, fusing the last remains
of humanity, into a glowing body

I'm pounding and pounding this body into shape
I anticipate the course of events
Hammering its syntax to fit our needs
A blacksmiths of mental confinement

My anvil consisting of visions to come
My hammer, the vortex of god
All the blood sweat and tears in changing our fate
Who am I really to change and create?

Save me from presumption
One universe away from...
Save me from presumption
One universe...

4. Ignominy Embodied

Embodiment within reach
Soul affliction is giving in
Rejected by a vulgar god
In human flesh and blood

Resurrection from the skies
And all our divine liesv
All the scars as time went by
You never turned around to watch me die

Intensified predicament
Rapped up in disgust
The stench of revived knowledge
In vulgarity we trust

Restricted by our ignorance
We cannot intervene
The plague of independence
Rages in all our genes

We will: Face our god
In flesh and blood
We'll pay our sins
Ignominy embodied

5. 25th Hour: Bleeding

-From the womb of chaos I've been released,
into a world of sorrow, pitchblack without belief
You've wandered off somewhere,
now I can't find you
With fevered eyes I've searched,
this black posterity
A million times for you

Unique, unheard-of, suppressed by all mankind,
This 25th hour of death stands
revengeful and divine
The undercurrent of our consciousness,
sucking us down
Sooner or later drowning us in oblivion

-I have cries for you, a multitude of tears has fallen
This sadened side of me, my friend
composed by death,
Will also come to you,
handed your notes to play eternal
In time we'll see which one of us
that bleeds the most

Serene, reticent but indomitable
this symphony proceeds
Conductor: Death, Orchestra: Man, in the 25th hour;
bleeding This blood-red undertow of
existence, sucking hard
Dragging us all down, bleeding reality in its face!

6. Frequencynic

An immediate horizon approached straight ahead
Did we also lower us to the point of explanations?
She came, simultaneously melting into a frequency, voluptuous
A comfort disappearing as quick as me, away from anew light

A circle in which I am dying
An exit, a solution to a crossword of people
who if they knew, their screams would fall onto deaf ears
Just the same would scream at the pain.

A nuanced shade in a black and white picture
witch has been deprived of its greyscales
A painful annoying laughter at existence
Slides down my spine and devours all but the end

A permanent background noise, fairly strong
Disturbed us from outside
Frequencynic gave in and left soundward
the greyscale returned

This circle in which I am dying
This exit, this solution to a crossword of people
Who if they knew, their screams would fall onto deaf ears
Just the same would scream at the pain.

We are the source of complexity in being,
Composers of reality, multiple and none,
Observers of the future, present and past,
Prepare to encounter with your provenance

7. All Of Reality

Help me, please help me, the faces are dying
Everything's dying, but only for me
Nobody's crying and nobody's smiling
Expressions for feelings are long since gone

All of reality as it comes to me
False sensuality is our destiny
Patterns is drawn in an opened presence
The words and the light

Desperately dancing, shouting in fear
Cold, fervid regression of the smile
There's no greater pain
than the memory of past pleasure
in present days of sorrow
But still,the past
will always be a prologue

Straight through the anguish
I speak from the earth
To you in your night of despair

The scream, the smile from the cradle,
that all of us meets, dark and shining
The prologue's begun, we can not escape
But this dance only lasts for a while

No one has stopped all the faces from dying,
so now I'm dying too

8. Listening

That night it surfaced again,she'd felt closing in
Like a hand of steel, bending the carefree neck
Tightening so hard until she brake,
free from fever,
Free from everything, at least for now...

The morning brike, sunbeams shattered her fear
A new day dawning, but still the same
Pounding headaches, the returning of fever
Not having the strength to fight it off
Her esteem for darkness tore her deep down
As nighttime advanced, on the sl, stressful

She's out cold, blank features, no movement
-Come get me, I'm dying, please help me!
Her eyes shine, they blind me, can't help her
I listen, her heart stops, and I die with her

I'm shivering, feverish, broken down
by constant grief
At nighttime I meander, blaming myself
She became that hand of steel bending the carefree neck
Tightening so hard

I'm out cold, blanck features, no movement
My eyes shine, I'm blinding, can't save me
Don't want to, let me go, sleep away...

9. Painted A Life

She comes through the painting
Into this world
Born and bred by colours
With the light as her God

Following every move I make
Every step I take is observed
Killing my thirst of longing
Far beyond the boundaries of death
I'm running down a sunlit path
Strengthened stroke by stroke
The brush, creating lives
It's like the hand of God

But this God is the pastureland of the weak
Where we will never set foot
Life's distorted by these low-minded
Made into a dismal path
Affection sinking below horizons of disgrace
Subsequently dying, immersed in blackened ignorance
The stench of sickening hypocrisy
Hiding from the truth behind walls within
Constantly reinforcing them in this world,
this world of painters

In the arms of midsummer embrace
I leave my body to the wilderness
My thoughts they fall from grace
To discover the secrets of nature
In this world, this world of painters

The Provenance is:

Emma Hellstrom - Vocals, Flute, Hammond and Keyboards
Tobias Martinsson - Vocals, Guitars
Joel Lindell - Drums, Lyrics
Joakim Rosen - Lead Guitar
Jonnie Alakopsa Tall - Bass

Additional musicians:

Dan Hellstrom - Hammond

Thanks to jkcosmic for sending these lyrics.

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