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1. Till Light Enshrouds

Think of me as I hold your breath
Till light enshrouds and all life has left
For our child solace will be forsaken
Love as rivers will end in our lake

Drown in the waters
To shadows we succumb
Where darkness reigns and light is weak
Fulfillment of desire I seek

I worshipped you like the heavenly sun
Bathed in your beauty, exhaulted one
I fear your flame, feel my soul burning
Forgive me for I must commit this sin

Will this torment ever end
Mother and child to God I send
No pain, No grief, feeling numb
Jesus Christ what have I done

Cold embrace, panic for air,
burning lungs, empty stare,
Life will cease, dying swan,
certain release, spirit gone!

A lifeless soul - Ashen with woe.
Stained with guilt - As blood is spilt.
Face now pale - limbs doth flail.
Pain runs deep - unable to sleep.

Take my life
Hang me high
Let me bleed
Let me die

Bury me deep
Six foot down
Flesh condemned
Spirit expired!

Burning hot - flames fly High
In purgatory - Hellish cry
Flesh and flame - Now entwine
Punish me - For my crimes...

2. Cursed Earth

Harken unto the shadows, children of the Lord
Cast upon this desolate plain, revealing the carrion slain
A black mourning in God's acre
As we pass beyond the veil.

A storm is brewing chilling men to the bone
Unleashing its fury, freeing their souls
Dying in the service of a god in the sky
A lamentable fate for an unfettered lie

>From shadowy earth, an evil will come
March of the demons will blackout the sun
Bringing fire and hail, a plague down on us
Persecute the fools who worship the cross

Under the pain of death - we fight to the last
Outnumbered outgunned - in martyrdom we trust
Our names forgotten in the mists of time
For revenge our spirits wait for the sign

Feeling so empty
Face down in the mire
Slain without pity
Another body for the pyre

Darkness falls on cursed earth
Daylight is torn from a dying world
All faith is lost, nothing of worth
Oh god please, lift this curse.

Nothing to be done but accept our fate
You must renounce your Christ before its too late
You must face the wrath, evil makes you pay
You wont survive this judgment day.

Cries of the weak
Helpless and meek
Death to the priests
Burn their churches
Slaughter the sheep
Food for the beast
Die without grace
In this ungodly place
Where is your god now
Left you to die
Left you to bleed
Where you lie!

This truly is a cursed earth as evil this way comes....

3. The Killing Fields

Ephemeral existence
Hastened by faith
Blessed are the slain

Chosen One, your time has come
Fall to your knees, as your body bleeds.
Embittered One, gone insane
This crimson tide, falls like rain.
Mass genocide by this God defied
Do not weep as I eternal sleep.

This litany is foul it burns with fate
These mortal remains free to devastate.
A bargain made, a pact with Dis
The covenant sealed with a kiss.
The righteous and profane, die together
Their lifeless bodies remain, rot forever.

When will I see your face again
Lost and cold I lie among the slain
At peace in death, I try to feign
Never to reveal, the depth, of the pain.

Oh sweet oblivion!

Fallen One, embrace the Son,
Your Messiah, Nazarene liar.
Ruler of the weak,
Empty lives to reap,
His name you mustn't speak,
As blood from body leaks!
Face your death with pride,
Cherish those who cried,
No longer live this lie,
And breath your final sigh!

The killing fields claim another life
Feel Mankind butchered by the knife!

4. Silent Descent

Drowning in a lake of blood
No words escape my lips
Defiled is the sacred place
Now I pay for my sins

Feeling uneasy, on a tumultuous night,
Bodes not well for she is coming.

Death has come to take me down
Icy finger claw my back
Witness my silent descent
For fate says you might be next

A Dark Assassin, acolyte of pain
Leave me be, temptress of pure.

Away with your vile potion of death,
Leave me in peace, Priestess of Seth.
I will wander the Stygian sea,
Remain in exile for all eternity

A world filled with tortured malice
Cold and empty, purged of solace
Bereft of sorrow, riven of tears
Hope abandoned, axiom clear!

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