Dark Lyrics


1. Odyssey

Take me through this wilderness of mind.
That withered and failed beneath the skies.
All that was is now in ruin
All that will be is fading like the dream.

Wandering through a veil of sadness
Calling out to my lover, I miss her embrace.
These are the days when all is fallow
So stare on through your window pane.

Mask of serenity just illusion
About to break on the inside
Torn to extremity in a lucid dream
An odyssey of sorts through visions ...of fire!

Faith will bind your soul to mine
Hollow of heart, unsound of mind
Turn your head towards the sky
And together we will overcome.

Mask of serenity just illusion
About to break on the inside
Torn to extremity in a lucid dream
An odyssey of sorts, fates entwining!

Ethereal words carried on the wind
Lead me towards your cry
An exodus to the ends of the Earth
Carries me closer to this destiny.

Faith will bind your soul to mine
Throughout this journey, an odyssey of minds
Leave the despair lost behind
And make the journey last forever.

2. Rivers

Tie me down restrain the thoughts flowing through my mind.
There is blood on my hands not from my veins
Tears in my eyes stain my face

I Wash my hands clean
Wash them clean in the river.

And there will be no more pain tonight
No more words of hate and spite
The storm has passed and I'm still alive
Purge my thoughts of the night you died.

You died!
Left me alone!
This eternity!
To suffer!

Now I bask in this shameful prison, lost in the desert of my thoughts
These visions in my head are all I can see
Remembrance of a time I can not forget

But I Wash my hands clean
Wash them clean in the river.

This will be your last sunrise.
One last day before the end of your life.
You won't breathe this air no more.
For this will be the night that you died.

As she crawls from the depths of this great river all ghostly and pale
with ruined eyes she sees my shadow in the light of the fading day.

Resurrection born from the anger of the dead.
River call me home my final resting place.

Resurrection born from the anger of the dead.
Allowed to walk the earth to reciprocate the deed.
And the river remembers Meandering witness Ancient!

3. Cascades

Shadows cast where he eternal lies
Cascades of rain falling from the skies
You hide behind your shadowy veil
Desolation's call not far away
The bleak call of winter fills your thoughts
These summer days now at an end

This pain eats away, poison in my soul
Through the heart, burning back, right through my veins
Try to escape, try to fail, there's no where to hide
Stand alone, lose your mind, surrender of your grace

A lament to last for the rest of your days
this barely noticed of tragic tales

All alone in the desert of winter, reborn, riven from the grave
Darkness rising over the sun, disseminate into the grey
You suffer for want of virtue, virtues you could never uphold
Your legacy in ruin displayed for all to see

Your tears fall like the autumn leaves
Your destiny or so it seems?

Be still in time you'll understand
Wake up from the dream you think you're in
Be gone all the demons that surround
Beware as the heavens grow dark again

We dance, standing naked in the rain
Cascading down make us whole again
Vivid memories filled with so much pain
This past long gone - yet you remain

But still you remain
Mourn each and every passing day
And the rain comes down
To wash away your tears
Why do you grieve your life away?
And all you want is to live in pain
When all you need are these cascades of tears

4. Willow's Hope

Locked in this perpetual winter
Withered and forlorn
Folded over is the willow
Lonesome dowager of the field
Mourning for life now relinquished Until Death calls for She…

As we walk blindly into the night - Obscured by shadows
Race to meet our demise - Dead by dawn
Hope that we will be remembered - Tall and proud
If only we knew that the willow alone - would weep for us
For we are forsaken forever

The willow of the field, Why do you weep?
For me?
You weep for us all!

Lashed by the winds of autumn
But still you stand austere
Branches bent and broken,
The weight of feelings you bear
The grief laden wail of the widow
Calls to all who would hear her...

5. Revelations

I would be the summer rain
The Autumn sun upon your face
And I will be here for you
The light that blinds your eyes

Follow me into the fire
follow me into the dream.
Through all these heartaches
I'll comfort you to the bitter end
But it's all coming down
A touch of winter on your soul

I will be your guide tonight
Deliver you from the storm
So Here the call of this your Angel
And Lie with me forevermore

Follow me into the fire
follow me into the dream.
These silent hours pass by unnoticed
A time to think of what's at hand
But it's all on your head
You can never shake these feelings away

And I fall into a darkness
Shadows cast upon my soul
But, with these revelations
I may yet still be whole

You find yourself so incomplete
Is the life you lead a forlorn destiny?
The weight of words are on your back
Is the life you lead worth the pain?
Worth the pain The ever surging of the tide.
Brings you ever closer to your knees
What you need?

At the breaking of the day - When all is gone
And all you see - Shadows from above
And all you hear - Echoes a far
You will never, never believe

Images ugly yet beautiful, haunt my mind

What is this - I look into your eyes
See the darkness that keeps you tied
Why All the suffering you cry?
Its All for the hate I bring
Is this a sign of things to come
My Angel fallen from Grace

I'll take you down now into my world.
To the fires so deep within the Earth
For your love for you lust.
You're mine forever
A tapestry to weave my art
Seared flesh to carve my will

These revelations brought me down - to a level of darkness I had never seen
These are my revelations

6. Of Darkness

Dare to Search for truth
To the point of agony
Betrayed by the flesh
Awake to this reality!

Searching, for something that you can never have
A feeling, that's just out of you're reach
You grasp feebly, to all that you believe
A cruel abasement of your beliefs.
Walk in the shadows - this darkness is my life
Behold, Behold this light, it burns your eyes.
Are you blind? Are you alive?
Strength waning in life, the end in sight
All these thoughts ease your mind for just a while.

Veiled in the shadows - a shroud covers me

The Frailty we try to hide
A Failing that was never overcome
I'm reeling as I recall these memories
In this cold world I am alone Alone!
I am alone. Without your hand to guide me
Onwards Through this darkness
That is all of my life.

Words from your lips, Tempt me, Bind me into dark
With Lies, All your Lies
But I believe, Your words mean everything to me
And when the world lays dying at your feet
I am yours Forevermore

Weary of life, waiting for an end to come
Lay down to rest, no time for bitterness or regret
This damnation is mine alone!
Walk in the shadows, this darkness is my life.
Lay down, lay down your head to die, one last time.
Feel your heart cease to beat, you cease feel (anything)
Your last breath a dying whisper caught in your throat
But on you live.....

7. Broken

How do we mend - these lives that lay broken?
How do we live - with these fears left unspoken?
And I yearn for someone to hold
Someone to be my anchor in this life
How do we find - those lost forever
Recollections of mine - are lost in this ether

Images caught in my cold memory
Reverence yet! I still owe to her being
These swollen eyes bless me with tears
As you renounced all these vows you swore and believed.

Turmoil that can't be resolved
Conflict of will driving deeper
Where hope is all but deceased
Wallow in your desperation

And as you drift away - There's nothing left to say
Unable to face the pain - Only this emptiness fills my soul
But right until the end - You will pray for me
Hold me in your arms - Bless me with your caress.

Struggle upwards towards the light
Breathless paralysis dragging you down
Staring eyes of glass as the world grows dark all around

There was - There was no release
There was - There was nothing left… For me.
But when you speak - All I hear are tears falling
Falling down on me - Baptize me with your grief
It's so hard to live - When you look away
When you look away - and I am left here
all alone (with just my self to blame)
I am empty - all dead inside- and I can never heal
Yes I am Broken- All cleaved in two -
Too many thoughts -of what might have been - and can never be
If you had died - then at least - at least I could have grieved.
All I am is broken - broken down - all down

When you're alone - When you're afraid
What will you do - to save your sanity?
Is this dream - Where I never wake?
Yes I am broken - all dead inside - and I can never heal - all cleaved in
Too many thoughts of what might have been and can never be

Bleak is this place - when mortality is forsaken for the dream
where broken men weep

Greg O'Shea: Guitar
Matt Lawson: Vocals
John Bennett: Drums
Katie Colbrook: Keys
Gavin Parkinson: Bass

Recorded at Performance Studios, Huddersfield.
Produced, mixed and engineered by Alan Smith
Mastered by Steve Kitch at Audiomaster
Cover Art and layout by Alex Pietjoux at Skyland Productions

Thanks to adeelahmadansari for sending these lyrics.

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