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1. Into The Light

You are forever losing the fight
You are lost in damnation, a murderous cry
Till the silence comes
Takes you down, into the ground
Where you lay...
Rotting forever
You're a lie, you stand alone
Your silence will not atone
For sins ingrained now so deep in your soul
Relief denied you, till the silence unfolds...

Within your soul, a sight to behold
In dead Earth...
Linger forever
In silence profound
A deep abyss that swallows you now
A final release, tranquility found
Your time at hand!

All these empty words whispered thoughts inside your head
Telling you to leave this place there's nothing to be said
Take a long look around there's nothing for you here
So say your last goodbyes as into the flame you fly
Stare into the light just one more time
As into the flame you fly
It takes me higher and higher as into the flame you fly
Burning so bright, this incandescent light, vanishing out of sight
I can see the path before me but I don't want to die
Wait for me now
Wait for me

Step out from all this confusion there's clarity ahead
With certain understanding you take one final breath
Onwards you will go a certain test of faith
Stare into the light

A wash with cold hearted confusion
A look of fear in your eyes
Is it possible you're in delusion?
A bitter pill to end your life

Condemned to exist in this exile
Now you are lost among the damned
Can you exist in this fury?
When there is no end to your pain
And here you'll remain

2. Delusion

There's a feeling deep within your soul
Whispered thoughts that you don't want to hear anymore...

You'll face the truth, your mind is broken
The walls alive with your worst nightmares
You'll beg! You'll crawl! but no-one comes to save you
Distraught! Distressed! You will beg for mercy now...

There's a feeling you're losing your mind tonight

Arise a god! The king of your delusions
A sign! Portent! As the truth is wrapped around you
Embrace this world now filled with your insanity
A scream cries out till all is left asunder now...

Please can you help me? I'm drowning in this fear!
Please can you guide me through all my despair?

Rise from the madness wipe the tears from your face
Free from the voices till they rise up again
You know! You know how it feels
Left here to atone
For a lonely disease

Trapped in this place! This prison cell of damnation!
Let me out! Get me out of here!
Get me out! I'm not insane!

3. Don't Forget

Listen child as you lay alone at night, you're afraid to go to sleep
But listen child there no possible escape from this, you slip into the dream

What you see when you dream
Takes your mind to the limit of lucidity
Trapped inside a fragile mind
With no way out a disjunction of reality

Listen child there's no one here for you, no saviour to redeem
But listen child forget your irrational fears, your crippled anxiety

When you scream in the night
Your flesh will crawl to my delight
You recoil but at least you're still alive
Now witness these visions of mine

This confusion reigns inside your mind
Fell emptiness coming closer tearing a piece of your soul away
On the edge, your breaking, shattered pieces will remain

Blind to all reason, you will decline to speak the truth within the lie
There's not much time to decide
Will you wait till he comes, to tear your soul away!

Welcome to my world of violence
Abusive cruelty will make perfect sense
Welcome to this fate worse than death
Your mind raped of innocence
Bow down, child born of loss
Blamed for all that came to pass
In my grasp you will stay
As I rip your mind away
Listen, and now don't forget that day

4. Echoes

You're on your own now, just a step away
The memories blur then begin to fade
These days reveal to me what can't be undone
For we all knew this day your time was done
The sound of your voice calling these echoes in my head
I'm choking back the tears now but there's nothing that I could have said
Staring at the blank walls with a smile
Just another symptom of your failing mind
Are you in some far away place that only you can see?
Trapped in some inner recess of your own reality
For, these are the days of our lives
These are the days, passing by
This cold angry water flowing out to the sea
The ever expanding ocean takes you far from me

You see the light shining from the other side
There's no more time for you, so cross the divide
Can you see your moments passing day by day?
Will you leave me with this cold empty feeling? Will it always remain?
This cold angry water flowing out to the sea
This overwhelming emotion takes a piece of me

All hope is lost now you're fading away
All hope is lost now your final day is here
These wasted years
The echoes I hear

5. Belief Means Nothing

Revenge suffer, beyond the withering moon
And in the pale light blinding it conceals the hand of your Doom
Now you're shrouded in darkness but you refute the truth
That your belief means nothing and only now it dawns on you
Struggle futile in the grip of this deathly hand
You fall into damnation your hourglass is out of sand

They speak of words without meaning
Whispering thoughts inside your mind

I'll take you
Down under
Down with me
Into eternal suffering
I'll take your soul
Forevermore that's right

You speak of words without feeling
They try to infiltrate your mind

Now that you are calling, drowning in a sea of pain
Now that you are falling and you are overcome
Into a dream like state
In turmoil is your mind
Torn between belief and lie
You're running out of time
Into the light
This can't be happening to me
That you shall live
When you should surely die

6. All Is Lost

It is time for light to disappear
No emancipation, this darkness drawing near
Ascension lost now, a relentless fight
Uncontrolled aggression, to end all life

All I am, all I feed, turns in me
My final thoughts, my beliefs, lost to me

No god to save us now, it's too late
Havoc reeked and turmoil wrought, no escaping fate

No satisfaction in what is to come
The essential nature, the fatal sun
No hesitation to take all life
No apprehension to quell the spite

Can we avoid this devastation, bitter hope our last salvation
Total loss, annihilation

Witness our evisceration, further in our degradation
Total loss, annihilation

All is lost, all we trust, taken away
Nothing but dust now remains

All is now lost

7. Waters Deep

In this world we face alone, beyond the threshold of imagined fears (to you they're real)
As we see the darkness fall, crushing our reality
And now the fear of fate presides, its terror burning deep inside (though we're still alive)
So we face the coming storm, and its gathering intensity
Cold unforgiving eyes, a gallery for misery
Watch your demise, this imminent debility
And now that the tempest closes in there nothing to do but to close your eyes (close them tight)
Can you withstand the coming force; it takes your strength and erodes your lives
Contemplate our faith, no logic in this morality
No bearing on the truth, a testament to brutality

I feel there's no time for us
I feel there's no place for us
No place for us in this cruel world
I feel there's no chance for us
No faith in us
In this cruellest of worlds we are lost!
I feel there's nothing left for us
I feel there's no other way for us
No way for us
In this wayward tide, we are lost!

We are lost now, beyond the sea
The current carries us, to waters deep
There we will drown, it takes us down
Where we'll stay, nothing will save us now
Face down, there's just one way out
Senseless and bound, reality fading...

In the water deep, icy cold sleep
The current drags the body down
Lifeless eyes will see, fading reality
Now as you drown!

Stand and face me, the worst enemy
The torture of my soul
Take a part of me, all that's dear to me
Now we'll burn

Face down, fading out, this life holds, nothing for me
Dragged down, water deep, it all ends now you will see

8. Hope

In this moment I've fallen out of place
A certain point of view that led me to dismay
I walk the hard road that leads me from my bane
Deliverance I seek, but it's a path I cannot see

Stare into the light its blinding in my eyes
Stare into the light this empty life remains
And though you see me still, I'm broken and frail
As I face the truth alone, come to terms and atone

Stare into the light it's blinding in my eyes
Stare into the light, i cannot look away
And now I wonder where all my life has passed away
It's far from my reach and after all this pain fades away
This memory still remains

And now I wonder are you here in this place
And I can but wonder if this emptiness will remain
I can but wonder what I did to take you away
I can but wonder was it me that was to blame

Stare into the light it finally begins to fade
Hoping to find some solace now, regardless of my fate
And as the days go by you leave without a trace
But when I try to sleep, I'm haunted by your face...

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