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1. Ashes

The ashes we leave
Distant memories
Glowing embers all that remain
Scattered by the breeze.

I hope in death you find peace
Overcome with grief
Pray for those no longer here
Enamoured deceased

Your warmth -Your heat
Lost to me now - Forevermore!
Your kiss - your caress
Was a feast - of the flesh

Dust to dust
Ashe to ash
My soul is filled with sorrow
Dust to dust
Ash to ash
Scattered petals fall on your grave.

Your face - fading now
A loss - from my memories
A broken heart - no longer whole
A broken man stands before you.

2. The Killing Fields

Hark! - Ephemeral existence
Hastened by faith - Blessed are the slain

Chosen One, your time has come
all to your knees, as your body bleeds.
Embittered One, gone insane
This crimson tide, falls like rain.
Mass genocide by this God defied
Do not weep as I eternal sleep.

This litany is foul it burns with fate
These mortal remains free to devastate.
A bargain made, a pact with Dis
The covenant sealed with a kiss.
The righteous and profane, die together
Their lifeless bodies remain, lost forever.

When will I see your face again
Lost and cold I lie among the slain
At peace in death, I try to feign
Never to reveal, the depth, of the pain.

Oh sweet oblivion!

Fallen One, embrace the Son,
Your Messiah, Nazarene liar.
Ruler of the weak,
Empty lives to reap,
Redemption you will seek,
As blood from your body leaks!
Face your death with pride,
Cherish those who cried,
No longer live this lie,
And breath your final sigh!

The killing fields claim another life
Feel Mankind crushed by cloven hoof!

3. The Prophecy

Her time has come as the day draws to close
In my arms she wont die alone
Exquisite she, love of mine, don't leave me now
Eyes blind, to the truth, but still I see...

Forgive me!

Take me down! To your depths
Where I can grieve
Stoic Face, despite the pain
This loss I feel
But you betray, forsake my love
And end my dreams

Turn away from this path
The road of your destiny
The pain will die or you will try
Only time will tell

And so it begins... The road through sorrow's bane...

Release the pain you feel
You betrayed , tore out my heart
Left me to die
But beware lamb of God
I come for you

Forsaken was my love
Betrayed was my heart
I will grieve no longer for you
Until the end of my days!

4. Dawn

Dread filled we wait - Massacre's call
Feast our eyes - On the carnage to come
Storm the gates - Smash down the walls
No respite - From the minions of death

Dark day dawning - where light never shines
Thunderheads approaching - The grey foreboding sky
Dark day dawning - On fields of silent dead
Hands of doom will guide them - Closer to their descent

Terror etched on faces pale
Death has them in his embrace
Raise our bodies from excrement
The dogs will feed well today

Aghast at the slaughter
Yet no time for lament
Onwards with the cry of war
Onwards till in death we fall

Please do not cry for me
Your tears I do not need
All this grief that you feel
Just the calm before the storm

As the shroud of death falls upon me
And life is ripped from my veins
Raise my body from the ground
To be ravaged by your hands

5. Blackened Desire

Once there was a fire in this heart
A vital essence behind these eyes
Now nothing more than a broken shell
A wretched stench of death and decay
Extinguished flame
Ashes will stain
These scattered remains
Cacophany of sound dies away
Light of the world is left at bay
Now nothing more than a broken shell
A wretched stench of death and decay

Final Internment - Carcass rots in the tomb
Blackened Desire - Threatens to consume
Powerful, surging, forces - burning though me
Soaking my soul in this - Darkness I breath

All this suffering I see
Languishing in my Misery
The rainy mizzle drips from your face
Obsequies spoke through blackened lace

The day of reckoning has come
Black clouds obscure the sun
Face your final epitaph
You will face my wrath
Rebirth to a shattered world
Littered with the shards of broken souls!

6. Till Light Enshrouds

Think of me as I hold your breath
Till light enshrouds and all life has left
For our child solace will be forsaken
Love as rivers will end in our lake

The waters recieve you
My sacrifice... To God
Baptised you are released
From this world filled with pain
Rest here forever...

In our Lake!
Drown in the waters
To shadows we succumb
As darkness closes in around
Yor fear released as light enshrouds

I worshipped you like the heavenly sun
Bathed in your beauty, exhaulted one
I fear your flame, feel my soul burning
Forgive me for I...

Commit this sin
Will this torment ever end
Mother and child to God I send
No pain, No grief, feeling numb
Bless me Father, for I am done!

The waters recieve me
absorb my grief
entwine with my soul
take me down to their depths
Fill me with no lament
Rest here... forever
As one...

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