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1. Three Second Excerpt

This line of communication
This Line
Human Interaction
Connection to the host unclear
Turn to this channel
Waiting for response,
Transmission end sign off

This Line is coming to an end
Proceed to send

Our Paths Never meet [X6]

A three second excerpt
Inform us now (Follow)
A three Second excerpt
Inform us now
Follow detour signs

Look at the tv
Constant hate surrounding the periphery
Look at the tv
Another nightmare heading straight for you and me
Is this reality?

Is this manufactured
Carefully altered to your guidlines
Making it seem oh so conceivable
Stories left untold
Generalizations ready to unfold
Are you ready? I'm not ready, Are you ready? I'm not ready to fold

A three second excerpt is our handshake
Our Handshake hello and goodbye.

2. Tears Came Falling

In Section five page three of today's obituaries.
Printed abbreviated accounts of glorious resumes for pass aways.
To be continued on page 28,
only to see the pages torn out as the forgotten wait for an in remembrance of.
The ink begins to bleed.
Tears came falling.
Do you remember me?
Lost in hills outlined by false blue skies.
Trapped in valleys, a back drop for outcries.
Tears came falling into this reservoir.
Uncharted territory never traced on radar.
Four quadrants monitored by florescent-lit green lights.
Find me now, rescue team, toast ready for midnight.

Drink, drink, drink it up as the tears overflow onto this land.
Sip, sip, sip it in, ending subsistence. It's time to disband.
Witness tragedy. Bleeding hearts pound like thunder crashing down.
Feel me now. Feel me like you have never felt before.
As lucent signs flash before your eyes, turn the page.

Tears came falling.
The tears came falling like torrential downpour.
Sea level rise up to the hilltops.
Submergence into a dark abyss. I'm falling.

As the rains continue to pour.
As the rains whisper a subtle cry.
Submerging our hearts and souls to see my face.
One last chance for our final embrace.
Feel me once, feel me twice, this is your last chance.
For the forgotten--this is for you
Never felt. can't comprehend until now.

3. Conflict


4. Revolver

Lost in silhouettes of past involving. Close this door
Fueled by apathy like gears revolving Move forward
The Fallacies we led are insurmountable for our souls are dead

Chamber of uninspired thought
Our Rage has taken us away
Is this the positive way
Revolve Revolve Revolve

Innate disposition, we covertly obssess Close this door
Selfishness, power, may our world regress Move forward
Break down your competition
As I stand here
History refuses to shut its window
In the sky
Exposed for all to see

Press the button, delete society
Pull the trigger replay tragic history

War Hate Greed Revolve Revolve

5. World Of Less

Take Us Away
Mission Control, Do you copy?
Everything is falling
Everything is falling
Fall Down
Take our identities away
Ready set on your cpu command
Contract signed locked in forever
Handed over to you

Conveyor belts assembly lines
Products of Unconciousness
Bar codes serial numbers
Scan into a world of less

We are becoming
We work together to create a final masterpiece
Every bolt and every nut
twisted tightly fastened shut like your hands
programmed into automation
We work together one by one to become

Scan Into A World of Less
Scan into unconciousness

6. C.F.S.


7. For Safty Reasons

She's all alone
Waiting for her brother to come right home
What home
Lost in the battle
The house is burning down
Her eyes are closing to this world, pleading for resolution
Her hope was found but now is lost to this world

Get me out of here
There is so much to fear

The planes bomb away with no sympathy
And so::Run quickly theres no escape no more time
Sirens blaring, the ear deafening cries of mass hysteria
Objectives lost in blood sheds of paranoia,
The countdown is ending, time elapses, not again its all over

Here in the ruins lie broken pieces of the puzzle
All progress is lost
Left in the station
No one to care for you

8. Surrendering


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