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1. Nazca


2. The Human Stain

Bread and games... or should we say: sugar and chains?
The blood of exposure: our sweetest drink.
Decapitate the confessor: the audience is waiting.
Watch all your achievement go down the drain.
Vengeance at any cost: now get in the ring.
You sure took precautions and still you drown.
Rise and fall: The higher, the deeper.
They made you flirt with divinity.
From now on you're free.
So stick your cock up her ass.
No need to cheat.
No need to confess.
Where is your secret?
Pull off the blanket!
Discard this veil of shame.
Tonight we celebrate the human stain!

3. Comfort Zones

Inside our squalid homes: a safe place behind security doors.
Sheltered from all we better ignore: the starving, the homeless, the dying, the poor...
Any utopia only makes us scoff.
It's all "ok" as long as all can be turned on and off,
As longs as we can relax in our comfort zones and explore the world with the remote control.
This city breathes death and disease.
A dying bastard on a drip.
Part of the myth.
They have taken whatever they could find: knocked on our doors,
Or krept inside: replacing everything with an image of it.
Who told you that the street never sleeps?
They've taken everything and sold you ease instead.
Now lean back: All you need is at your fingertips.
Pale screen shines down on you.
Sniggers and takes you for a fool.
Tell me what are you gonna do?
Suck up the praise.
End of a meaningless day.
The next one will be strictly the same.
Plunge in your easy-chair: Salvation is only one mouse-click away

4. Fluxion


5. Equinox

Yes, the hopeless are those who never lose their hope.
And the heartless are those who never kill a foe.
The speechless are those who always move there tongues.
And the lonely are those who have the strongest bonds.
You've been waiting for a morning to come.
After years in the dark started hating the sun.
In the end you denied that it had ever shone.
And maybe you're right.
But is that what you want?
And yes, your feelings are justified: the only colour you know is the colour of night.
The matrimony with the devil: Your closest bond.
It's all in vain.
If that's what you want... Yes, the hopeless are those who never lose their hope.
And the heartless are those who never kill a foe.
The lifeless those who think they're never bored.
And the infidel are those who never fucked a whore.
Life is sour, so full of maggots and bugs.
And you still it's too short to just give it all up.
Yes, it's all in vain, if that's what you choose.
But are you sure that's your wish?
It's your own choice to carry your cross.
Men are just vultures fighting for prey: they shrink back at nothing and scare each other away.

6. Loopholes


7. Dead On The Whole

We draw your eyes to our images: Carrot and stick.
We've got a sense for what makes you tick.
The more out of reach, the more desperate you'll be trying to get it.
We're the sweet distraction sure to provoke a reaction.
We'll show you what you need: You can be sure this world is yours if you're paying for it.
Once we've got your attention we might sell you something you don't have the cash to pay.
Put it on credit.
Pay by instalment.
Sit back and chill: and wait for your consignment.

We make you pay to eat
We make you pay to sleep
We make you pay to breathe
We make you pay for any pleasures you could come up with
Now we reached our goals: We keep you stuck in a job that you loathe.
Now you're dead on the whole because you're bound to pay us off.
At the end of a tiresome day of repetitive work without having a say you crave for nothing more then mere dispersal:
Turn on the TV and switch off reality.
And here we are back again with our screens of perfection: The perfect distraction.
Fancy cars, furbished shopping marts: All that it takes to make you fall for our candy-bars.
What a fertile symbiosis: You help us pay our bills.
And in turn we assist you: Keep treading the mill.
We set the standards.
We embody all you ever wanna be.
We play with your insecurities.
We make you feel miserable.

8. Isla Del Sol

Grow to the sun.
We fell on rock.
Awoke with broken bones.
Crawled our way back at rugged dirt roads to find we're not alone and never wanna go back home:
We'll never go back home.
Drain me.
I can't find no place to rest.
What I've been searching for does not exist.
All arrows point inwards: The white in my exes will shine.
All plans forgotten: I've drawn a brand-new sign.
Sometimes it all seems so tasteless.
We carry on just the same, regardless.
My heart is hollow.
All I feel, so shallow.
Show me someone to follow.
Give me something to crave for.
What I've searching for doesn't exist:
Tonight we step out of the past and grow, grow to the sun.

9. The Greatest Bane

We are divine.
We are divine.
Deities of the modern age.
The sentinels of humanity's cage.
We are divine.
Captivators of the greatest bane:
We're the phantoms you'll never see watching over your sleep.
We are in your dreams.
See our symbols again.
Won't get them out of your head.
They exude sensations of wealth.
Temptations noone with-stands.
We are divine: captivators of the greatest bane.
The sentinels of humanity's cage.
We let you breathe the foul air of supremacy.
We design your identity to complain with our needs.
Hear our slogans again.
They're made to linger in your head.
They gaze at you from the screen.
From all the glossy magazines.
We are the living proof for all the non-believers:
What can't be bought or sold is nothing but a fallacy.
We are the magistrates for all the great relievers.
Gods of the modern age:
Nothing can stop us
Nothing can halt us
Your children work for us eight hours a day.
We know that we give them the shittiest pay.
Your politicians do whatever we say.
We've conquered the earth and set up our flags all over the world.
We're twisting the facts.
Wherever you turn: Billboard attack
This world is ours.
Trust our knowledge.
We're here to share.
Feel the aura: sway and power.
Feel us everywhere.
The will to pay for the lowest stakes the global game.
The will to partake in the greatest bane: The modern age.
Breathe in Deep: Get lost in what we call "The Real World"

Thanks to Frank.Bra-Wo for sending these lyrics.

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