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1. To Protect And To Serve

Anguished eyes of the city of suffering
Seeking guidance, believing in love
Some fools who want something
For nothing
Wear the badge of the cowards above
By the power Big Brother has vested
Your decisions must be honest and true
Your courage and your faith will be
Tested, our children’s futures are resting
With you

2. Field Of Hours

This field of yours
I can see in my head
Where bodies’ heart speaks with meadows
Cool falls, metal façade, can ride
This day look at those around you
Find your better way
This painful darkness
Is shrouding my soul, we watched
The starlight sparkle, brings
Warmth from this cold
Oh, this cruel subjection, of laughing
Tears, unknown direction
Face these coming years
These three words of living
Now have been said
Your plans for future giving
You wish to be dead, understandings
Clear now, I’ve seen the course
But you got the gift of wings girl
There for you to fly
Calling out, calling names
People’s minds, just people’s games
Thrown above forced to play
I never willed you pain
Maybe so, a mistake, I didn’t
Know, all the stakes, this haunting
Face, no simple dream, is
Deeper now than it seems
I only hope, I satisfy, not for me
For you I cry, let’s share these days
With no regrets, what we found
Never forget
Falling down, falling hard
Cannot hide these living scars
It takes your life just to learn
You can never stop
The world turn

3. Streamlined

Hello, life’s a dream
Won’t you ride with me tonight?
The blade is sharper than
It seems, won’t you
Die with me so right
You seem so sick inside
Let your sadness blow away
You know you must decide to
Conquer the madness of the
Hello, life’s a dream
Won’t you ride with me tonight?
Nothing’s quite like it seems
Get high with me for life
It’s a fast and easy glide, until the
Sliver dawn
The demons that reside begone

4. Blind Lightning

Dreamer, warped by time
You’re a martyr of your mind
Visions, ideas unheard, future’s
Just another word
Your road turns to a path of
Darkness stride on unafraid
Searching for lost moments you’ve
Seen them, eternal grave
You’re charged with disregard
Yet the sounds you hear are
From a million voices
Your dreams intense as lightning
Yet man’s simple fluid, can
Lead and blind you
Stride on

5. Neatz Brigade

All the strongholds have been vanquished
Warriors have turned to servants
What was once an inspiration
Now is more so out of anger
Icy skull, rusty claw
I leave you and yours
The picture that I wanted to see
Were paintings in the wrong museum
The difference between you and me
Is like making love in a mausoleum

6. A World Apart

Fuck this world, fuck this world
Here for sure, ways of old
Constant lure, steel not gold
When we leave this doomed race
Going to find a better place
This world's hell
This world's hell
Your're different in our hearts
Same planet, a world apart
When I die heaven bound
Served my time in this hell

7. Skybone

You are, then what is me
Inner vision forest from a seed
Fortune smiles to the sane depraved
The tortured miles to an immortal grave
I want to say, but I can’t say
It no more
You are, why is me
Night of a shooting star
Froze in sweltering misery

8. Streetside

From the corner is where it starts
Torn in half like a dollar bill
Happy mourners’ window heart is
Bitter still
Truth’s fictions stranger than any lie
Smooth convictions danger plan of
Twisted night
Does the pope shit in the wood?
He might be damned hoarding all his ill-got
Goods with Uncle Sam
Greener grass on the comfort side your
Easy choice
I’m leaning fast into the twisted night
One voice
At the bottom’s where it ends
No between, catch life’s riddles fates
Winds send
Depraviteam so low, it’s been real
A total fiend, by his hand a lonely man
Looking for a streetside queen

9. Climate Of Despair

It’s hard to believe but no proof in needed
Of the cruelty of man’s deeds
Cauldron of hatred, festering horror
The anger of chaotic confusion, their
Twisted minds
Burning with the madness of eternal suffering
Distant winds fuel the flames, of
Sadness memories
Of paradise

10. Mourning

Not wear black
Be it not of the same faith
Living trials can’t be won
In the end the hands will be held back
In the eyes September sun
The magic’s gone
Tempting fate with the surest of hands
Come to be a profession, to walk with
You in a mind of many lands
Has been my sole obsession
The magic’s here
Always cherish and always hold
Not in health but in sickness
And in the realm when all is said and told
There is no equal likeness
The magic’s gone

11. Touch Of Everything

Is it a privilege or is it just a lie
But the power you feel you can’t deny
Is it fate or just a cold heart?
Did I win the race or was it just a false start?
Did I make your mind hard?
Did I make you warm? Caught a glimpse of
My being
Yeah, we showed you the storm, everyone’s
I want to taste it all, and I really don’t
Think that’s so wrong
I need a touch of everything
We’ve lost touch with everything
It might not be long girl, or it might
Be a year
The time that I give you, it’s always
Precious and dear
I want to make you feel good, inside this
Cold world’s scene
Cause living day to day gets downright
I need a touch of everything
We’ve lost touch with everything
I could not say this, except in a song
I need a touch of everything
Is that so wrong?

12. Decimation

Who will it be, to survive the day?
Hiding underground, completely
Sealed away
Don knows what kind of –
Dragged on trial before the mutant king
His only crime still being human
Don knows what kind of –
Now we witness man’s cremation
His waste was imagined by his creation
Don knows what kind of –

13. Living Rain


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