Dark Lyrics


1. Brother Blue Steel

It tamed the land-86'ed good man;
wholesale slaughter like disease
Power's tools in the hands of fools
bringing mankind to it's knees.
I won't run away-
Gonna look you in the eyes...
Like life's living, make it sweet.
I ain't your tortured Power's dog to beat.
You're a wannabe.
I'd look down the barrel to be free.
You know I'm not afraid,
your price I'm always payin'-
Gonna be my game you're playing.

2. Bardo

Two roads before me that I run between-
Wish I could tell you exactly what I mean.
I've flown through valleys-maybe in my mind-
But I saw the lifeless body that I'd left behind.
Two voices screaming and one will never die.
Did I cross the line too soon when I learned to fly?
Can't forget the meaning-God only knows I've tried.
How can I keep on living when I've already died?
You can't see through the wall you're running into-
You can't tell me I've gone insane.
You won't find me, I locked the doors behind me.
You can't help me-
You'll never understand this pain.

3. Hiding Mask

Waiting, watching. Spinning thoughts they torture me.
The words I spoke, mask I wore is no living part of me.
If you're gone now, you're leaving my heart just a shadow.
I've know a feeling like this feeling fro others
but you're like no other woman.
Pure heart, clean soul, maybe in some way I guided you.
Summer's torn away, Winter's doorway,
to the winds I spat and lies I threw.
Holding nothing, your Eyes they swim in front of me.
Words deceived, paths believed, tear this mask
away from me. Just a shadow... I love you

4. Spew


5. Kachina

Crystal Springs flows from the bluff's stone face.
Spirit's lifeblood, sacred gift-
Lifestream's wind song of the rusty mesa.
And when the wind brings rain to wash away the pain,
the piercing eagle's song, to join our love as one...
Crystal springs flow from the bluff's stone face.
Eternal flame grows, and the elder's lore.
Passion Princess of the painted mesa.

6. Jaded

With deceptive ease,
euphoric camouflage,
glamorous disease - man's insane collage.
Bread, misguide a wondering man,
be dead if it guide your hand.
Its deceptive ease, dictate circumstance,
proximity, alluring game of chance.
Search hard for your soul's reserves.
Life's scarred - Jaded path is swerves

7. Back to Zero

The four wall disappeared
and now there's nothing left to hide
the visions and the feelings
buried way down deep inside.
You thought we'd never find you-
we were always close behind.
We found the key and opened up
the back doors of your mind.
Now you're all alone and you only want
to get Back to Zero - it's alright.
Living on the outside - it's a strange place to be -
leaving all the fears behind that seemed to follow me.
Sometimes I wonder how they
dragged me under and then I look up at the sky...
Back to Zero - it's alright. I hope it rains.
I hope it pours - the flood will wash me away
the pain and open all the doors for me.

8. No Blame

No blame - I'm gonna live to live,
live for somethin' to die for.
No shame - got somethin' to give, gonna give it a try for.
No blame - I'm gonna live to live.
No game - If you're lookin' to lose, this is the place for.
No shame. I'm gonna shine my shoes on your face for-
The name of Rock n' Roll.

9. No Mas

What to do on a day so fine?
Twist my head on some cheap apple wine.
To San Pedro in the blue motel,
living in my very own hell.
Nice day for something, via Hydra Glide-
I ain't slumpin', I'm just learning how to slide.
Adventure guides this hat full of rain,
good times, high slides gonna take away the pain.

10. Endless Circles

Eleven years, one hundred tears,
those dreaming lies - so clear.
Three decades, different eyes,
make a place in your skies.
Endless as it's been for centuries.
Like the wind, the stormy seas.
Why must we want - what we can't have?
Giving's better-
just a simple laugh.
Take the bad with the good.
I can't change my ways-
I wish I could.
Endless as it's been for centuries.
Like the wind, the stormy seas.
Circles... so endless,
or is it just our destiny?
I've got a black cloud following me.

11. Lunar Womb

Looked out this mortal window, beheld a dry mirage.
A black wind was blowin' - pierced the warm facade.
At the very moment my blackened foot touched the earth.
Gonna grab me a tunnel, and command me a berth.
Prometheus bound - suffering on the hour.
Stole a flame, burnt his game-
Dischord's golden apple gone sour.
In this glowing casket there's solace from your gloom-
My Spirit's strength is master inside my Lunar Womb...
Come beside me - twilight fades and night is soon.
What flows inside me is the lifeblood of the waning moon.

12. Embryo


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