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1. Carpathian Desire

Silent castle by the sea upon the cliffs at bay
Moon, she shines and by her beams enshrouds these ancient walls
Moon, she sings of her pain, of her tears and woes
And lonely I hear and suffer equal ache as she

I see no stars in the skies
No sun to give me strength
Lonely as I roam around
These shores one more night
I see no stars in the skies
No light to bring me smile
Lonely as I head back home
Bearing grieveful thoughts

Though now it's bleak
Once they were so pure
Not always have I grieved

Recalling days of distant joys
Remembering them smile
Warmth and laughter filled my days
Filled my nights and eves
Warmth and laughter, distant joys
Escaping evermore

Under the wretched starless skies
In where I roamed alone
Where the darkness crept by my side
Where I laid my eyes
I felt this pain, I've beared my pain
As long as I recall

Here I walk, empty and hated
Filled with nothing, but memories
Memories are all I have
And even they began to fade
As I walked forth I heard such voice
Delightful and so sweet
I stopped for a moment and looked around
But no one there I saw

But then I turned and looked right back
Looked into my past
I saw this beauty, mystery veiled
Dressed in darkest light
Where I saw thee pale and solemn
There my heart was yours

She gave me laughter and nights of love
She gave all I craved
She seduced my thirst, fed my hunger
Seduced my darkest prays

But there was cost I couldn't see
Beared in these distant words:
"Where days fade into night
Darkness conquers light"

And there by the moors
By the distant woods
She turned to me and kissed me good
She bit a piece of me
I laid her down and kissed her back
Like any man would do
She whispered in my ears her lust
Her prays, her darkest past

Upon those bloody moors
You made me one of yours

I felt her teeth on my neck
I felt her lifeless breath
She drank, she laughed
She danced her lust
She drank all out of me
I felt her teeth on my neck
As all my life had gone

She whispered in my ear she'd love me
Forever and again
Then I felt how life flowed back
Into my empty veins

As I laid there dead, but living
I feared what had come to me
I feared and cursed, I feared and prayed
I cried and dimmed away

Shades, growing high
They lengthen and rise
Rising up high
To face my demise

I feel the searing winds beneath my wings
Tempting beats of heart from afar
Pulsing through the night guide my flight
Seducing smell of blood, gift from gods

Those forsaken gods

Since this day, I roamed again
Lifeless and alone
Hunting down every night
Someone to fill my thirst

Still there's no starlight in the skies
Though centuries have passed
No peace nor comfort in these woods
No will that should be done

Then she appeared, lost and lonely
Calm and precious one
I saw the pleasure in her eyes
I heard her lust in voice

I saw the strength of life in her
I couldn't take away
Strength of life, so pure and sweet
I smelled her young, maid flesh

All went red, I could not see
I could not hear nor feel
She fulfilled my lust and thirst for blood
Yet she never rose again
Gently as I laid her down
Amongst the woods and stones

I feel treacherous winds beneath my wings
Tragedies to be unfold at this hour
They pulsed through the night, misguided my flight
I have tasted fire, Carpathian desire

2. Faces in the Mist

Since the dawn of our loss
Death has consumed our hearts
And the cold, searing winds
Have ached and torn my broken soul
Figures of memories and joy shown before my eyes
As shadows cast by last sheds of light

As ancient as I
Memories are all that I have
And even they began to dim
Into this never ending silence
I see her ghost before my eyes
Her eyes like stars, her ivory skin
And the breath that died

Died before my eyes
Before my cries
I cannot rest
I cannot sleep
She took my sun
She took my tears
And gave me pain
Hate, disgust and fear

In my emptiness I hear her voice again
I see her face in the mist
I smell her scent in wind
I think that in my loneliness
I have dwelled far too long
To see such things, to hear such voices
And to see faces in the mist

In day I feel
Her passing presence
Are you here too?
Have you returned?
This dawn wasn't brighter
Than any of the past

I see the dawn, first one in centuries
Light swallows me whole
Pain is all I feel, but even that is a comfort
Slowly as I let myself go
Soon my sweetest we are together
Married in Death

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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