Dark Lyrics


1. Funeral March


2. Highlander

Hard bony limbs covered in leathered skin
Behind his eyes with the rage of ten warped men
Without a sound he steals right through the night
The sign of death to him brings grim delight
Those marked for death can feel him coming near
Some stand in fight and some just cry in fear
On a horse black, the dark lord takes to flight
But no one forgets the Highlander rode tonight
Can't you hear his call
The Mightiest will fall
He will control your destiny
Many mortal screams out of agony
The Highlander has come for me
There's no white spell to best this Earth Pig born
Against his kind an eternal oath was sworn
All kinds of men will fall beneath his blade
Women and children, the choice it has been made
You see him fighting across the field
Some Stand and fight and some just cry in fear
On a horse black, the dark lord takes to flight
But no one forgets the Highlander rode tonight

3. High Season II

Silent as we wait for sundown
Laying in the seeds of glory
Softly under water screaming
Waking up my eyes are bleeding

Father haunts me with his warning
Chorus in the fields of morning
Fortress of the dawn in fading
Through the trees I feel him wait for me

Thoughts fly free but my minds not there
In the chorus of another world
The forest of another world
My head is in another world
And slowly it haunts you

The chorus of another world
The forest of another world
My head is in another world
And slowly it takes you away

Time to rise from the dream
As the energy seems to scream all around
Timeless vale shields the ground
But the rise of his coming fire knows no bounds

Can't you feel him rising
Chorus sings so strong
Summoning for baptizing
Spring temples shake the sky and the ground
When the energy that you've found knows no bounds

I was cast from heaven
Rather be free in hell

Rising up from spring temples
Soon I'll rule Earth as well, in your dreams
As the energy seems to scream all around

4. The Pangs Of Ulster

5. Brave Connor Mac

The Sesair dogs of Tir-nan-og have stalked me to enslave
And rampant in the hybrid hills amidst the cattle raid
The Ulstermen will kneel before the heathen path I've paved
And bards of mighty Conchobar will offer me to Maeve
Through Sourlands in bloody bands across the north they go
Brave Conner Mac his tribes are painted blue from head to toe
But all alone the Infidel did match them blow for blow
His body bent and hair in spikes came flailing to and fro
The carnage lingered on, his body split from side to side
The tendons tore his mighty chest and ripped his leathered hide
Across his back ten Ulstermen were carried from the lake
And soon there were ten sundered heads each thrust upon a stake
The battle-rage had gripped him as he squirmed inside his skin
One eye had popped out of his head the other sucked back in
Soon pieces of Brave Conner Mac and friends adorned the ground
It took three tubs of ice to cool his burning body down
Setanta of the Sesair was the chosen king by birth
The power he possesses is a gift from mother earth
Through chronicles of time he'll rise again and spread his fame
And future incarnations will arise to bear his name
The Sourlands are bitter and the northern tribes are free
In Tir-nan-og a new abandoned kingdom waits for me
The message of the fallen king is swift across the land
To Ulster where a widowed Queen prepares to take my hand

6. The Wickerman

And the bodies of the Sesair spread across the barren plains
And my heart did rise to celebrate as I pulled upon the reigns
Then I heard the sound of flutes and drums through the
Twisted tangled trees
So I drove the deer-skin chariot and the thickets covered me

Where is the road to lead me home?
For my eyes and arms are weary and I wear a crown of thorns
When will I claim my rightful crown?
For the forest sky is bleary and my horses hooves are ground
So we rode into the clearing as the moon rose full and bright
And before us stood a statue made of branches bound up tight
All around it danced the witches of the Horned One in a rage
Setting fire to the Rogues imprisoned in the bracken cage


Who will come to set the prisoners free
For their fate look dark and dreary and they're infidels like me
Then a flash came and the clearing opened up my eyes
Painted shaman and his acolytes rode in and gave the sign
Highest Drunelord of the Horned One shed his antlers and his skin
With a waving of his arms I joined the rogues to burn within


Soon I will break us out of this cage
Or the fire will consume us, we'll be back and in a rage

7. Slough Feg

The hills are green, the plains are white
The fires aflame we attack tonight
The horses chains and ties are broke
The underbrush goes up in smoke

The dark Drune's eyes are filled with scorn
The red moon's spawn earth pigs are born
Home clan fires are burning bright
The Lord Weird Slough Feg Dies Tonight

Among the warriors a legion is born
A hero-harness is never worn
Gae-bolga's edge is bent with mirth
Warped Weirdstone's power from Mother Earth

8. The Great Ice Wars

Winds have warned the villagers
in the silent smokes they breathe
Shadows of their nemesis abounding in the trees
Eyes enslaved and treacherous,
Forgotten and forlorn
South winds bind and blow us through
The ravaged steppes they've torn

Northern tribes have lost their lives and galleys rock the sea
Pirates of the serpent head amassing to be free

Wolves flanked in legions on the ground
Carrying their noble to the ceremonies sound
Enter the village on black steeds
Though vagrant swamps amphibians we challenge in the reeds

Swords cross in mud-caked huts around
Lizard lords in battle dress alerted by their hounds
Archers erupt behind the bogs
Arrow sunken in my chest, my tribe has left me for the dogs
The snow-it falls in silent suffocation sounds
The avalanche has slowly packed my limbs into the ground
I'm alive-but all my body's buried in the earth
Trapped inside this ice-cocoon I'm waiting for re-birth
A Silent ritual between the weeds
Unearthly steppes bind bloody steeds
Vexed pythons shroud the sunburned dead
Dreams in the ice coffin frolic in scattered massacre
Each vein and vessel of the frozen network
Slowly weaving the path to purgatory

Woke up in the sicled canyon
Bleach-white bounty hunters' land
Frozen android cracks the ice and puts a blaster in my hands

I have slept a thousand years beneath the glaciers of the earth
Prism lords of these new ages sanctify and bless my birth

Now a pawn in the Great Ice Wars
Just a relic of the past
Huskies run the bobsleds
Burning victims of my fatal blast
Mutant eyes of crystal warriors staring back at me so cold
Fighting 'till the end of time they'll never stop my timeless soul

9. Life In The Dark Age

Life in the dark age has you living in scorn
Drinking beer in the kitchen out of a horn
Evil vs. Medieval
Curse to live this life the day you were born

Trapped in a basement room for seven long years
Molten metal will rise up out of the tears
Mortal vs. immortal
14,235 beers

Months of empty silence stifle your screams
Uninspired wretches living your dreams
Anger vs. Headbanger
Bound and gagged the mutants travel in teams

Zombies live in fear of changing their dance
Scared that life will break them out of their trance
Human and all too human
Lost all hope for this dull race to advance

Wretches masses they won't see our demise
From this dark age hibernation we'll rise
Human is all too human
In the end they'll cower hearing our cries

10. Warpspasm

11. Bi-Polar Disorder

I try to hide from the condition of my mind
Infernal trappings of their race
Won't keep my organs in their place

Bi-polar disorder
For today I play the role of human being with a soul
And though I try to make believe
I find this body won't deceive
Bi-polar disorder
From the start I see the end
Another world to transcend
Since there's no riddle to be solved
I find a reason to devolve

Bi-polar disorder

12. The Wizard's Vengeance

[Legend cover]

Underneath his boulder fortress
The Wizard plots the King's demise
Mixing potions, sifting powders,
Watching with his evil eyes
The body count has risen
From sorcery that he's performed
Experiments of bloody torture
Murderous plagues the people mourn

He sends the falcon hunting as he looks into the crystal
Sees lords and ladies dancing at the new kings celebration
He puts his fingers to his chin to plan his best surprise
Demonic brainstorms fill his thinking
Sitting in his chamber room
The king will die before morning
And he will step out from the gloom
Fifteen years proceeded slowly
The wizard lived his life alone
Lying many sleepless nights
He vowed that he'd posses the throne

Barring gifts he's riding from the forest to the castle
Standing there with open arms the king will drink the potion
He'll laugh and dance then find his sleep and die beneath the moon
The court is total chaos
The guards were summoned much too late

The Wizard stands before them chanting
In silence he decides their fate:
"I am the Wizard, wise and good and
I shall rule from this day on,
The King's untimely passing has left this throne I sit upon!"
"Do not defy my bidding for my magic has the power
To turn you into statues
If you meet with my displeasure,
You look at me as though
I'm mad but soon you shall be gone!"

13. We'll Meet Again

We'll meet again - in another world
In another time
In another place
In another world

14. Untitled


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