Dark Lyrics


1. I Love The Lamp

I was walking through the forest just the other day,
Seducing any virgins that came my way,
Dancing like a fucker around the altar stones,
Revelling in the prophecy of the witches bones.

Cause I love the lamp!

I was jamming with the spirits at the grey sabbat,
Watching all the witches kiss the devil's arse
Fucking on the altar of the church in town
Turning all the crosses upside down.

When I was very young my master came to me,
Said 'son you are the chosen one, alas this cannot be.
Because smoking and tripping is all that you do,
It's not your destiny. Fight the fire; control your desire
Come now follow me.'

When I grew in power
The White Council summoned me,
Said 'condemned you are, outlawd you are
For your blasphemy.'
But I hold here a lamp whose fire burns
It burns eternally, The Lamp of Thoth
The fire of my wrath - necromancy!

I'm Satan's child
And I'm running wild
What you gonna do?

I'm the devil's son
And I'm on the run
What you gonna do?


I'll fall from grace,
burn this hallowed place
and forget your rules
Down the left hand path
I'll have the last laugh,
and rule you fools

I was walking through the land just the other day,
Casting loadsa spells the old fashioned way,
Enchanting all the women cursing all the men,
Giving folks the jeebies, and the urge to sin
Turning everything fertile into barren ground
Causing all the rain to fall upside down
Curdling all the milk and spoiling all the beer,
Letting everyone know - the wizard's here

2. Witchcraft & The Law

You wear the mark of the devil
And oft' have been seen at midnight revel
Your house my dear is bathed in shame
A curse exists upon your name.

Cause! Satan's price is not your life
Or your bones - It's your soul

You ride on the wings of doom
Lure innocent men into your room
Seduce them in a magic way
And send those poor bastards to the grave.

Do you believe in your mortal soul?
Do you think you have control?
Do you repent for your blasphemy?
Take my hand, child come with me.

Your closest friend is a goat
On the souls of the sacrificed you gloat
Your beauty's strength is in fear
Woe to he who gets too near

3. Wings Of Doom

There she stands all the grace of the fallen one
Enchantress, sorceress, gorgon
Entranced eyes, mock surprise, a medusa stare,
Tower of fire, her desire, I find her there.

Dark angel, black siren, an ebon maid,
She calls through her realm to the unafraid,
Here I stand, sword in hand
I could end it all,
But strange whispers and desires
Through the night they call

Unholy spells, deep wells of the ancient ones
Her incantations rotate around a thousand suns
Shameless eyes fill with light from the waning moon
Will she ride, will she fly on the wings of doom?

Her raven hair floats there like a restless sea,
Her face a dying star promise of agony,
Absolved, my resolve turns to dust,
And I fall in defeat to an age old lust

4. The House

This is, the house of Doom,
Your death, will be coming soon,
That thought dead, Comes out to play,
A grave (very grave) holiday
Come with me, and then you will see,
The price of, immortality

This is, the mansion of death
The boulevard, of all regret
A timeless coughing of zeitgeist,
Where the spirit of an age, lies

Who's that who creeps up the stairway behind you?
Is it the ghost of love affairs lost?
A grey evil Eros with bow love barbed arrows
Claiming revenge for hopes you have crushed?

All hail the master geometric eccentric
Carving the paths that we ghosts must walk
And easing the intersex in concrete genitalia
To house fluids in marble and spirit in dust

This is, the house of doom - The only ghosts (really)
Are the one who came with you
So name your evils, pantheonize
Your gods, your martyrs graceless - Fallen, despised.

When you despair of the toads that salute you
And abhorrently drink of their bile and their greed
Decide in your wisdom that hopping is more fun
Do walk like a man is a sign of disease.

Time to update thee with spiritual software
And destroy the virus that plagues for your side
Enter the house son whose walls are of fire
whose hellish foundations are burned in your mind.

My mind is a creaky corridor
Wherein a single monstrous draught
invades the gloom

Its rancid air stained with ash
And its heart beat a blackened lung
Whose ripped fissures impede the transivity
of all weary travellers

Cancerous shapes malign the air
And dirty molecules gather dust like onerous dogs
Who sate their lust to feed for war
Whilst the doors are barbed,
with hastily spun webs of...

Something obsidian...
Something crystal...

A jewelled combination of dirt and dust and deprivation
Beautifully deathly whispers dwell in far off chambers
Floating above like ships of gossamer on a rancid sea
Gently, angelic sprites mock those
who have lost their way.

5. Blood On Satan's Claw

Hey you! You motherfucking Whore,
You're going to burn, there's blood on Satan's claw
Hey you! You motherfucking whore,
You're going to burn, there's blood on Satan's claw - now!

Yeah! Alright!
Blood on Satan's claw now!
Yeah! Hold tight!

Hey there little girl, in your little world,
Dreaming of the fire
I'm on high again, dreaming of sin
Awash with desire

I just want to be free
Cleanse me of this misogyny!

Hey there Hecate, trinity replay
Don't you dream of time?
You say the world revolves
What the hell does that solve
In the face of Divine?

Hey there little witch
Scratch this fucking itch
Tame this beast aflame
Virgin of burning halls
Goddess of fiery walls
Cleanse me with his name!


6. Victorian Wizard

Sorcerous fires engulfe us but Alchemy raise them up
I have strange symbols in my mind, oh dear girl
Wash the dirt from your eyes, and relish the final sigh
What fate ordains, the innocent will entertain - rise again.

Whe stand upon the dawn,
The dawn of a brand new age
Where ghosts they walk, their spirits raised
They can now be master: now that your God is dead
Weep not for forgiveness - ssh! - don't beg

Oh, come with me my love into stranger realms,
Your eyes shine with wondrous fires from hell,
No spirit may wrest us, asunder you and I
Whilst other names fade, my love - ours remain

There's new places around us,
Concealed in strange angles
From where our true masters hail
A tesseract dimension
A field of joyful pain
Where we can begin again

Rise again now!
Share this pain now!

Can I contain such beauty
Within this sacrifice?
We travel together on this knife
Your soul's my canvas
Inside you is my paint,
Artist and subject,
Share a fate

Rise again now!
Share this pain now!

- Under the gaslight her gaze reaches for heaven her eyeballs heaving at the roof of her sockets trying to emulate the way the grass seeps through the splintering cracks of the pavement to escape into to the world above; an operating table is now an altar. She understands not the strange names of old Gods and the invocations of other dimensions - only the swift tickle of the knife as she gazes at organs she never knew she had, and marvels distantly at the crimson splendour of her true personality -

From this weird dimension
I am but a shadow cast
But for now my dear, call me Jack,
And you're forever my Mary
Together we'll always be
Beyond this silhouette and solid.

Oh, come with me my love into stranger realms,
Your eyes shine with wondrous fires from hell,
No spirit may wrest us, asunder you and I
Whilst other names fade, my love - ours remain

- As she is in the final stages of her ecstasy, I ponder the meaning of the signs her flesh has granted to me, but They, wondrous and legion, call me back into distant and abstract spaces -

7. You Will Obey

The hidden servant in you heeds our call
You didn't even realise you were in thrall
Where once was will now you'll find
Our evil imperative is in your mind

Signs esoteric form in your brain
Our secret purpose bursts into flame
There's going to be murder today
You bear the mark. You will obey!

Through the fog filled streets my dear
Follow the lull of pipes that only you hear
And there he is your victim so unaware
As are thee as you murder him there

In your entranced eyes you kill in the dark
Forces unknown compel your rage to start
A murderous spirit creeps into your brain
You bear the mark. You will obey!

Oh yeah! Let's get masonic, baby!

The bliss of ignorance is our gift to you
The power of radiance - you are an expendable tool
An instrument of death for a hidden clan
Doomed to die, by your own hand

You will raise the knife to your throat
And like a sacrifice, like a goat
You will die as a tribute to us
You will obey - The Lamp of fucking Thoth

8. Pagan Daze

In the nocturn hours by Albion's seas
Mist-filled beings call to me
Do you recall, how we stood tall?
In league with Satan one and all!
When the forest burned, with the pentagram
And the lustful danced to the pipes of Pan
The people there bent to my will
And with their souls I chain them still!

My friends are building, the wickerman
The doom-filled mourning of the grey sabbat
The children calling Satan's name
The past is falling pagan daze yeah!

The endless mirth, of the sacrifice
Endeared to lunacy I took your life
When all we heard, was the drum beat loud
Under Satan we stood proud

Come, come and come, come to the sabbat my children!
Under the mists of doom we walk the silver path
Through the crushed and negated moment of eternity
And, upon fey stone altars, reared by long dead giants
Exert upon our countenance, the Grin of the Grey Goat!

And so we leave this spectacle
with all its strange pageantry
For I fear I may write no more
The wind howls at my window
and there are demons at my door
All my youth, and adult life
I have striven the Devil to raise
And now at last the Hornéd One
comes forth, my soul to claim!

9. Hand Of Glory

A palm of vengeance - A hand of doom
A bony finger - Point's to your most secret room
An Ivory key - And past we go
Resist me not - My dear fellow

A talisman of power
A path straight to your heart
Where I shall devour,
That which you've kept apart,
And all your secrets, will be laid bare
Your darkest thoughts at which I'll stare
With the Hand of Glory!

A stroll through your house,
In the dead of night
A great man helpless
Prostrate under a hand of fright
Your woman lies dead
Your house is torn
And so I bid you adieu,
And leave you so forlorn.

I greet your dancing demons - With a curt hello
And readily ignore them - And invisible now I go
All's fair in love and war
And sorcery
And so now I proceed
To take your soul away from Thee

10. Satan's Hammer

Die on your knees like a dog, you fucking heretic!
Behold the splintered skull, of your god
Smashed by a lunatic!

Satan's Hammer!

Choke on the bile of belief, and the mucus of martyrdom
Your philosophy is disease, and disease is my domain

Satan's Hammer!

Down it falls
Weighs a ton
Crushes hope,
In your heart
Devil's fires
Enshrine your soul
Ideals fall
Set in soul
A god dethroned
You're a nail
The flesh of Christ
Embraces you

Wretch, as you drink my poison the mead of poetry,
Hung all alone with death and the bliss which is solitude
Rise like a lord, like a duke, like the king of gallows
Weep for your world, for your love, never the same again

Simon Iff? ‒ Bass, Vocals
Emily Ningauble ‒ Drums
Randolf Tiberius Reaper ‒ Guitars

Thanks to o.marian92 for sending these lyrics.

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