Dark Lyrics


1. Pilgrimage

"Somewhere…not in our time…the first step was made…"

Never been asked to be one of them
But this is the fate I’m forever condemned to face
Eternal Life and timeless death neither side is chosen
Here where the sun is never born
And the path never ends
Our shameful story does begin

2. Trapped

"We have no other choice!!"

Here we were born
Never knowing why
The seeds were sown
On this shameful ground

The walls can’t speak
To tell us the answer
Of thousands questions
Buried in this soil
A flame of hope
Flicker as a dancer
Burning all the sand
The hourglass pour

The sin that we did
The sin that we thought
It could be the savior
Of all our souls
Suddenly the savior
Became our nightmare
The clock is ticking
Forever evermore

A future is gone
Torn are our dreams
A heritage is lost
Our lives are deceived

An old man appeared
In the middle of nowhere
Sowing all the seeds
Of hate and anger
Unknown to light
And unknown to darkness
As sirens were singing
To bring us all the sadness

Bring me a knife
Bring a sword
Cus I’ll kill anyone
Who’ll walk on this floor
In nothing we believe
In nothing we trust
The night is coming
Forever evermore

Is this the heaven that you’ve promised?
U deceived us all…I must confess
All I know now that I deny you forever
Now it is time to welcome the end…your end

Trapped in darkness
No sense of time
We’re not living nor dying
I wonder when this horrid dream will end?

The moment will come when we’ll open our eyes
To the land of the free, where we all shall rise

3. Holy Rage

"Some people deserve to die!"

The snow is falling on the land
The torches are burning in our hands
The night has come the fear is gone
Time to avenge all our sons

Blood calls for blood - there’s no escape
The elders are calling now from the grave


Holy rage….holy rage

Your blackened blood will paint the draw
Of your nation’s death and heroes’ fall
Condemned to face our raging storm
An axe and chain our only law

Holy rage will reach you all
Killing your men raping your whores
In fear and faith you’ll kneel and pray
With blood and death we’ll knock your door

Holy rage….holy rage
Holy rage….holy rage

4. Planet Of Cockroaches

"Only one will survive…a cockroach"

(December 2020)
Even in death you couldn’t give mercy
The seas are dry, the sun has died
All the green has turned to gray
Death is in the air

Planet of cockroaches
Planet of cockroaches

(December 3020)
Now after a thousand years
Life extinct, too late for tears
Humans’ history has been put to death
Cockroaches fill the earth

Planet of cockroaches
Planet of cockroaches

Down to earth
Your greed has ruined u
Mankind…you've taken
What you've always deserved

Not me
Could stop now
What your hands were doing
Since the dawn of time

We are all…dead!!

5. Of Revenge And Glory


6. Ancient Hope (Part 1 - Denial)

"No!! This can’t be the truth!! Everything lies…the sand the stone the air…the Elders have lied!!! But I still believe…."

For us time is meaningless
Cus we have never met the sun
Here the night is endless
And the moon was never done

Are we victims or fools?
Or simply invented tools
In desperate existence we will live
And the liar hope he will give

We’ve been here for centuries
And we’ll be for many more
For we are only nameless shadows
Live in search for a hidden door

The footprints are the history of our lives
Built from fear - a sea of lies
Can we really make it out of here?
Empty words we only hear

Stop!! The time is done
The change must come
Now!! Unleash the truth
And change all the rules

In the name of fate
You annihilate, you create
Now!! The time is done
The change must come

The family still wants to believe
Maybe hope they only seek
No one listened to me that day
That the light will fade away

Now!! I’m again
Where dreams lost in vain
Stop!! The time is done
The change won’t come

I cracked down a fake smile
Fearing their denial
The truth they won’t see
It will die forever with me

And shall not I reveal what has yet to come
Nor shall I deny the forthcoming betrayal
For the face of truth will be masked forever
And all the burden will be mine
We all….Shall fall

And we’re still walking…

7. The City Of Evil Ones

"They are everywhere! Beneath that mask there is a horrifying monster with a deformed face…don't get fooled by it! take a gun and kill everyone!!"

The lies are written on the walls
The people of fire were born
In every breath they take
Evil has its own share

In every house there’s a bad seed growing
(On) every night there’s a sin burned and blowing
(In) the hearts of their men hate is brewing
The night has come…

Religious lies are stuck on their brains
Thoughts of fools has scares of hate
Envy is the master of them all
Shadows of Satan they are

Poisoned tongues
And Evil masks
Faceless eyes
They have

Destroys your life
Change all your days
Here they’ve carved
Your fate

Do you believe that we’ll make it alive from here?
Time is consuming us madly
The city of the evil ones is the place to be
Now we are all gone eternally

8. Final Departure Stamp

"The sands can't climb up again now…the hands can't turn back…the curse can't be lifted and the fault can't be corrected…but one day they will return!"

The first: “Vienna is waiting for u
Sell these lands, u will be happy to
I’ll take them for tow times or more
Your future is great don’t waste that too”

The second: “I’ll think about it cus this land is mine,
And for some reason I don’t feel it’s the time
To leave this house forever for others
And leave this ground for someone could bothers”

Their fate was sealed
It couldn’t be changed
It couldn’t be healed

The third: “why accepting his offer my son?
Do you need any cloths or anything done?
In this place we had our finest hour
Our history here is the greatest treasure”

the first :“have you thought for a second of it
The answer is “no”, you will pay for it
So be warned that this place you will leave
your history ends where ours deceive”

Their fate was sealed
It couldn’t be changed
It couldn’t be healed

They never knew
That the time is running short

To pay the due
Of something they never thought

That cursed prophecy became true
All the pain and agony they lived through
By no reason or justice it was caused
The final blue departure stamp was used

9. Deceptive Light

"Somebody always pays"

Look at me in the eye my fellow
I can make your dreams come true
I’ll make you catch the rainbow
And touch and bring the moon

You walked on water, you cut off the bread
You brought life for those who are dead
You lived in vanity, you believed in yourself
Your power and strength without me are fake

Till the end I’m your friend
Trust what I preach you won’t regret
See how the pain fades away
Just by the words that I say

Now you have crossed my night
Blindly followed my false light
Your life in ruin your dreams are sand
And your time is nearly close at hand

I know that you never deserve it. No!
But somebody must pay for it all
In your case I’ll believe it is you
Who should die for what I do

Now the end’s clear as glass
Death and the pain - forever last
Left all alone - a flood of tears
No time is left – wasted years

One day you will pay for what you have done to me,
In the same deceptive light you will sink

10. Risen


11. The Land Of The Free


The sun is shining!
On a beautiful world
The ice is melting

The time is done
The change has come
The truth unleashed
Our lives are saved

The birds will sing
And the bells will ring
We opened our eyes
The dream will rise

"Could this be only a dream?
Oh What a sweet nightmare I see
And now…please…leave me be"

Bassem Deaibess ‒ Vocals

Lyrics by Rawad Abdel Massih

Thanks to rawad for sending these lyrics.

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