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1. Resurrection

“From rivers of sorrow to oceans deep with hope I have traveled them, now there is no turning back, the limit the sky. Still I ask my questions why? What today? When tomorrow?!”
Chuck Schuldiner

Could this be only a dream?
Oh what a sweat nightmare I see.
And now…please…leave me be!

2. Selective Memory

“Can't remember to forget you”

Now you're standing here alone
Trying to know in whose funeral you are
All of your memory, just like her,
Flashed out and gone
Probably you've tried this before
Burned loads of your stuff
Well that's not who you are
This is who you were

Selective memory
Changing what you used to be
Selective memory
Out of reality

I guess I can only make you remember
The things you want to be true
You don't want the truth
You make up your own
To create a puzzle you can never solve
A sense of purpose to your wasted and worthless life

Selective memory
Changing what u used to be
Selective memory
Out of reality

I have to believe in a world outside of my mind
For the world won't disappear when you close your eyes
If I just would know how long I've been alone
But how can I heal if I don't feel time

I'm going to find him
I'm going to kill him

3. Suicidal Form

“Mythology versus technology…who will win?”
Robert Fisk

Now after a dozen years
Under merciless skies
They returned again
Used abused
Controlled accused
All of his life
It's time to pay back
Time for revenge

Suicidal form
Die to reborn
Suicidal form
Forever, evermore

Body parts mixed with blood and fire
Burning skin, bones and fingers
Melting metal, steel and glass
Shattered corpses all around
They are screaming
They all will die

Suicidal form
Die to reborn
Suicidal form
Forever, evermore

Now his flesh will mix with theirs
We become one only in death

4. The Book

“Indeed God will shatter the heads of his enemies…blessed be God”
Psalms 68:21

Behold the acts of God
The master of the sword
He allows He forbids
He avenges He forgives

Beware the wrath of God
The lord of the worlds
He'll annihilate you all
If you change his words

“You must destroy all the people whom the Lord your God is about to deliver over to you; you must not pity them”
Deuteronomy: 7:16

“Understand today that the Lord your God who goes before you is a devouring fire”
Deuteronomy: 9:3

“I will exact great vengeance upon them and angrily punish them”
Deuteronomy: 25:17

“It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God”
Hebrews: 10:31

“I WILL DESTROY YOU!!; then you will know that I am the Lord.'"
Ezekiel : 25:7

"Destroy everything that they have. Don't spare them. Put them to death man, woman, child, infant, ox, sheep, camel, and donkey alike."
Samuel 1: 15:3

We are the slaves of God
The wise and the guard
We whip the flesh
We spill the blood

These are the works of God
The sole and the lord
He'll baptize you in fire
And the Holy Ghost

We rule by The Book
With a chain and a hook
We stone and maim
All for His name

“I testify to the one who hears the words of the prophecy contained in this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes away from the words of this book of prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book.”
Revelation 22:18-19

5. Distortion Of Thought

“Man should busy himself in sciense. For the lives of men could purge from the mud and darkness of this world and be saved for the next only by the study of philosophy”
Abu Baker Alrazi

Welcome home
Here where dreams are bind
And you're blindfolded
With a cloth behind the eyes
And a chain words
...you're dreams are bind and your blindfolded!!!

Mental poverty
Proof of identity
All lies are told...
Distortion of thought!!

Welcome home
Here where all thoughts
Are tied and minds are sold
Lies, religion, history
And a national cause
All minds are sold!!

Mental poverty
Proof of identity

All lies are told...
Distortion of thought!!

Generations have been taught
To praise the Lord and use the sword
Brainwash them all!!!
Brainwash them all!!!

6. Ancient Hope: Part 2 - Kin Traitor

"We will never know who we are, nor what we’ve been…yes I am who I am…a dead man…"

After the last fight with my father the tragedy continues, no one knows what happened to the rest, maybe they reached that nameless place but all I know now is that nobody cares anymore

The boy kept on spitting blood
And my son never forgot
That the closer is the boy to death
The sooner we will pay the debt

There is a traitor within us
Come out now, unleash your mask
A smell of treachery within us
I feel betrayal is close at hand

The boy finally died
And my son was surprised
What could be that kind of fate
That makes a boy's life simply fade

There is a traitor within us
Come out now, unleash your mask
A smell of treachery within us
I feel betrayal is close at hand

As the family continued its walk
In a quicksand spot I was caught
I cried and cried for help
But rituals they only did at the end

Why this is happening to me?
Why u turn in blasphemy?
Eternal life and timeless death neither side we choose
But in this game I am meant to lose

How could my time come?
I'm a lord, I'm a saint, I'm a god!
Could the traitor be my son?
Yes I know now that u r
I realize now that there's no way out
I smiled in irony and died

My life was carved since the day I was born
We will never know who we are
Nor what we've been
I am who I am
…a dead man

And they continued their walk…

7. East Of The Mediterranean

“And remember it is forever. The Face will always be there to be stamped upon. The heretic, the enemy of society, will always be there, so that he can be defeated and humiliated over again. Everything that you have undergone since you have been in our hands-all that will continue, and worse. The espionage, the betrayals, the arrests, the tortures, the executions, the disappearances will never cease.”

Day one: torture and pain will start
Sizzling whips and an iron rod
Will leave you wounds and scars

Stab my eyes
Take my life
I don't want to see
What you're doing to me
Stab my eyes
Let me die
Who gave you the right
To tear me apart

Day two: electric field
Will pass through you
Your nails will be cut from you
Your hands will be burned
Your skin will be torn

Now you are ours
No one can save you
The more you scream
The more they won't hear you
Shut up and strip
You'll be raped, you'll be stretched
Now you are ours
No one can save you

At the land of the east
Here u were born
You didn't have the choice
You didn't need to know
It wasn't your fault
Surely it wasn't ours
Now face your fate
And pray you fuckin' die

Day three: as a dog you will be forgotten
You were never here before
You never exist
You'll never be seen again

8. Divine Judgment

“Good Arab is Dead Arab”
Raphael Etan

“…then he will drive out all these nations from before you and you will dispossess nations greater and stronger than you. Every place you set your foot will be yours; your border will extend from the desert to Lebanon and from the River (that is, the Euphrates) as far as the Mediterranean Sea . Nobody will be able to resist you; the Lord your God will spread the fear and terror of you over the whole land on which you walk, just as he promised you”
Deuteronomy 11:23-25

9. Alone Again

”Meet me in the drowning pool of tears, and wash away my innocence and fear”

Now after all what happened
I'm here thrown by the shore
Freezing on these sands
I feel like I'm drowning down

All alone again

These waves will never wash
The sins that I have done
Stop the time is done the change won't
I hear the voices of the elders calling
My soul and the sea became one

All alone again

In fear and regret
I stand alone here
My eyes can't see
My skin can't feel
What I have done to me

10. The Horrid Dream

“So my child you ask what does this mean…cut off the chains and chase the dream.”


“ …Job argued with his God, but who I can argue with?! Only this little lonely certainty is left for me now…from the darkness I came and to the darkness I return.”
Sa’dallah Wannous

Bassem Deaibess ‒ Vocals

Lyrics by Rawad Abdel Massih

Thanks to rawad for sending these lyrics.

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