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1. Enlighten Our Kind

2. The Sprawling Empire

We finally reached the summit, the ultimate mission of
our kind. Finishing what our ancestors started. The
soul’s preservation, the creation of life. This is the revo-
lution of the mind. We will be immortalized in the vast
galaxies, now no one can stop us. We won't fail our an-
cient’s will, We’ll live forever through new beings, we
won't fail our ancient’s will, doubts have been eradicated,
now we turn perfection into flesh. Humans, that’s what
we have called them, obviously a lower race. So pathetic
at our sight, our first intention indeed, but we’ll make
them as perfect as we can, Our selfish purposes come
true. Genetic wishes taking form, gazing at this mortal
creation, now its time to awake, behold the miracle, fina-
lly the solution was found, this is the way to preserve
ourselves, our moment of glory is now, we are the fa-
thers of their fates. They will rest bellow our feet, poor
creatures, inside of an invisible cage. Unaware of their
true birth, believing that they have their own fate. We
have to teach them what to do, puppets that’s all they are,
civilized creatures we need to make.

3. A Worldview Arises

Feeble humans, insipid life forms, trying to understand
what isn’t in their hands, waiting for a solution, how pa-
thetic, what have we done? Imperfect puppets with the
need to be reconstructed from their deepest nature, evo-
lution will never be accomplished, but hope isn’t gone
yet, we won’t give up on them, the chains need to be
broken. Teaching the impulses, domesticate the wilds,
they will rise up, they will shine for us. Blinded followers
of our orders, keepers of our dreams, capable to die for
us, limited intellect, trusting in darkest hearts. Corrup-
ting the minds, reaching for the human heartstrings, mo-
difying at our will, without understanding of this cha-
llenge. What is reality for these poor humans? Explai-
ning their existence, thinking they have meaning or
poses. A wave of divinities came through their mind foo-
ling themselves of the whole truth, hope humans will be
a proud representation of us. We are forcing our will,
making conscience in hopeless creatures, this picture
could be perfect, it has to. Now we are leaving them by
themselves hoping for the best. Make a progressive evo-
lution, don’t fail us. Proudly we can be called “Gods” of
a new era until the galaxies join us together.

4. Trouble Times

The days are broken, the minutes seem like hours. All
perception is lost, the days of our lives have been turned
into an empty ocean, laws have been forgotten, the gods
have fallen. All hopes is gone years ago, we’re only wai-
ting for a change but I’m afraid that we waited too long,
there’s no longer meaning in life, Dystopia is part of our
routine, we’re condemned souls now. Abandoned by our
heroe madness spreads everywhere, constant ambitions
lead us to the collapse of this so called society. We’re
only praying for the moment where our purpose on this
earth will be fulfilled, the collision of ideals returns to
our roots. Blinded followers of a fake messiah, making
the decisions to lead us to our own demise, all trust in the
hands of sick beings. How far from the truth we have
been, forgive us for all sins we’ve committed along the

5. Redefine This Course

Shame on them, the creation of chaos, a stab in the back.
Full of regrets in all its possible forms, mercy on the sins
for the humans and their creators. Should have known,
out of all kind of design, only a matter of time until this
race shows their true self, no evolution, back to the pri-
mitive. Why sympathy for them? Ravaging everything
in their way, corrupting what they touch, there is no-
thing special about these filthy pigs. A new stage will be
undertaken and will be very sad for those disgusting
land cowards. We will relegate them of the realm of su-
pernatural saints. Every candle of hope is a light off,
every prayer is meaningless, the purpose’s failure, mis-
fortune whispered in their ears breaking free from this
mess. The wrath of the gods, a blur horizon of a woun
ded pride, the downfall is eminent, the order should be
restored, but this mistake will be repaired with blood,
eradicating this plague from inside, behold the punish-
ment in the bones, the darkness will cover that degraded
earth. Slaughtering this fake version of man, removing
these anomalies from the face of the universe. Untou-
chable targets we have to destroy, with the risk of their
own knowledge, the soul is always the weakest point,
bury them all, clutching them to death with cold (satis-

6. Brightest Point

[feat. Adrián Terrazas-González]

7. Silent Exposure

Crossed feelings arise to confront the presence of the
astral divinity. Lights fall shinning upon terrestrial
beings to give an end to the questions about creation and
existence. Finally we know that we are not alone, drops
of astonishment created in our eyes are crashing on the
ground. Why? How could you keep us sightless for so
long? More than hell itself, this statement has devastated
my being, now that god is not here, how can we appease
this catastrophe on our soul? How could I direct my ac-
tions if I don’t even know what I am standing for. We
came to readdress our mistake, together we will go down
to the pit where man is, to gather the flame of salvation.
We created a breed destined to ascend, to take our place,
with our mark in their souls, our insignia of creation and
pre-eminence. Stretch out your hand, the solution is
within our reach. We recognize your attempts to establi-
sh a structure of order and will, but now is time to inter-
fere. Now your actions have taken you to relinquish your
own authority, leading us to despise humanity. It's time
to face your pain, recognize your tragedy, this process
will overlay your being with barrenness

8. The Grim Agreement

It was written centuries ago that this moment would come,
tasting every feeling along his way, waiting patiently for his
freedom. Behold the ravager, the wrath of these heartless
creatures, blood thirsty creatures by design, with only one
goal in their acts, slavery of all kind of life in this earth. Ga-
laxies far away from us, not for too long, the night should
manifest on us, summoning all kind of pains.Their plans are
far beyond our understanding, how we could know? Cursed
since the beginning. We hadn’t a chance at all, cursed since
the beginning, it was only a matter of time when tragedy
exterminated us once and for all. We didn’t expect that kind
of menace, we were unarmed, without one single defensive
line, vast on weaponry but lack in conscience, They attacked
our weakest point. Disguised like a sheep lies beneath an
amorphous wolf, waiting for orders lying in deep, bringing
tragedies beyond all we have known, talking about changes
they think we need. Reprogram our mind to forget, that’s
what human race deserves. Proclaiming our thoughts, their
path to the top was everything but hard, they have been
studying us since our society’s collapse. Knowing all of
mankind’s past they don’t have obstacles. How easy we fell
into their trap, unaware of their plans, they manipulated us
the way they wanted, with fake promises of a future we
should deserve. Corrupted our minds in so many ways, fi-
lling us with your empty beliefs. Now is too late for regrets.
Falling into a deep black hole that has no end, wishing to
turn the things to their original shape instead of turning
our fate into a hell.

9. Decrease Humanity

a beam of panic rises between marble halls,
draining from the ears of bewildered spectators.
I see so many faces trying to stay away from me,
looking for salvation,
I'm faster, they know that I am.
the first elected lay struggling, pathetic, weak, kicking, chasing that life, that easily I snatch.
a trigger delivers me, your being, your essence, how do you feel yielding?
how do you feel leaving?
my excitement seems to begin.
I'm an irrepressible force,
I have so many futures in my possession,
it's a pleasure to get you closer,
to the plaintive final you deserve,
enjoy your pain, wait, don't do it,
I enjoy it enough for both of us.
what a perfect day, as the plan,
more people, more control, more tears, more disavowal that I confront with more shots.
I know I came for the first fallen,
but too much temptation,
faces that reflect calm, are way too muck temptation.
tens of bended fates, intoxicating sensation of power.
I'm finally full, this is my place, your is right at my feet.
assume you can't, you shouldn't try to stop me,
take a look around, your surroundings collapses towards you,
everyone lifeless I observe without knowing it, without wanting it,
they made my day, my life.

10. Restore Our Kingdom

Behind the bloody gears, lies the mechanism of decay,
moving the wheels of misery, tying the rope around
their fragile necks. They dug their own graves, prematu-
re burial of this creation. The fake face of empathy, for-
tune takes its choice, the new era should begin. Order fi-
nally lies in our hands, the blood of the weak has spread
on the ground. We will create a new being that will su
rrender to our volition until they become like the crevi-
ces in our hands. Not even the spirit of the most warlike
king could keep his throne standing up. The error of
creation has been torn apart from the tree of life. I have
recovered destiny, shattering their throats, taking breath
away from the last one of them that remained groaning,
even the deceased have thanked perishing before our
arrival. Gambling with their faith to be saved by their
lord, the decline of all human form is here, just below,
surrounded by dust. We were just hidden witnesses, of a
degradation of life. Human remains will rise with us to
give an answer to our miscalculations, time will reveal a
new race, melting away the past of this unholy creatures.
Coming back home, we'll be touched by the memory of
the fall o our sons, the void will be superseded with the
birth of a new race.

11. The New Path

12. Upon The Empty Surface

13. When Your Biggest Nightmare Becomes True (2009)

14. Dark Silence (2008)

15. Beneath The Lies (2006)

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