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1. Home To Oblivion

When automation
remains absolute
It s all predeterminated
when progress is made
at the expense of our youth
it s all predeterminated

Your ideology, your beliefs
your beautiful cage
your 9 to 5, your career
your way to failure and age

Domesticated and bred
in captivity

Rewriting history backwards
deleting all
symptoms of change
rewriting history backwards
make way, your better make way

The road goes on and on
paved with betrayal and lies
we pile our
broken promises high
the failures towering
towards the skies

The constant pressure
the constant pain
they pull our strings
we dance
please let me rest
my tired eyes
a bleeding
vacant, sorry stare

Now abandon all failures
abandon all martyrs
abandon the young and the old
brake all the promises
betray all your friends
leave all the weak behind

2. Lifeline Lost

Reflexes shot
the myth retired
our lives confined
and unfulfilled
between despondency and hope
still ownards. onwards
ever onwards

Power, wealth, knowledge
my lifeline, my lifeline
my lifeline lost

As they herd us back
into their cages fo comfort
of need, of quiet mediocrity
we are but a small part
in a picture so big
it s obscene

Call it wasteland
call it hell
i call it home, i call it life
my illusion s gone, this is it
nothing more, nothing less
hit floor, one last time
no more, no more

3. Running With Scissors

Oh, Sweet drug of materialism
without you we would be lost
please simulate
our created needs
your opiate is a must

Demand nothing
Ordain nothing
Regret nothing

Into the caverns of envy
the loss of the last sympathy
now give us the tools
to destroy
to ravage all personality

Demand nothing
Ordain nothing
Regret nothing

Not a word, not a deed
not a thought, not a need
not a doubt, not a trust
not a hope, not a fear
not a smile, not a tear
not a name, not a face
no time, no place

We throw away our wealth
our blindfold
and break this state of siege
the weakness...
when it gets too real
it frightens me
when it gets too real
it frightens me

Determinated to destroy
all of our illusions
determinated to destroy

We relapse into the darkness
We relapse into the void
We relapse in to the darkness
We relapse...

The Cancerous growth
that is mankind
trapped within marble halls as the present
is our everything and all

4. The Big Radiating Nothing

Now show me the cynic
with the weight
he knows is his to bare
he gives up
he gives in again

The moment we are born
we start to degenerate

Wasted potential
what new hell is this
is this us! is this me !

So sweet, so mechanical
i m too tired, too fucked
and when reason ends
it hits me like a truck

Through disappointment
throught expectations
we give up, we we give in
the big radiating nothing

As their words salt the wounds
you are soothed
by the drone of days
perfectly detached

Their schools, their values
their standards, their lies
their institutions
their national pride

5. Annihilating Liberty

Fostering and getting rich
on our passion
for the mediocre
debased and befouled
before it s shoved down
our throats

compulsive disorder
denial, apathy and stress
the high cost of comfort
the pursuit of a life
in excess

It s annihilating
this liberation

Nursering the numbness
developed among
theis species of pretenders
reluctant words
thell the answers
the arrogance
of their intentions

The failures keep lining up
we learn, we learn to accept
the failures keep lining up
annihilating liberation

they fuck with your head
they fuck with your head
with tasteless headlines
new medicated
with reality shows
and commercials
they keep you sedated

It s annihilating
this liberation
It s suffocating
this desperation

6. A Life Transparent

I give up, I give up
tried to hold it back
but now Im gone
staring too long at the screen
living through moral codes
i get from tv

We do not only
believe the lie
we live the lie
feed the lie
we breathe the lie
we are the lie

The chains that hold us down
have a new design
implanted at birth
to keep us all in line

I accept , i accept
its been a while
since i remembered a dream
i give in to the pressure
a least
im on the winning team

Brought up hating
the scapegoats created
code red alert
yeah i am protected

Its a downward spiral
and we re gaining speed
bury me in the flag
when i die on my knees

Its a downward spiral
and we re gaining speed
bury me in the flag
part of the winning team

A life transparent
a life so thin
as we inherit nothing
nothing but pain

7. In The Wake Of Progress

Buried alive
in a history rewritten
the achievements
of the golden generation
hardened by ordeals
we swallow blind with ease
with ignorance we are blessed
by distractions suppressed

No grief, no grief
No shame, no vindication

The questions never asked
they hold the answers
to what will become
the loss of our freedom
the price that is won
a static heir at birth
to a place in the big machine

To forget the essence
of who we are
to forget our dreams
an emptiness
all our earthly comforts
never will relieve

8. A Myth Retired

That s just how
they want it to be
that s just how
they ve worked it out
a system based on egotism
moral values
that spell greed

When the anxiety attacks
come closer in between
step out of your denial
forget your self esteem

Open your eyes
open those baby blues
living in hell
beats not living at all
they got you
right where they want you
they didn t even have
to dig the hole

It all hits me in the eyes
a human wreckage
speaking in tongues
i hate it here
but where will you run?
where will you hide?

As long as you don't reflect
you're happy where you are
if you would start
to questions it
you wouldn't even
know where to start

Here comes the handshake
the handshake and the smile
the bigotry, the bigotry

The hunt for
the sacred game

It's all face value
all symbols of stature
underneath the surface
wounds that never heal

9. Small Town Ignorance

Your smalltown ignorance
makes me fucking sick
do you really think
that this is it?

Here comes the aftermath
here comes the pain
don't scratch the surface
ever again

We're so filled up
with our creeated needs
we're bitter
and we choose not to see
wr're playing high stakes
in a game we cannot win

It is our privilege
to waste away
and it is your destiny
to silently obey
another wall is raised
pleased save us from ourselves

We hide from each other
we hide from ourselves
we see only
what we want to see

I can give you
a hundred reasons
for you open your eyes
for the same reasons
you choose to stay blind

Here comes the aftermath
here comes the pain

10. Escapeplan Routed

You've got
the escapeplan routed
you think that you're safe
their beautiful sunday skies
won't hold the dogs at bay
the lie that they told you
it's falling apart
at the seams
the dream that they sold you
you will die
clutching that dream

What made you think
it would all add up
the way they promised you
that it would all add up
i say hello naive
hello hollow, hello goodbye

There's a place inside you
inside you and me
a place where
it's perfect to hide
with all our mistakes
all our guilt, our shamr
our indiference a vice
the walls of materialism
towering towards the skies
the vultures
are circling lower
awaiting our culture to die

What made you think
it would all add up
the way they promised you
that it would all add up
i say hello naive
hello hollow, hello goodbye

To consume is to exist
to think free is to resist
wake up, wake up, wake up

11. Discontent

In our need to be controlled
we leave our lives behind
in the colours of the beast
the great escape is blind
still falling
never hitting the ground
we don't stand a chance
and there's no more time
no, there's no more time

I live behind a wall so high
without my cage i'd die

They left us
with only one way out
they want us to fail
and we'll make'em proud

For my art and my freedom
i will gladly endure
until the end

You feel no more
you live a war

Everything is now
and nothing is all
they got us bad
our backs to the wall

12. 21st Century Heartburn

The life you lead
is it worth the effort?
the life you lead
is it worth the effort?
why don't yoy capitulate?

You place your hope
in your duties
the patriarchs
the routines
and cold

Of the empty hearts
of the empty hands
through barren lands

Proud of our arrogance
we will all waste away
and all of our possessions
they will not keep us safe

Through labyrinths
of cynicism we run
scared of the answer
at a common frontier
of understanding
the last light blinding

for the crime of being
but not for that of seeing
for the crime of breathing
but not for that of believing

No salvation
no regulation
propaganda on repeat
no salvation
no regulation
suffer the load complete

Where's the hunger?
the dedication?
where's the urge
we had to break free?
where's the passion?
the appreciation?
for a life not lead
around in a leash?

Where's the hunger?
the dedication?
where's the passion?
the appreciation?
where's the hunger?
where's the hunger?

All Music by Kristian Wahlin and Johan osterberg
All lyrics by Tomas Lindberg

Thanks to xsuicidal.wingsx for sending these lyrics.

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