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1. Heaven's Collapse

Let's start from the start, I lie through my teeth
I've lost my conscience to the codeine
I've lost so much sleep that every thing's a dream
But I recollect all my time spent with the 13

Echo Squad, Coffin Crew, we can't name the things we'd do to you
If we did we'd be put in body bags, labeled "who the fuck are you?"
Getting answers out of us is like pulling teeth
We should have claimed insanity

My tongues stuck in my throat, pecked at by crows
I would try to scream for help but no one would ever really know
You want to know what it's like? Losing all hope?
Just look for her name, it's on a tomb stone

She was taken from me just to send a fucking message
But it built up something stronger and left behind a wreckage
Of all the monsters that I've fought the worst one's in my head
Let heaven collapse, and watch the world burn

This is desperation.
God abandon me. I'm already dead.
Die. Arise. Belie.
I'm lost in twilight

2. Jay

[feat. Danny Munoz of The Sign Of Four]

I built up my problems inside me
Or at least that's what I told myself
But she was the light that would guide me
And now she's gone and I'm giving in
I don't want to watch the world burn

I lost myself in the love of someone else
A girl, she filled my shell
I don't know how she loved me
But she did find some hope in me
She was taken by my enemies
And so my job came in to play
I'm a coward with no name
Without a face
Another lost soul
Of the human race

But something grew
A darkness, a monster
(And it had one motive)
Put everyone in the fucking ground
I told it to stop
I begged it to stop
It wouldn't listen
So my enemies are going down

I'll put you in the fucking ground

Peel back the skin to make him bleed
Take the love away to make him scream

Cut me up
Bleed me dry
Open my throat
Just keep her alive
They took her away, I'll make them pay
Three shots to the back of your fucking head

(I swear to god you try touching me again
I'll rip you apart limb from limb
I'm the one thing here that can't die
I live the half life
So fuck with me
I'll let my bad side cross the line)

You're on the wrong side
And I'm not giving in

I made my way up the building
To the highest floor

Killing everything I deplored
I saw them snatch her away
The love they knew I won't ignore
Taking advantage
Of my one weakness, my subtle flaw
I fought and I fought and I fought
'Til I couldn't see clear anymore
Blood red

Cut me up
Bleed me dry
Open my throat
Just keep her alive
They took her away, I'll make them pay
Three shots to the back of your fucking head

I'm what makes up your worst nightmare
You got friends and family, I don't care
I'll hunt you down, put a bullet in your fucking head
The world is better is better off without you
So stay down.

Fuck you and your pitiful existence

Bullet to the fucking head
Rope around your fucking neck
I'll put you down

3. (i) Soul Of Angels

Words were never spoken aloud
Just teasing glances in our directions
Who knew that love would break me
Breaking the vice between reality, it seems
Nothing is innocent anymore
A few bottles down and I'm already on the floor
Screaming your name
For the man in black to bring you home

It's been 1 week, one long week
And your presence is starting to fade away
Every day I stare down the barrel of a gun
I beg for the ghosts to stay away
Be erased from my memories
Because the thought of you gone
Brings me too much pain

It's funny how much happened in a second
Watch your step or you might lose it
I knew that one day they'd all fall
But I didn't know that you'd impact me at all
I just want to feel you in my arms again
I'm all alone in this mind and I'm not feeling it
When I brought you down, untied the rope
I brought down everything and everyone

It's not that hard to see I lack direction
And a lack of purpose
When I held her in my arms she felt so weightless

Carry me home
I feel so weightless
Everything feels so transparent
Have I lost all sense of purpose?
Carry me home
Find my gravity
I don't want to let go of everything
If only you could fucking hear me

I can't breathe
The feelings mutual
The pain is substantial
Pull me close
Don't let go
Feel my grief
Feel my sorrow

Weightless, but you're not rising up
The noose pulled you down and took you from me

God I take back all the mistakes I made
Take my life for hers as a trade
Begging for you, please come back to me
Feel the pull of gravity

Let the man in black take you home

4. The Funeral

Her mother holds her father
While she weeps on his shoulder
Their daughters brought down the isle
But this isn't her wedding day
The coffins on the alter
And the incense burns my eyes
The priest starts by saying
"God, why take this life away?"
At this point her mother
Breaks down in sorrow
She calls me a monster
And tears stream down
Her face (her face)
What am I to say?

My eyes fill too
But not of tears, but of hatred
Self loathing, foreboding
I feel their eyes stare upon me
And I turn, to face them
The dead eyed population
Staring me down
Wishing it was me they were putting in the ground

So I unfold the paper
I can't take the pain much longer...

"I can't put words to paper
On the pain we all feel
But I know as you all stare at me
That I'm the one to blame
So condone me, disown me
Bring me down to my knees
I deserve it all anyway"

My voice starts to break
As tears stream down my face
It's not over, but it's over
I can't take this heartbreak

So we filed out and the music played
Her coffin wearing bouquets
Her mother's crying, we were crying
The weather reflected our pain
We all drove down to the hole where we will put her
Six feet down, but raising up from me
I stood alone in the pouring rain

As the days go by
I find it harder to get up
I'm asphyxiated by your presence
Like a shadow over my shoulder
But truth is, I don't care
I'd rather feel something there
Than never feel you here at all

I wish I got to hold you close
One last time
And not let go
Not travel to the great divine
Because I knew that would be my last goodbye
I won't see you on the other side.

I stood alone in the pouring rain
Shrouded by my shame
I can't even hold on to what I love
Without it slipping away
I tore my own heart out
And threw it in her grave
I guess I never needed it
Standing alone in the pouring rain

5. Coffin Bearer

I won't give in
To the voice in my head
He's telling me everyone in this room is dead
They just don't know it yet
I watch the spiders dance on the ceiling
Weaving me a rope to numb the feeling

Of feeling dead inside
I think I've lost my mind
Drowning down the vomit
With a bottle of mineral turpentine
I feel constricted by the rope
It reminds me that I'm all alone
With death's hands wrapped around my throat

Just let me die
Another nail to my fucking coffin
Take me to meet my maker

You know you want to
You know you need to
Let me out to play so I can feed you

I feel the hate rise within me
It wants me dead and won't stop at nothing
Like cyanide, tainted thoughts
Scrawled across the walls

So come and get me
I like to feel obscene
I wanna die like my heroes
Like what I see on my TV screen
Do you feel pretty now
You're lookin' a little bit green
Turning white
Like a plate made out of porcelain

Death bringer, bring me judgement
Let me die so I can start again
Like cyanide, I feel like I fit in
Just another nail to my fucking coffin

I can feel it stuck in the back of my teeth
The more I think the more I feel uncertainty
Of holding on to my sanity
I hate now what I've become
I can feel stuck in the back of my mind
The loose end that's lost the concept of time
It's bringing me to my knees so
Save me before I come undone

I'm a disease
Drenched in melancholy
Everyone wants me dead
Suffering from what's in my head
I've never felt this before
This pain that I adore
Stop me god before I
Lose control

I was once what put down the monsters
And now I've become one
I'm the bump in the night you're afraid of
And so you should be

I'm sick and twisted, a ballistic psychotic mess
I'm past my time and I'm okay with that
But I'll be damned if I go down like this
You can't fix this damaged mess
That's how it's always be
I'll bet you'll listen when I mark your shallow grave

This is what's become of me.

I'm walking death in a human vessel

I can feel it stuck in the back of my teeth
The more I think the more I feel uncertainty
Of holding on to my sanity
I hate what I've become
I can feel it stuck in the back of my mind
The loose end that's lost the concept of time
It's bringing me to my knees so
Save me before I come undone
I've come undone
I've come undone
I've come undone

6. Oxymoron

Come on, take over me
Fill me with rage again
I want this bitch to
Meet her fucking end.
Fill me with delusions, illusions
Just numb my conscience
This won't end in resolution
Final demise is the only solution

It creeps up my spine

I break in through the back door
And wade my way through the crowd
I see her standing with her friends
Ignorant, head in clouds
God if you're out there
Now is the time to step in
Stop me before I
Put this bitches face to the cement
(If my mother knew what I'd do next)
I'd be put down like the dog I am,
(No guilty consciousness)

I'm not just in your head I am the drive that wants her fucking dead
I'm not just in your head I am the drive that wants her fucking dead

Take this from me
You prey like a vulture on my humanity
What you left was a hole in my chest
It's filled with hate, and won't let me rest
So numb the pain
Give in to my disarray
I'll take what's left of your humanity

(She goes to make a call)
Please stop me god
I can't give in
(Revenge is mine)
I'll leave her corpse by the roadside

I drag her from the pavement
And throw her against the wall
"Yeah do it, Jay
This bitch acts like she owns it all."

I draw gun but her friends come out
And try to fix the situation.
We fought for it and shot her friend instead
Another fucking accident

She's shocked by what I've done
And in the pause I drop my gun.
"Reach into her chest and rip out her heart
An act of aggravation"

We stand in the pouring rain
With blood pooling at my feet
Her friends question "Why I did it"
I grabbed them by throats and said

"I am the reaper. Fear me, motherfucker."

Take this from me
You prey like a vulture on my humanity
What you left was a hole in my chest
It's filled with hate, and won't let me rest
So numb the pain
I gave in to my disarray
I'll took what's left of your humanity

7. When I Walk, My Regret Follows Like Shadows

[feat. Hannah Kyberd]

[I. Die.]

I am the pain that pulls your chest tight
That keeps you up all night
That makes you lose all sight
I make you scream in your darkest dreams
I make your life a living hell
Like a parasite
(Die. Arise. Belie)
I'm lost in twilight
I'm losing perspective
A new directive, with a bad ending expected
(Die. Arise. Belie.)
Killing is not so easy
As the innocent believe.
I'm so far from innocent
You would lose sleep.
With the thoughts in my
With my thoughts in my head
Remember the sound of the pouring rain?
The one that masked you of your pain?
The skies are clear now just like your disdain
There's no coming back now, no coming from this.
There is a horror beneath this grin
A darkness inside that lurks within
If you want to see it peel back my skin
Lay me with the weak
I had nightmares that played out
Before my eyes
Dreams became reality
Noise became silence
I'm constantly told to pick up the pace
Another loose end, another dead waste
But I smiled just to save face
To keep their happiness in place
I was always told I was meant for something better
But the taste you left in my mouth was rather bitter
I can't talk about it because nothing helped
No one helped me when I dug holes for them
But now I have no one left to save me

[II. Arise.]

(I always told myself I'd be fine
Everything was meant to work out alright
But now she's gone and I keep losing sight
Someone help me)

Come in through the front door and I feel my head spin
Another night sitting alone with the cold wind
From head to toe, I'm caked in blood
I don't know why I did, I don't know why I run
From the things that are keeping me from coming undone
It's either you or me staring down a loaded gun
Until the end of time, but I don't want to give in
I can feel I'm slipping already now
Because I never win
I try to put pen to paper to unload my mind
But every time I try I have a hard time
Every time I speak now I lose my mind
It's hard with this shit cramped in the corner of my mind
Telling me everything I'm doing is wrong
Like you're the fucking reason that you lost your girlfriend all along
It wasn't your enemies, or the 13, it was your fault
That you let her get out of sight
"That's not right," I scream to the blank walls that have seen everything
If they could talk they wouldn't talk, they would fucking scream
Of the reasons that my knuckles bleed blood red in the moonlight
Even the devil is afraid of me
Fast tracked to hell, with a front row seat
What have I done? I ripped the heart from her killers chest
For what? Revenge? what was the point in that?
I want to scream at the skies but all I have is the ceiling
So I pray to God that maybe he can hear me
Then she was right there, right in front of me
Dancing in the moonlight, grinning at me
Rachel, regret herself, like something from a dream
But when she spoke, I knew that she was haunting me.

I just want to feel
Something to fill the hole that I dug
When I lost you
And she was gone like a ghost
And I'm alone again.

I feel at home with the rain
It helps when I carry my pain
It helps me cope with my
Fear of the dead

[III. Belie.]

He appeared in the corner, bringing entropy
Dragged from the depths of hell inside of me
I scream at him "What the hell do you want from me?"
How can you become this mindless thing?

"Have you forgotten so easily?
I am you. I am the madness that lurks within us all,
Begging to be free at every moment
In your deepest animal mind.
I am what you hide from in your beds every night.
I am what you sedates into silence and paralysis
When you go to the nocturnal haven where I cannot tread.
I'll take over your mind and free you from thought
Put a rope around their necks and fear in their heart."
That's when he came and took over me.
In my mind I hear him say "so nearly free".

And in my eyes
I saw hell.
I saw hell.

I watch from the other side
Of the frozen glass
Tapping for his attention
Waiting for the gloom to pass
To tell him my story
But see the pain in his eyes
He saw heaven's glory
I saw hell.

I am the pain that you never saw
Bringing you down
I am a hollow shell.
I am hell.

8. (ii) Body Of Glass

"Close your eyes
You don't want to see this"
Let the wave wash over you
Stop struggling with deaths interlude
As I fade suspended in the air
I lost my step while grasping for air
Oh please, I don't want to lose him, I don't want to lose him

Breathless, I leave this world
With so much more to offer
Take my breath away

The noose pulls tight
The air draws thin
All his love
Crushed within

Set me free

Lower my body into the ground of ash
Where the gloom is unending, but my end is black
Where all the love slowly dies
Where the night is cold with no sunrise

In a moment of silence
I watch his life unfold
Bringing the world to its knees
While his heart grows cold
All he's surrounded by is fear and fucking dead men

The noose pulls tight

"I can see you're suffering"
I whisper from beyond divides
But you can find comfort in me
Not that you can fucking hear me

I was weightless
But the noose stayed strong
Gravity pulled me down
To where I belong
Maybe it's better off being this way
Your only daughter, sent to the grave
Death grips tight, around my neck
Unable to breathe, I take my final stance

The last thing I see is your face
Eyes filled with tears, my saving grace

It's time to stop blaming yourself
I don't want you to leave I can't do this without you
But you must go on, live life, and let the memories fade."

"It would be so simple to slip away
But you must go on, live life, and let the memories fade."
I didn't have the chance to say what I wanted to say
I don't want to take this words to my fucking grave

(Let me go)
All I feel is nothing, all I feel is emptiness in side
Weightless but you're not rising up
The noose pulled you down
But I couldn't save you
Because I am the man in black
I am the man in black

Honestly, I can't breath
Pull me close and don't let go

9. Mud

[feat. Jerry Chard of Honest Crooks]

Just when you thought it was over
I've got one last part
Of the story to tell
Where everybody fucking dies


You can't run from the devil

Clenched fist around their throats
While the other ones inside, figuring out what hurts the most
All I hear is screaming, and it fuels my rage
The gloom has taken full control to fucking decimate

Everyone, all of my enemies
Can't tell what's right or wrong, you're all so helpless
I fought like hell
Yet I still lost
Whether I come back from this
Only time will tell

(Blood stains the floor)
I fought and fought, I can't see clearly anymore
Blood red is all I can see
There's no stopping the demon that's inside of me

Watch me rot

I've given up on everything
There's no hope for me
I am the devil
I am pure evil

I built up my problems inside me
And now they're coming out
There's no light that will guide me
I'm rotting filth, and I'm accepting it
Let's watch the world burn

I'll let the pain engulf me

I want to let go, I'm so sick of it now
Watch me dance in the flames with the serpents beneath my feet
And as the seasons change I stay the same
I want death to pierce my lungs and give me life again

Drown me in misery, bury them in a marked grave

I'll throw them to the fucking curb
And stomp their heads into the dirt

No one will be left alive

Watch me fucking rot

10. Grim Sleeper

Everything here is so fucking lifeless
Am I the only thing here with a heartbeat?
Paroxetine has become my mistress
Lay me down to sleep with my demons
The ceiling lights always on, but it doesn't shine
Illuminating nothing but a sore sight
I was once the reaper
Now I'm my worst nightmare, grim sleeper

Trained to kill
For the thrill
Empty out my soul

You won't be laughing
When your bell tolls

(So you've finally come to take me)

I've let others try and they all failed
Mistake after mistake, so I'll kill you myself
I won't lose sleep if I kill you tonight
Go on, make my day, put up a fucking fight

I've lost all sense of conscious thought
Don't be surprised if you find me hanging from my bed post

I haven't killed in years
And I'm thirsty
Empty out my soul.

All points have lead up to this moment
I'll leave you hanging from the ceiling
Like you, I have no feeling

Cut my throat, let me choke
Make sure I don't stop bleeding
Let the cold arms of death embrace me

You're just a number to my body count
You don't matter to me
I don't care if I die
Go ahead and kill me

I don't care if I die
Go ahead and kill me

Fear me.
Fear me.

11. Epilogue Of A Dead Man

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