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1. Vengeance Upon Golgotha

Crafted by the furor, Cerberus incarnate
Bastions of unholiness, arise then dominate
Impervious to all fear, aligned with shining ones
Invoke the prince of tears, survive the setting sun
Elegies for eternity's, the pride of the bewitched
Resonate infernally, our gateway towards bliss
Muting of words from liars tongues, merchants upon the fire
Catastrophes sung to battle drums...

Under, Killing, Banner!
Test their gods in war!

Stride into the nothingness, bring trumpeters unto their fate
Anticipate a morning after in worlds crushed!
By dawn we'll reign!

Righteous bidding thwarted by fire, oppressed!

Bow to reaper poisoned souls
Mortal feasters at last be whole!

Formless in fever, all sins confessed
Hunting in shadows of death, at peace with none!

Swarm believers, blaspheme rancid prayers undone
Grim majesties give rise to the heathen, cardinals of pain
In rites undreamt of

Smash whore redeemers, bloodlust stains the serpents crest
Rewritten book of spread the fever, throughout the sacred son
Upon Golgotha we've won!

Ride their faith into the nothingness, trampled be thy name
Through smoke and fire the rebellious shall remain,
sworn unto the ancients
I rancid redeemer, heartbeat of the horde

Drive the nails of destiny into your lord!

2. Hammers Of Masters

Perdition is here!

Steadfast we arrive, the infernals
Villainous tyrants, precursors of the almighty total death!
Tribulation past, the antichrist emerge at last
Plunge righteous harpers into silence unending!
Magogs awoken, heading the calls for new flesh
On perished doomspace, conjure iconic furies
Reprise of pure evil, defamation conquest

Harvenger's ride, throttling fast to faster,
Christos drowning in tears!
I am the fervent, hammer of the sane
The guilt of thirteen apostles, lifeless remains
Horned storm demented, rise on setting sun
Pandemic tempers, pulverise the stunned
Clash of chaos, rite of the highest power refined on every moon
Through smoke and madness, battle aroused by fire
Make way for irreverent ones, consuming all in the name of triumph!

Perdition is here!

Sanctified kneel by their master, crucify the king of the Jews!
Bastard merchant of sickness, maniacal lords of the lame
Nullify the crownbearers, the inhumation of sacred sons
Hailed in ages ever after

The essence of faith we stole!
Abhorrent mass upon the altar!

Initiate the sequence of death!

Carnage above reason, malevolent rule's in season
Summoning of Dakkar, proverbs uncreate in signals cast through evil
Serpent fangs embedding, flesh growing stale is shedding
Born again disaster, induction through pain, enticed by sigils of sin!

Thus spoke by Hammers of Masters!
Thus spoke by Hammers of Masters!
Thus spoke by Hammers of Masters!
Thus spoke by death chants begin!

Born in secret, gloating betrayer
Host of ancients, overcome by nothing.

3. Call Me Doom!

War on holiness hereafter!

Hung upon cross, rivers of holy blood must flow.
Covens appoint a grand new master,
Infernal sire, whoremonger of the deep,
The infinite within us bound in fire!

Defeat! Image of Heaven
Embroil! It's sons in doom
Bewitch the mass! Offer foes unto the devil
His fist, his essence, our arsenal!

Morbid pyre your granted doom, igniting redemption!
Holy bliss, submerged in fire, spreads sickness no more!
Crumbling vestures convene the mass, all phrases rewritten!
Tyrannous stronghold of the liar, bewitch with powers supernatural!

War on holiness hereafter!

Asat in which we're dreaming,
Fails upon sunrise,
Bequeath with battle looming, crowned saviours in disguise,
Final fate before our eyes!

On unrest and loathing, trample the lone believers,
Clenched fist begotten, through torment glorious war and,
Ignorance obeys disaster, tempters bow to no-one,
Confess under warring masters, the crimes of the crucified son!

Rise unsettled spirits, death presiding over sermons glowing,
At last ashes remain!
Storms of scarlet sear, detested holy Ghost under fire,
Faith shaken in face of death!

Call me doom!
Divine essence of existence bled!

4. Supreme Righteous Mauling

Tyrants unleashed!
Epic blows condemn vast empire walls
Appalling text invokes abysmal trial upon the earth
Assault by fire, cloven hoof charge on, persecuting liars
Savages revolt with a lycanthropic urge to turn on masters!
To turn life into death, forewarned upheaval, lifelong curse revoked!

Attack imposters sacred!
Defilement barges through!
Bring hellish forgotten fears to life!
At last begin, process of doom!
Hell we release at the calling, black might
Thorn in the side of man!

Expel the weakness, under veil of darkness we storm the land
Ravenous reapers storm bold, united, pet dammed
Inhuman fortress, titans bursting rabid, lure rage from sacred rites
Infernal lifeforce awakes the urge to turn on masters!
To turn life into death, forewarned upheaval, lifelong curse revoked!

Attack imposters sacred!
Defilement barges through!
Bring hellish forgotten fears to life!
At last begin, process of doom!

Blind faith lies slain, the flock has scattered
Superior disaster in full moon
Pandemonium, the serpents hiss turns to laughter
All hail the age of pain!

Rivers flow with banished blood!
Come sin! Come plague! Come war!
Appease our urge for blood again, purging from slain in triumph!

Where once raged glorious fire, remains only certain doom
The tamed flock has again fallen, Supreme Righteous Mauling!

Divine eminence, aligned whores, immolate by darkness!
Complete at breaking of dawn, our undisputable win!

Cast among the fire
Oath of sacred strewn
The impious ones that feast on men
storm hereafter granting doom...

Command of chaos, carnage call, belial raping of the faithless!
With blatant furys gleam within our eyes
Utopia on hold, striking all with the vile mace,
soon approaching your god
at long last taking his grace away!

5. Rebirth Mark

Standing within flaming pits of rage!
Redeemed in battle, ravagers of purest light
Summoned by the call, enslaved by moons forever-after
A servant to sin more and more.

Rebirth Mark! Perfecting death at last, forgotten by fate
Rebirth Mark! Limbonic hunters rising must I evade
Rebirth Mark! Avenge thy perished past, storm again
Rebirth Mark! Obscure blasphemous revival,
second coming born from doom!

War within, proud pawn of the mighty
Lifeless grin, up from ashes cast!
At dawn surface revered, the prophesised now in smoke
Approach the Reapers blade forewarned, entrusting death!

Horned invasion of the light!

I despise the feeble scum laying blind at the fortress death
Wherein the seventh seals proud master condemns pillars of light
Slave to fear slut to pain, footstool or the bastards bygone reign
Fodder of the beast born unto the foul fever
Spreading weakness and blight!

Sin master, our ancient curse reborn
Baptise by fire and praise my second storm
Soul pyre, age old driving force
Ascend through death and higher, surpassing all!

6. Auras Of Ice

Searching for storms that bleed us,
brought by the lust in our blood, stark red!
Midwinter thick with evil, unsettled spirits abound, still death!
Ever igniting fever, sickness in the house of god, failed crest!
venomous born unsilenced, hunting for flesh of the Christ, hunting!

Our demonous pride stands unmerciful, vomit in sacred chalice!
Hell reaching high, deaths forewarned in prophetic verses
spoke by the moon!

Growling lash lash, the past swarms at our side
End of days again, casts flame from smouldered skies
Christening the blast, entrust in battleborn
Prophets under holy cross pervert no more!
Crucified in vain, accursed death's domain
Sacrificed unto he who's downcast again
Serpent souls abide, resisting fleshly forms
Serving evermore, world chaos tells of our allegiance to war!

Auras of ice, unspoken yet so near
Ancient old curse through body and soul
In battle be the currents that steer us!

Wall of shields unshattered before us
Topple angelic with hellacious law!
Godless we reign spewing blasphemous laughter
Summon accursers in rebellion!

The blood of holy slaves becomes ice!
Dynasty till death binding the shadows that will lead them
Scour the paragons low to high, bash the egos of the elegant
Flawless only son begot, the guise of the martyr!

Impotent Vulgate, Infinite Curse!
Impotent Vulgate, Infinite Curse!

Hearts beat for the tyrant master!
Crushing all under lex talionis, awesome deeds beyond impossible
Hammer bearers, incoming storms become our laughter
Intangible in spirit, never born although immortalists!

Might revered!
Black doom resurfaced from wild seas of death

Quenched by fear!
Bloodlusting usurpers hail to thee, dweller of the fires!

7. Unholy Supremacy

Black fire strikes our path behold, pyres burn swiftly
Though plague battered grounds we march, approaching briskly
The towers of Saurc Naroth stand pale!
Wretched fortress, lies abode
The stonekeeper of fiends unseen, clad by epic walls
Infiltrate with fire, and hearts spewing hate
Righteous blood's upon our blades again

Denial, biased redeemer
Prophetic vow, ignored
Enraged arrival, vigilant damned
The almighty fater's kingdom walls, no longer stand!

Call upon, self true
Call upon, animal essence in man
Call upon, past broods
Call upon, pure truth your doom!

Blast Cremation! Hellbent scriptures set upon by lightning
Unhindered lust by men is made
Soon supplement all souls
Infuse with might
The inner beast calling
...Till man no more!

8. Pain Profound

Onward empowered, vengeance upon our breath
Pace through wilderness, rampaging storm of the masters!
Expelled domain, forever bleed only to reign
Ages bear witness, to a sacred order at long last slain!

Unrestrained marauders, obligate their vows
Trample bejewelled brethren, into the fuckin' ground!
Upon dead messiah, the invincible curse invoke
Eternally ruled by fire, pain profound evermore!

Power! Strength steers us, Death's empire we must!
Render the weak and survive every maul
Triumph! Storm fevered, spread the nothing
Heathen rampage among blood and iron!
Attack! Deceivers! Hang or nothing. Fearless! Strike holy sons down
with hammers of sin
Alone! Stand prided! Upon ashes,
Bloodred fearless and... Mighty!

Wrath! Be thy weapon of choice
Stark moon! Cryptic gleam under which the hunger!
Hail! Ancient cloak of midnight
Coming of! A thousand dooms, stronghold ever tightening!

Into sin guilty lambs are cast, furnace fires awaiting the king!
Under the hammer with swords held high your faith is taken
Outlawing one by one every trace of holy breath!
Upon scared bones now broken and plundered
Tantalize the beast with unsanctioned breads!
Gorging endlessly on the fruits of your death!
Triumphant! Impervious! Unblessed!

Brimstone oppression!
Uprisal of the new sun, surface of the overlords
Downright aggressors!
Worship of eclipse hereafter!
Bloodstained forever!
Pillars of the truth smash fables of the gods!
Ghosts of the damned at one with our holocaust!

Almighty prayers are taken
Holy heirs are born forsaken
Rulers of the night wage war for ancients
Congregations march for Satan

......For the invincible adversary!

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